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Marco Polo Research Paper Marco Polo

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Marco Polo Essay, Research Paper

Marco Polo, the lone Venetian to go to China and return helped Venice go an of import metropolis. Marco Polo traveled to China with his male parent and uncle to assist Kublai Kahn. He brought things back from China and developed new things from the trading. Venice changed in many ways after Marco Polo? s travels.

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Marco Polo Research Paper Marco Polo
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Marco Polo, like his male parent Niccolo and his uncle Maffeo was a traveller. His first experience of going came in 1271 when his male parent and Uncle took Marco on a journey with them.

At this clip Marco was merely 17 old ages old and inexperient.

The three of them traveled east from Venice to convey Kublai Kahn, who is in China, gifts from the Catholic Pope. They foremost sailed to Acre, which is now in the country of Israel and Lebanon. Then they traveled overland to the top of the Persian Gulf. From there they so rode northerly along the peripheries of what is now Afghanistan.

They passed through the state of Badakhshan in Northern Afghanistan, where harmonizing to Marco, ? The mountains are so exalted that it is a difficult twenty-four hours? s work, from forenoon boulder clay flushing to acquire to the top of them ( Clark 32 ) . ? From there they kept traveling nor’-east and reached the Pamirs, which are mountains. The three of them traveled for 12 yearss across this desert without seeing anything green. It was besides really cold.

The Polo? s eventually reached Kashgar and so going east they reached the Gobi desert. They took a path that was three hundred and 80 stat mis long and traveled this in 28 phases or yearss. This was an norm of approximately 13 to fourteen stat mis a twenty-four hours.

The Polos were now on the boundary line of China and near to Kublai Kahn. When Kahn heard of where they were, he sent work forces out to run into them. Forty yearss subsequently they were escorted into Kahn? s great castle in Peking.

Marco Polo was now 21 old ages old. The journey took them three and one half old ages. Marco met Kublai K

ahn for the first clip, and Kahn was amazed at what he knew. So he sent him out on a journey to the ru-

Lir of Yunnan, on the boundary line of Burma.

He returned from this mission in six months. During this clip Niccolo and Maffeo settled down and began lives in Peking. For the following 17 old ages Marco was doing a series of journeys for Kublai Kahn. He besides kept careful records of what he saw.

In 1292 Marco Polo returned to Venice with all of this cognition, and many other things that Kublai Kahn gave him because of his journeys. It took him a twelvemonth of sailing to make Venice.

Marco Polo showed and demonstrated to the people of Venice his goods and spices from China that he collected and received as nowadayss ( Garabedian 1 ) . He showed the Venecians tusk, jade, porcelain, silk, coal, gems, and spices. Venetians had ne’er gone to China and come back, so they had ne’er seen such all right goods before, and truly appreciated the goods they received.

These things that Marco Polo brought back

changed a batch of things the Venetians did. First of all, they were blowing lead, Cu, and gold on doing worthless metal coins. So Marco Polo introduced paper money taken from China alternatively of utilizing heavy Cu, lead and gold coins.

Another illustration of a alteration the Venetians went through was this. The lone thing they were utilizing to do fire was wood, and they were utilizing up a batch of trees. So Marco introduced coal for combustion.

Marco Polo encouraged other people to sail to China and merchandise other new and enhanced goods that led to merchandise Paths between Venice and China ( Burland 27 ) . These paths made Venice an of import metropolis.

Marco Polo traveled many journeys in his life-time. He helped Kublai Kahn in all of the missions he went for him. Marco besides improved the metropolis of Venice with the goods he brought back. He besides established trade paths between China and Venice.

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