Maiden’s Tower: Echo from The Past

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Every state has its ain topographic points of involvement and ancient memorials the symbols of the yesteryear. The metropolis of Baku International Relations and Security Network t an exclusion. Walking down broad and beautiful streets of this metropolis, we can come across a batch of memorials, museums and other well-known topographic points. It’s non a secret that Baku attracts large Numberss of tourers from other states.

It is a large pleasance for aliens to see the capital of the Azerbaijan Republic, and see with their ain eyes such topographic points as Shirvanshahs Palace, Synic Kala Minaret, Icheri Sheher, Maiden’s Tower and many others. Of class, we can state that non merely a wish to see the sights the metropolis, but besides the crude oil in the Caspian sea make foreign visitants come to Baku. But if we speak about the Caspian oil and people, whom it attracts, we deal merely with business communities and companies.

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In fact, Baku, which is shrouded with the glorification of ancient eastern metropolis, is one of the most desirable topographic points for tourers to come. Actually, they are seeking to see monumental edifices, which we barely try to continue. It is a fact that sometimes we can see historical memorials, which tend to vanish because of a deficiency of Restoration. Of class, here we should take into consideration the political and economic state of affairs in the democracy.

Azerbaijan is still a underdeveloped state, and besides the topographic points of involvement, there are a batch of other things to be repaired.  Our memorials are our pride, and, of class, the repairing of them should busy one of the first topographic points in the programs of the authorities,  said one common citizen of our capital.

One of the most celebrated topographic points of involvement in Baku is Maiden’s Tower. Rising high through the centuries, it’s shrouded with the ancient fable, which opens up the secret about the Tower’s beginning. The narrative appears to be the narrative of the Shah’s ( king’s ) girl. The princess, who was really intelligent and beautiful, fell in love with a immature adult male and want

erectile dysfunction to get married him. But the Shah, her male parent, was against their wish to be together. In order to forestall his girl’s day of the months with her dear, he ordered his people to construct a tower in the center of the sea. When the prison was ready, the male monarch enclosed the princess at that place and told her that really shortly she would get married the adult male, whom he had chosen for her. There was no terminal to the immature adult female’s heartache.

At the same clip her beloved was seeking to happen her. Once he found out where the Shah was concealing her, and he went to the tower. But when the princess heard the footfalls, she thought that it was her new groom, chosen for her by her male parent. The princess’s loving bosom couldn? t tolerate this, and she dived into the sea.

A batch of centuries passed, and now Maiden’s Tower stands in the center of the beautiful metropolis. Great Numberss of tourers visits this ancient memorial every twenty-four hours. There is besides an chance for the foreign visitants to purchase antique keepsakes in the little stores, hidden among the galleries of the Tower. But the net income that stores can acquire barely goes to the repairing of the memorial.

The lone manner, in which authorities can acquire money for the Restorations, is the fee from visitants tickets. But if we compare the figure of native citizens, who can come to the Maiden’s Tower, with foreign tourer, we would see that the net income International Relations and Security Network Ts so large. The decision comes to the head itself: it’s really difficult to happen adequate money to mend the memorial, as it needs. The Maiden’s Tower is non a individual topographic point that needs Restoration. There are a batch of other celebrated sights in the capital of Azerbaijan, and all of them should be preserved. However, it’s a large commiseration that our authorities doesn? t wage much attending to the status of the memorials.

Of class, there should be the manner out, even in such political and economic state of affairs as the one we are populating in, and I thousand certain that we will happen it. Maiden’s Tower and other ancient edifices are the cherished nowadayss of the yesteryear, which will ever remind us about the enigma of our metropolis, and we, in our bend, should seek to do our hereafter every bit stately as our yesteryear.

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