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Marketing A New Product Research Paper

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  • Pages 8
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    In this assignment, I am traveling to contrive a merchandise, analyze all the environmental facets environing it and associate them to the micro and macro environments. I will so transport out a SWOT analysis and an environmental analysis and so pull a figure of decisions and recommendations for my fanciful company.

    My merchandise

    I have chosen to contrive a merchandise for which there seems to be a market, or at least, there is no similar bing merchandise. It is a conventional swivel clothesline, but with an extra characteristic. It will hold the ability to maintain apparels dry when it starts to rain. This is achieved by the H2O detectors, which are integrated into the design. They so activate an umbrella like screen that shields the apparels from the rain.

    Marketing Environmental Analysis

    The selling environment consists of a Microenvironment and a Macroenvironment. The microenvironment trades with internal factors, which could impact the company’s ability to serve its market, such as rivals, providers, distributers and consumers. The macroenvironment are those factors, which are outside the control of the company. They include societal, cultural, political, economic and technological alterations. They vary invariably, frequently with no predictability. Chiefly, it is these alterations that can do the most important menaces and chances to a concern

    The Micro- Environment


    The ‘ No Worries’clothesline is an original merchandise, which people will necessarily copy over clip, doing competition something to worry approximately in the following 5 old ages. Rivals will do a major menace to concern. They can vie with monetary values doing it more attractive to the client to shop at their mercantile establishment. They can do their version of the merchandise more attractive, i.e. , more characteristics. From research carried out from old assignments, I have discovered that consumers want quality value for money and will construct a strong trueness to those who provide it.


    I understand my company will hold to be client focused, as we are a selling orientated company. I will necessitate to do a clear determination about the type of client that I wish to aim with my run. I will necessitate to transport out some field research into what my market requires or likes and how I can run into those demands or wants. Chiefly though, I can foretell that my mark market will be in-between aged adult females, perchance homemakers and perchance those who work. I will wait to see what my research reveals.


    It is critical to cognize where the client is and is traveling to be in order to administer efficaciously. My distribution channel must complete where the consumer is and present it in the best possible manner. It is of import to provide adequate to run into demands. Using prognosiss will make this. As a little company get downing out, I will necessitate to enroll and independent distributer for fiscal grounds.


    It is of import that providers distribute on clip. My company will be utilizing the Just in Time method of production, to salvage on storage infinite. It must be a pre-requisite of the contract with the provider that the bringings must get on clip. Supplies for the fabrication of the clothesline must be carefully monitored to guarantee we don’t run out. Bing a new merchandise, it is of import it is available all of the clip in the first few months to seek to capture a portion of the market within that clip

    The Macroenvironment

    Social Forces

    Social influences which include populations, life styles, attitudes, values and beliefs and socio-economic category may impact my merchandise because society is altering to go more rushed and people have less clip for family jobs. ‘ No Worries’clothesline will intend that people can travel out without worrying about whether or non it is traveling to rain and their fresh wash will acquire wet once more. My company could impact the part, in that more people from that country are being employed.

    Legal Forces

    My company would hold to work within the legal ordinances of the UK. For illustration, Torahs to protect the consumer, employees, wellness and safety ordinances, all must be obeyed. If they are non, there may be serious effects to cover with.

    Technological Forces

    An administration must invariably be cognizant of technological progresss in order to stay competitory and increase productiveness. Technology is invariably altering, and to maintain one measure in front of the market I must continually maintain cheques on the progresss and utilize them to my benefit.

    Cultural Forces

    I think my clothesline will be successful, partially due to a spread in the market, but besides due to the high sum of rainfall in the UK. For this ground, I have decided non to take any further than the UK, as Europe has less rainfall, doing my merchandise redundant.

    Swot analysis for ‘ No Worries’Clothes line

    A SWOT analysis determines a company’s place by analyzing 4 factors

    + Strengths

    + Failings

    + Opportunities

    + Menaces

    Strengths and failings are said to be internal, that is, controlled by the company. Opportunities and Menaces are outside the company’s control and are hence said to be external influences.


    + Most people are willing to seek a new merchandise. If they are impressed, they will swear the company and construct a trueness to it.

