Macbeth Hero or Villains

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Macbeth is an intriguing character, with the ongoing debate of whether he is a hero or a villain. His journey involves encountering both favorable and unfavorable circumstances. In a brief timeframe, he transitions from being hailed as “brave Macbeth” to becoming a “bloodier villain.” Multiple factors contribute to Macbeth’s fluctuating fortunes, including his choice to assassinate Duncan and his wife’s tragic demise. Nonetheless, these influences do not solely originate from his own thoughts and desires.

Throughout the play, Macbeth is influenced by different individuals who provide him with diverse advice. Initially, he demonstrates bravery and trustworthiness as a general, receiving the honorable title of Thane of Cawdor from King Duncan. During this time, Macbeth presents himself as an esteemed and righteous person. However, his ambition intensifies as the narrative unfolds, and he yearns for the crown. Although initially reluctant to commit regicide, his wife persuades him to proceed with the deed.

Although initially having a good conscience and being advised not to kill the King, Macbeth is influenced by his wife’s plotting and ends up committing the murder. Despite feeling guilty afterwards, it cannot be said that Macbeth is a villain at this point. Lady Macbeth bears some of the blame, but Macbeth still retains his conscience despite making a serious error. Therefore, he remains our hero albeit corrupted by the witches’ prophecies and his own ambition. This corruption is evident from the beginning of the play when he is portrayed as a loyal and brave soldier to the King.

Lady Macbeth sees their marriage as a mere convenience, while Macbeth’s feelings for her run deeper. He genuinely loves his wife, a fact that she exploits to her advantage. Continuously manipulating him, she guilt-trips him about his perceived weakness and questions his masculinity. Macbeth, however, is not just any ordinary man – he is a revered figure in Scotland and possesses great strength. As a Lord under the rule of King Duncan, he has no grounds to be dissatisfied with his current position in life.

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