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Make French Toast Outline

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Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, my audience will know how to make French Toast. Introduction: I) How many of you enjoy breakfast food? II) How many of you enjoy the aroma of breakfast permeating throughout the house when you wake up? III) I can honestly say that breakfast is not my favorite genre of food; actually I hate breakfast food, but when I do order or get a craving for breakfast, I prefer eating French Toast.

Thesis Statement: Making French Toast requires selecting the instruments and ingredients, preparing your skillet, making the batter, soaking the bread, and cooking the toast.

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Make French Toast Outline
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Body: I) Select the cooking instruments and ingredients to cook four slices of French toast. A) The ingredients for this particular recipe of French Toast are 2 eggs, the bread of your choice, milk, cinnamon, ½ teaspoon of vanilla flavoring and maple syrup. B) In addition, butter, fat or non-stick spray should be considered to coat the pan so that the bread does not stick to the skillet/pan while cooking.

C) Cooking instruments that will be needed in order to complete this process is a skillet or an electric pan, a spatula, mixing bowl and a whisk or fork. II) Prepare your skillet with oil. A. Because the pan will be lubricated with butter or coated with a non-stick spray it is imperative that the temperature is not at a high level to prevent burning of the substance or excessive charring of the toast once dropped into the pan. B. Spread the fat across the pan and wipe up any excess to prevent the bread from absorbing too much grease.

III) Make the batter for the French toast. A) Crack the eggs into a bowl. B) Add the milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon to the bowl of eggs. 1. This dish is so easy and unaccommodating that the milk and cinnamon can be used to one’s desire. 2. The vanilla extract is the one ingredient that could alter the taste of the dish if used excessively so, ½ teaspoon is recommended for 4 slices of French Toast. C) Use a whisk or fork to blend all of the ingredients in a bowl to form a batter for the French toast.

IV) Soak your favorite bread before placing it in the pan for cooking. A) Most people just use the typical white or wheat bread, but there are other types that will alter the texture of the dish, such as sourdough, Texas toast, French or Hawaiian. B) Take the bread, dip it into the egg mixture so that the bread is coated on both sides and then place the bread into the heated pan. V) Cook the toast until browned. A) Adjust the temperature of the heat in order to ensure that the egg batter does not cook too quickly. B) Flip each slice until golden brown.

C) Once the French toast has browned on each side, remove from the pan and place onto a plate and serve immediately with syrup and powdered sugar, if desired. Conclusion I) Gather your ingredients and cooking utensils. II) Prepare your skillet or electric pan while mixing your ingredients. III) Prepare your batter. IV) Soak your bread. V) Cook your French toast until it is golden brown. VI) Serve hot with maple syrup and additional butter, if desired. VII) This is a very short and simple process with little clean up.

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