Lung Cancer Therapeutics Market Share, Analysis, Trends To 2020 by Grand View Research, Inc. Essay

Lung cancer therapeutics market is anticipated to witness lucrative growth in the coming six years primarily due to the steady increase in the incidences and prevalence of cancer cases. Lung cancer accounts for a larger share of the overall number of patients suffering with cancer. The Lung Cancer Association of America reported that in the U.S., it is expected that there will be 220,000 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed for the year 2015. Some other key drivers responsible for the expected growth of this market are an increasing use of tobacco products, growing median age of the global population and increasing concentrations of cancer inducing air contaminants due to growing air pollution.

To request a sample copy or view summary of this report, click the link below: the two primary types of lung cancers, namely small cell and non-small lung cancer, small cell lung cancer is more dangerous due to the fact that there are no drugs present for its treatment and that the smaller size of cancer cells present in this type of cancer make it harder to be treated even by surgical intervention.

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Lung Cancer Therapeutics Market Share, Analysis, Trends To 2020 by Grand View Research, Inc.
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The different segments of therapeutic which are available for management of lung cancer are drugs in pipeline, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. The larger share of the lung cancer therapeutic market is accounted for by surgical procedures owing to the higher rates of treatment success and lower chances of cancer recurrences.To request a sample copy or view TOC of this report, click the link below:, owing to the presence of a large patient base of lung cancer and the availability of technologically advanced healthcare infrastructure, North America accounted for the largest share of lung cancer therapeutics market for 2013. Furthermore, it is also expected that due…

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