Manipulation In Julius Caesar

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In the drama “Julius Caesar” . Shakespeare displays his characters as being manipulative and persuasive. This is illustrated in assorted parts of the drama. such as at the beginning when Brutus was manipulated by Cassius. and so once more when Antony manipulated the Roman citizens.

Shakespeare first introduces the technique of use and persuasion at the beginning of the drama through the character of Cassius. Cassius had iniquitous programs in his head and needed others to fall in this confederacy against Julius Caesar.

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Cassius knew that Brutus had a low ego regard and by hiking his assurance he knew that he could convert Brutus to side with him. Cassius so brings the good of Rome to Brutus’ attending cognizing that Brutus ever wanted to make what was best for the people. This allows Cassius to pull strings Brutus into fall ining the confederacy because he speaks really ill of Caesar and tells him that it is for the good of the Roman citizens if Caesar was non the swayer.

This was affectional because Cassius was good cognizant that holding person like Brutus. a friend that Caesar had great respect toward. would hold many benefits in his confederacy against Caesar. Cassius says “For who so steadfast that can non be seduced? Caesar doth bear me difficult ; but he loves Brutus: If I were Brutus now and he were Cassius. he should non humour me. ” Shakespeare shows that Cassius wanted to kill Caesar because of personal greed but intentionally made Brutus believe he was merely making this for the good of the people. If Cassius had non persuaded Brutus to fall in the confederacy so Brutus would hold ne’er been in the state of affairs of holding to kill the baronial Julius Caesar.

A signifier of persuasion that Shakespear utilizations in this drama is with Portia. the married woman of Brutus. and Calpurnia. the married woman of Caesar. Both adult females in this drama knew how to utilize their feminine characteristics to their benefit. Portia used her love for her hubby and her beauty. towards Brutus to acquire the information she wanted. She wanted to cognize what Brutus was making because she worried. She made Brutus experience guilty by oppugning his love for her. this caused him to hold that he would state her what was he was approximately to make. Calpurnia besides used her love and devotedness for her hubby to acquire what she wanted. She feared for Caesar’s life because of the upseting dreams she had the dark before. She persuaded him to remain place from the capitol that twenty-four hours because of these dreams.

Portia and Calpurnia could hold changed the whole drama if their ways of persuasion had merely worked. If Caesar listened to Calpurnia’s superstitious notions so he would non hold been killed in the capitol that twenty-four hours. If Brutus had told Portia what he was approximately to make so she may hold some manner talked him out of doing this error. This helped make suspense.

The ground that the persuasion of Calpurnia did non work is because Decius showed up. Decius manipulated Caesar into traveling to the capitol and convinced Caesar that the dream that Calpurnia had was a good mark and non to take it as a warning.

After the decease of Caesar Brutus tries to pull strings the crowd into believing his ground to why he killed Caesar. Brutus tells the crowd that he did non make it for personal greed but he committed this slaying for the good of them. He says ; “Not that I loved Caesar less. but I loved Rome more. Had you instead Caesar were populating and decease all slaves. than that Caesar were dead. to populate all freewoman? ” Brutus appealed to logic and ground. as he tried to acquire the citizens to understand why he killed Caesar. He wanted to do certain that the people knew he did this for them and it was for the better in the long tally.

This was merely affectional until it was Antony’s bend to talk. he appealed to the emotions of the citizens alternatively of ‘tricking’ them into believing what he wanted. Antony implied that what the plotters had done was incorrect. He invariably called them honest work forces and eventually the crowd pick up on his usage of irony. He says to the people ; “O Masterss. if I were disposed to stir Your Black Marias and heads to mutiny and ramp. I should make Brutus wrong. and Cassius incorrect. who. you all know. are honest work forces: I will non make them wrong ; I instead choose to wrong the dead. to wrong myself and you. than I will wrong such honest work forces. ” Antony let the brighter side of Caesar radiance through to the crowd. by ocular effects. Antony took out the will and allow the Roman citizens know what their former swayer had left them.

The concluding manner that Antony manipulated the Roman citizens was by demoing them Caesar’s robe. he showed the holes from the knives that the plotters put through. This touched the Black Marias of the people and wholly changed their positions of who was right. Antony made certain that the people knew how much the pang from Brutus hurt Caesar non merely physically but emotionally where Brutus was a friend to Caesar and it came as a surprise that he would turn his dorsum on him. We knew this because Caesar says “Eu tu Brute. Then fall Caesar. ” Antony’s address was more effectual than Brutus’ because he reached the Black Marias of the people and non merely their heads. Shakespeare developed Antony as being a really wise character because Antony knew that the people would side with him in the terminal and he ne’er had to make anything that Brutus said he couldn’t.

As proved in the old paragraphs. Julius Caesar is a drama full of use and persuasion. Not all characters are motivated by personal greed nevertheless many were. If each illustration of use or persuasion hadn’t occurred the result of this drama would be changed. If Brutus had non been manipulated into fall ining the confederacy against Caesar he would ne’er thought of killing Caesar. if Caesar had listened to his wife’s intuitions so he wouldn’t have been killed in the capitol that twenty-four hours. and eventually if Antony had non manipulated the Roman citizens into turning against Brutus so they would hold remain satisfied with Caesar being dead. Everything in this drama happened for a ground. some to make suspense. others to make prefiguration. and Shakespeare develops both really good. The use and persuasion of the characters is what makes the drama interesting and merriment to read.

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