Macbeth, a Tragic Hero

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Thereby introducing Macbeth the hero, long before he makes his entrance on to the stage. For the audience to recognize the tragic hero, it has to care about what happ ens to the character. The audience is made aware of Macbeth’s tragic flaw, his ambition. He says so himself. Almost immediately after hearing the witches’ prophesy, he conte mplates the king’s demise. Banquo draws attention to it. Yet, Macbeth attempts to br ush off his reason for delay by lying. By the end of Act l, we see Macbeth in a tug of war with his conscience. He wants to be king.

In order be king he would have to kill Dunc an but he isnt sure if he wants to do so. After much reflection he decides against the mu rder. The audience is left second guessing their impression of Macbeth. As the play pro gresses, Macbeth slowly relies on the witches prophecies. Shakespeare uses the witch es as a remedy for Macbeth’s curiosity which corrupts his character. If it had not been for the witches telling him that he was to be Thane of Cawd or, Thane of Glamis, and King of Scotland, Macbeth would still be his ordinary self.

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As a r esult of he prophecies, this aroused Macbeth’s curiosity of how he could be King of S cotland. As the play progresses, Macbeth slowly relies on the witches prophecies. Shak espeare uses the witches as a remedy for Macbeth’s curiosity which corrupts his chara cter. The influence of Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth also contributed to his degenerati on of character. Lady Macbeth’s character in the beginning reveals that she is a lova ble person. When Lady Macbeth was ready to kill King Duncan herself, it showed that Lady Macbeth could not murder King Duncan because he reminded her of her fath er.

This roves that Lady Macbeth has a heart deep inside her. Lady Macbeth plays an important role in this play because she provided a scheme which caused Mac beth to assassinate King Duncan. After Macbeth had killed King Duncan, he later regr ets on his Wrong doing. At the point Of this play the audience can note the change in Ma cbeth’s character. Macbeth’s first murder was a tying experience for him, however af ter the first murder, killing seemed to be the only solution to maintain his reign of the peo ple of Scotland. Therefore, it was Lady Macbeth who introduced the concept of mur der to

Macbeth. His ambition IS also influenced his declining character. However, hl s ambition had not been strong enough to carry the motive to kill King Duncan. Lady Mac beth’s influence also comes in to play because if not for Lady Macbeth, his ambition would not have been intensified enough to drive him to obtain and maintain his title of K ing of Scotland no matter what it took, even if it meant murdering. Macbeth’s ambiti influenced the cause of his new character.

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