Expectations of the employees and new applicants

The new wave of employees will fill current positions that are established already within the company, as well as new position that Mr.. Olson feels are needed to meet the publishers’ demands, and keep the success momentum going. As general manager, Mr.. Olson is also in charge of all human resource management matters, and has realized that the job descriptions for the company have never been revised and are outdated.

He also realized that some of the job positions never had a job description rated. Before the employee recruitment and selection process begins, Mr.. Olson recognizes that the job descriptions will have to be taken care of first. Since Mr.. Olson has to clear all new ideas or initiatives with the owner and president of Leonardo, Inc. , Altar Foss, he wants to prepare a brief proposal to approach Ms. Foss for her approval for the hiring of the new employees (He-man, 2009). Examine the reasons why it is important to update and write new job descriptions.

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Jobs are constantly changing and evolving due to changing organization, and technology requirements. Job description plays a pivotal role within the company, and is a very important tool for both the applicant looking for a job, and the employer looking to hire someone to meet the company’s needs. The main role of the job description is retaining employees through giving these employees the information about how they can reach the next level that keep the staff engaged and challenged (Marino, 2005).

The job description helps the applicant decide whether that particular position is something they want to apply for, and if their skills match the position. For employers, the job description helps them picture the ideal applicant, and specify their expectations and what they are specifically looking for in a candidate. It is as equally important to employers, applicants, and current employees for job descriptions to be updated and written (for new job positions). Employers need an accurate job description to clearly state their expectations of the employees and new applicants.

A precise job description can let the candidate know if he/she will work full or part time, if traveling is required, if the candidate will have to oversee employees, and many other details. If a disagreement arises between a manager and an employee over duties, the job description will be used to settle the matter. An accurately written job description may help the employer avoid potential lawsuits arising from wrongful discharge. Also, the application process listed in the job description helps employers determine which applicant can follow directions.

Employers, especially HER managers use job descriptions during evaluations for raises and promotions. If the employee has been performing the tasks expected of him/her in a satisfactory manner, then most likely he/she will be economizing for her efforts (He-man, 2009). Applicants need an accurate job description to help them decide whether the position being offered meets their skills. If the position calls for a particular level of education, and the applicant does not meet what is required, then the applicant need not apply.

A well written application can help the applicant decided if he/she wants to apply for the position, and what steps exactly are needed to apply. Outline a process that will yield a set of thorough, current job descriptions. To have the best concise, accurate, and current job description the General Manager GM) should identify and define the job’s elements and tasks precisely and then incorporate them into a job description. The GM should outline specific duties, and responsibilities that employees in each particular position will have to perform.

The job description should include the following: job family, job title, job summary, task statements and dimensions, importance indicators, job context indicators, and date job analysis conducted. In the job description the GM should also describe the attributes an employee will need in order to fulfill successfully the desire job position’s responsibilities. The GM should consider what specific skills, qualifications, and abilities are needed to fill the position.

It is recommended that all skills are listed, those that are mandatory as well as those that are preferred. While writing the job summary, the GM should make sure to state whether the employee will be part-time or full-time, and any educational degrees, physical prerequisites, and certifications that may be needed for that particular position (He-man, 2009). Recommend a process to be used in the future for periodically reviewing and updating the new job descriptions. Maintaining up-to-date job ascriptions represents the company and managerial best practice.

The performance evaluation period represents an annual opportunity to review and update the company’s job descriptions. The process of updating job descriptions can sometimes raise questions for employees such as: “Is my job being evaluated? ‘ “Am I being reviewed? ” Perhaps the General Manager should address, and assure their employees that it is good business practice to keep up-to-date job descriptions. Being asked to update their description is a not reliable indication that an employee’s performance is being review, or heir compensation will change as a result.

Once the description is finalized, the General Manager should share it with the employee. The mutual understanding of job descriptions and performance objectives will help to maximize employee’s performance and satisfaction.

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