Macbeth Character

Thesis: In Macbeth I think the character made the choices he did in order to lead his life in the direction of determination and success - Macbeth Character introduction. So he made the choices he did and pushed for his life to be like that. New Idea- The idea is that an individual who is strong willed, noble, prosperous and good- natured can be so determined to succeed in life can be turned into a murderous, power- hungry savage that will go to excessive lengths to satisfy his needs when faced with the possibility of higher superiority.

It leads to guilt because of the choices and the way Macbeth needed to control his own destiny. Evidence- Macbeth spent every moment of his time leading up to the murder, thinking and obsessing about the murder and what would come after. Explanation- Because of Macbeths need to be King and desire of this life; he spent all his time trying to make it happen. So in the end it killed him because of how badly he wanted it and all the guilt and the place he was stuck in. Evidence- O full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife. ” This quote represents the impending guilt in his mind.

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Explanation- This guilt eventually leads to the deterioration of his mental state and physical being as well. This was a factor in his inability to fight in the war. As Macbeth’s mental state deteriorates, his facade of a “flower” slowly reveals himself as the snake beneath. His face grows older and visibly without sleep. His disposition slowly deteriorates to being detrimentally temperamental to himself and to others and becomes extraordinarily sensitive to sound. Evidence- “Out damned spot! Out I say! ” This is like the quote of his thoughts of blood on her hands and the part she took in this.

Explanation-I don’t know how you could not feel guilt after you kill someone. This was ademit in both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. She was absolutely overwhelmed with guilt that she believed she could not take it anymore and soon views no other available option but suicide. This leads Macbeth into a further hole of guilt. Transitions- Before all the guilt was the actual events. The events of the choices Macbeth made. In order to fulfill these desires and control the path of his life Macbeth made choices that what lead them to his wants of a high powered position.

New idea- The choice that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth made to kill King Duncan, this was their determination for success and lead them to where they are. Evidence- Lady Macbeth decided to have her husband kill Duncan and said in Act I scene 5, “He croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan. ” (p. 33). Explanation- This quote says how the presence of Duncan would turn fatal once Macbeth kills him. This choice was one that Macbeth would have to live with in order to have his successful life. Evidence- Once King Duncan is killed, Macbeth has second thoughts about the murder of King Duncan and his conscience starts to kick in.

His wife then puts his conscience at ease. Explanation- This was another choice that the two of them made, they put the thoughts of the horrible assignation into the back of their minds in order to be successful. Evidence- Macbeth was starting to feel regret and guilty about the choice he made. Explanation- With all the choices we make there is always the side of us that feel guilty, etc. There are reasons why we make the choices we do, depending on our lifestyles are wants and needs and that was what Macbeth decided.

He decided he wanted a high society life, riches, and success. Transition- The choices Macbeth made including killing many people. New Idea- Macbeth made the choices to kill all these people for the desire of success and to change the outcome of his future. This ultimately led to the death of himself. Evidence- In Act III scene 1, Macbeth states that Banquo and his sons would be murdered by saying, “Banquo, thy soul’s flight, if it find heaven, must find it out tonight. ” Explanation- This would clarify Macbeth’s chance of becoming King.

Since Banquo and his sons would have been next to kin, and ruin Macbeths chance to have success and be king. Evidence- Another decision Macbeth makes to kill Macduff’s wife and children. Explanation- Just one more choice Macbeth made to get his desires. Evidence- Macduff slays Macbeth by cutting off his head in Act V scene 8. Macduff declares that he killed Macbeth by shouting, “Thy’ usurper’s cursed head. The time is free. ” Explanation- The choices Macbeth made lead to his death. He wanted success so badly that he hurt everyone in the making.

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