Make Sure That Your Love Is Not Blind

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“Love is blind. ” All of us have heard this phrase and many of us will even agree to it. Love, undoubtedly, is one of the most beautiful feelings on earth (how long the beauty lasts is an altogether different question). Those who have traveled on this topsy turvy lane, know about the feeling of being on seventh heaven. Love, definitely knows no boundaries and goes beyond all parameters to find their soul mate. Cupid has stroked its arrow on many of us, at some point of time, showering blessings of love.

And, suddenly life seems to turn beautiful and romance fills the air. But, my question here is how long? Does this sudden burst of romance guarantee a long lasting relationship? How far will the puppy love go? These are some of the questions that quite often trigger my mind as I see two love birds humming the tune of love, lost in their own world. The generation today is eager to fall in to relationships, which is not completely their fault either.

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Blame it on the parents who have little or no time to lend an ear to their children’s cribs or feelings as a result of their hectic working schedule or the pace at which the present generation grows. The meaning and dimensions of a relationship for the gennext has changed. It is no more a crucial decision of one’s life; rather it’s more of a hip affair to them. The youth of today lacks the seriousness that formulates the foundation stone for any relationship. Venturing into a relationship without even thinking of the ultimate consequences quite often leads to endless tears and a series of sleepless nights.

Relationships which are a result of an instant decision and are not thought over, more than often result in pain which can be quite gruesome and at times as serious as acute depression or a nervous breakdown. It becomes extremely important to think and ponder over the ones you are eager to give away your heart to. For once we all need to ask ourselves whether it is really worth it. And I am sure your heart coupled with a little of sense will not give you the wrong answer. A little bit of thought rocessing before setting for the journey of roses accompanied with thorns can help avoid that pain. It is truly said that relationships which take longer, last longer. Wait for your heart and brain to share the bone of contention and just don’t say yes to everything that comes across your way because everything that shines is not love. Thus instead of jumping into a relationship it is important that we move from string to string and not shed those unnecessary tears. After all it’s better to go for a long term relationship rather than an attraction which can prove quite fatal in the end.

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