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“From the Dark Tower” Analysis

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Explain the significance of the metaphor “dark tower. ” In the poem, the significance of the “dark tower’ is that the author uses it the show that however dark a place you may be in, you can always find a positive aspect in it. In the poem, African Americans are essentially living during a dark time with hopes for a better future. 2. Explain how the last two lines of the poem “From the Dark Tower” complete the message expressed in the first lines.

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“From the Dark Tower” Analysis
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The last two lines in the poem complete the message xpressed in the first two lines in that they essentially reassert the efforts Of fruitless planting. It shows how darkness can be a shelter. In this case, it can be a shelter for seeds to grow into more wonderful things, i. e. the condition of African Americans getting better. 3. Explain the irony of the title “Incident. ” The irony of the title “Incident” is that in that one instance, the author saw all that he needed to see of Baltimore.

Usually, one incident does not form your outlook on something. 4. Write your reaction to this incident.

My reaction to this incident is that was a little shocked. The fact that the boy used a derogatory term was shocking because I was expecting him to tell the author hi or something since they were the same age. 5. Discuss how Cullen uses diction to create tone. Cullen uses diction to create tone in that he uses words specific to the tone he is trying to create. For example, if he were trying to create a somber tone, he would use words usually associated with somber situations. Claude McKay 1 Explain the ambivalent relationship with the country that Mckay exposes in

In America, McKay exposes the ambivalent relationship with “America. Ill America by contrasting phrases with those that are opposite in meaning balancing things out. For example, he says “Her bigness sweeps my being like a flood. ” But counterbalances it with “l stand within her walls with not a shred”. 2. Explain McKay’s use of personification in “America. ” McKay uses personification in America by making it seem if America is actually a living person. For example, he says that “Her vigor flows like tides into my blood” as if America is a physical being. Explain how the images in the poem “The Tropics in New York” convey the author’s impressions of his homeland. The images in the poem “The Tropics in New York” convey the authors impressions of his homeland in that they create a very strong since Of longing. In the poem, he says how he longs for familiar ways, implying that there is still some hunger for his homeland.

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