Magic Johnson Research Paper Report 1 Essay

Magic Johnson Essay, Research Paper

Report 1. Give the name of the book underlined, the writer, publishing house, and

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Magic Johnson Research Paper Report 1
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original day of the month of publication. A. Magic Johnson Court Magician, by Richard Levin.

The publishing house is Regensteiner printing Enterprises and the original day of the month of

publication is in 1981. 2. Discourse your topic? s place life and instruction. A.

Magic Johnson was born in Lansing on August 14, 1959. He is one of 10 kids.

His male parent? s name is Earvin, Sr. His female parent? s name is Christine. His household

believes strongly on faith and instruction before athleticss. He? s non the lone

one though who is an jock in his household. His small sister attended the

University of South Carolina on a hoops scholarship. Her moniker was

? The Sweet E. ? He attended Everett High School in Lansing Michigan and held

a 3.5 class point norm. 3. What unusual qualities or abilities contributed to

his or her success? A. A sports writer named Fred Stabley covered games for The

Lansing State Journal. He saw Earvin drama against another school Holt High

School. He thought that thaumaturgy was incredible in the manner that he played so he

gave him the moniker? Magic? . 4. Discuss several of his or her outstanding

achievements. A. In 1977, he led Everett High to win the Michigan province

hoops title. In 1978, as a

fresher at Michigan State University, he

led his squad to a 25 and 5 record. In 1979, he led Michigan State to win the

national titles and was named its most valuable participant. He decides to

turn pro and he is drafted figure one in the bill of exchange by the Los Angeles Lakers. In

1982, he is named the MVP of the title series. In 1984, He was given the

? Pivotal Player: Award of all-round excellence. 5. Sum up briefly three

incidents that you would have if you were to do a film out of this book.

A. I think that everything that I merely mentioned in the last inquiry would be

excellent to set in a film about Earvin? Magic? Johnson. 6. Have this book

had any influence on your point of view, your manner of thought, or your ain

aspirations? A. Yes I would hold to state that this book has had a large influence on

my manner of thought and aspirations. I have ever slacked off and thought that if

I didn? T acquire what I needed to done, that I would ever hold clip the following twenty-four hours

to acquire it done. This has taught me that success doesn? t come that manner, and if

I want to be successful, so I need to work hard and pattern the accomplishments that

will assist me acquire through my life. Earvin Johnson is a great illustration of this and

I will ever look up to him non merely as a athleticss star, but a great adult male of accomplishment

and accomplishment.

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