    + It is the lone merchandise of its sort, hence, it would hold a big mark audience

    + As my company is new, it has no repute. This could be seen as a failing, but I prefer to see it as strength, because although it has no good will, it besides has no bad will against it. Goodwill can be built over clip.

    + My distribution costs would be kept to a lower limit, as my channel would be really little. – My Company Wholesalers Retailers Consumers.

    + Decisions can be made rapidly as there will be a little direction squad. This means increased efficiency within the house.


    + My merchandise is unseasoned and unseasoned, so I have no thought how successful my merchandise will be or if there will be any existent demand for it.

    + I will hold to use a distributer as I am a little house and can non afford to provide my ain distribution. This will still be a batch of money

    + I wont be able to take advantage of any economic systems of graduated table, as my company wont be large plenty

    + I have no expert cognition in any facet of selling. But to use person who does will be excess money

    + Peoples will non desire to purchase a whole new clothesline merely to hold this innovation on it.


    + There is a spread in the market for this merchandise. No 1 has invented this yet, hence, it may hold the chance to monopolize this section of the market.

    + There may be unsated demands within the market. This will be identified through research.


    + The usage of tumble driers will do my merchandise redundant

    + A rival may come up with an thought the same or similar, which would endanger my chief merchandising point, originality.

    + Inflation rates, the strength of the lb and employment rates affect the populace’s disposable income. If this is low, my merchandise will non sell every bit much as if it was high and the populace had more to pass on luxury goods.

    + Technology may progress, go forthing my merchandise out of day of the month. This would decrease its entreaty greatly, as the public normally wants the most recent engineering.

    + The conditions is a factor I can’t control, but yet it may find when or if my merchandise sells. For illustration, I shouldn’t market the clothesline in a state that has a low one-year rainfall, as it would be excess and I would hold wasted money. Besides, I predict that ‘ No Worries’will sell better in winter in the UK, than in summer, because of the hot conditions. Without significant rainfall, my merchandise has no usage

    Monitoring Environmental Forces

    My company will supervise environmental forces over the following five old ages utilizing environmental scanning. This is the procedure of monitoring and analyzing the selling environment of a company. I must specify a scope of forces that require monitoring. These must be the environmental forces which the concern thinks will hold the most impact on its hereafter chances

    In order to supervise these forces, my company must garner informations, intelligence, and information relating to my merchandise and its rivals. Anything that could impact either productiveness or gross revenues of ‘ No Worries’clothesline must be closely monitored and appropriate action taken. For illustration if a rival produces the same merchandise but sells it at a lower monetary value, my concern would be severely affected. It is of import that this is caught early so as action can be taken in revenge, i.e. , lower my monetary value or some other merchandising scheme.

    Once all the relevant information has been collated, my company would construct a database of this information. This would enable us to bring forth prognosiss, and scenarios to assist us with strategic determination devising.

    Benefits of environmental scanning are better decision-making, better general consciousness of and reactivity to environmental alteration, improved market analysis, and improved resource allotment and variegation determinations


    + I recommend, as mentioned above, that a close ticker is kept on my environment to enable the concern to be more successful and more profitable and be able to optimize chances that are presented.

    + I will aim middle-aged adult females. It is good known by the media that adult females shop when they are bored or depressed and they buy luxury points. This is why companies so loosely aim them. I will publicize where they are most likely to see it, outside supermarkets, shopping Centres and largely topographic points where it will be on sale. I am taking chiefly to raise public consciousness of my merchandise

    + I believe that I should utilize incursion pricing to get down with. This would lure possible clients to buy my merchandise, and one time they realise it is a lasting and dependable piece of fabrication, they will return, and I will derive client trueness.

    + I recommend that the Flow method of production should be used. This will be fast and cost effectual, guaranting maximal end product at minimal cost.

    + I shall establish my publicity schemes within the UK because of seasonal factors, such as rain.

    + I besides recommend strongly that my merchandise be redesigned every twelvemonth to maintain up with engineering and to maintain consumer involvement alive. It gives old clients a ground to purchase a new clothesline and new 1s a ground to get down purchasing our clotheslines.

    + I shall look into a patent for my merchandise. If this were considered to be a good thought, it would extinguish a batch of the menaces to my originality.

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