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Malaysia is a state in South-East Asia, located on a peninsula of the Asiatic portions a boundary line with Thailand. In an attempt to diversify the economic system and do Malaysia ‘s economic system less dependent on exports the authorities has pushed to increase touristry in Malaysia. Malaysia has become 3rd largest beginning of income from foreign exchange, A? and accounted for 7 % of Malaysia ‘s economic system as of 2005. A? As of 2009, Malaysia ranks 9th among the top most visited states in the universe, after Germany.

There are several tropical islands in Malaysia ; some have been voted the most beautiful in the universe. The islands in Malaysia are:

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Labuan, Langkawi, Pangkor, Penang Island, the western half of Penang, which is to a great extent industrialised, Redang Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, Perhentian Islands, Kapas Island, Lang Tengah Island and Sipadan

Beside tropical islands, Malaysia has several national Parkss and nature militias. The national Parkss and nature militias are:

Bako National Park, Sarawak – famed for its wildlife, particularly bearded hogs and proboscis monkeys, Batang Ai National Park, Sarawak, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Gunung Gading National Park, Sarawak, Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak, Niah Caves National Park, Sarawak, Loagan Bunut National Park, Sarawak, Kinabalu National Park, Sabah – place of 4100 metre extremum Mount Kinabalu, Taman Negara National Park – the self-proclaimed World ‘s Oldest Rainforest, crossing Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu, Endau Rompin National Park, Johor.

Beginning: Topographic point of involvement of Fraser ‘s Hill ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Executive Summary

Fraser ‘s Hill

Its name derives from Louis James Fraser, a lone Scottish innovator, who setup a Sn ore trading station in the 1980sA? . Later it was turned into one of the tourer attractive forces in Malaysia.


Fraser ‘s Hill includes seven extremums and is located at the heights between 1,220 and 1,525 metres above sea degree. Year unit of ammunition temperatures are between 17°C – 25°C. The resort is situated 64.6 stat mis from the capital metropolis, Kuala Lumpur.

At the pes of the steep acclivity, at an height of merely 800m, is The Gap, where a colonial remainder house remains unfastened. Then weaving 8km individual path route up from The Gap is unfastened in alternate waies each hr ; the thrust takes 30 proceedingss.

Some visitants prefer to walk up, descrying birds and basking the noticeable autumn in temperature4. A new alternate route was opened in 2001, but from clip to clip this is closed due to landslides5.

Topographic point of involvement


The first golf class in Malaysia is constructed on Fraser ‘s Hill in 1925. The 9-hole class was built on former Sn mines. Then 18-hole class was added at Jeriau, abot 3km from the chief town in the 1970s.

Beginning: Fraser ‘s Hill Golf ( ttp: // Fraser’s_Hill_Golf_Course.JPG )

Bird observation

Bird observation at Fraser ‘s Hill is a noteworthy Centre. The hill has over 270 species of local and migratory bird flocking here together. Each twelvemonth the Annual International Bird Race is held in the 2nd weekend of June, organized by the Fraser ‘s Hill Development Corporation in coaction with WWF-Malaysia and the Malayan Nature Society.

Participants throughout the universe meeting on the hill station in a squad competition. They need to place and enter the highest figure of species of birds stated in the official cheque list.

Other Topographic point of involvement

In Fraser ‘s Hill, there are many more topographic point of involvement such as Clock Tower, Jeriau Waterfalls, boosting at Hemmant Trail, Bishop ‘s Trail, and Pine Tree Trail and Tennis.

Situation Analysis

Fraser ‘s Hill has become popular and turning in the 60s and 70s, and now it has bit by bit it making adulthood and traveling toward the diminution phase. Fraser ‘s Hill seem non been good perceived by the locals and foreign tourer in recent old ages.

The reaching of the tourer and tenancy rates of hotels and resorts have diminution in recent old ages. The touristry industry participants have brought this job to the federal authorities.

Beginning: merchandise life rhythm: Fraser ‘s Hill ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

To analyse the environment of Fraser ‘s Hill, allow utilize the SWOT analysis to analyse.

SWOT analysis


Fraser ‘s Hill has its beauty of it. It environing by green, forest, cool and fresh air. It gives people “ peace of head ” and besides its cool and inspiring conditions throughout the twelvemonth.

Since Fraser ‘s Hill was established by Birtish, it has been built up with some British design of chalets and hotels. Therefore this will heighten the British image in Fraser ‘s Hill which can convey people an image of ‘little Britain ‘ as an attractive force for tourer to see this topographic point. This could allow the people who had been to Britain acquire the feel and people who ne’er been to Britain to acquire the feel of how Britain is.


This could be the best ground to pull more visitants so it could derive its market portion. The natural verdure, forest walks, fresh air and alien flower landscape is the chief attractive force for touristry. There are possible to popularize Fraser ‘s Hill as more and more people are cognizant of remaining near to nature.


The major job is the route status to Fraser ‘s Hill merely individual path route. Even though new path has been built but it was non useable due to landslide has deter local and foreign tourer to see Fraser ‘s Hill.

To get the better of this job, the route should be rebuilt or modified to go two path roads which allow more traffic travel up to the hill and come down of the hill.

Other failing is that there are non many activities traveling on in Fraser ‘s Hill. The local and foreign tourer particularly the younger coevals find Fraser ‘s Hill have become deadening and no exhilaration at all.


As the diminution of the Fraser ‘s Hill attractive force, this could ensue to discourage the development of Fraser ‘s Hill to go an attraction topographic point of involvement. This cause the tourer reaching rate has declined, adjustment sector in Fraser ‘s Hill has running low. This is chiefly due to miss of critical mass for Fraser ‘s Hill, which ahs caused the touristry industry participants such as the hotel and resort operates unable to run at economical or sustainable degree. This causes some of the eating house and peddler operators in Fraser ‘s Hill run their concern on weekend and school or public vacations merely as this is non economical and profitable to prolong the concern during weekdays low season periods.

Furthermore, site questions besides revealed that most of them run the concerns on parttime footing and this could do limited supply and assortment of all right dining offer at Fraser ‘s Hill.

Objective Puting

Company Mission

Fraser ‘s Hill development mission is to convey back the attractive force of the resort to local and foreign tourer. It aims to make full up the vacancy of adjustment sector in Fraser ‘s Hill. This could let the touristry industry to run at economical and sustainable mode.

Marketing Aims

Specific objectives – to convey back the attractive force and popularization of Fraser ‘s Hill and to popularize the International Bird Race held every 2nd hebdomad of June each twelvemonth. This Fraser ‘s Hill International Bird Race is really a merriment event where human participants and nature lovers, from Malaysia and overseas, will surpass each other to spy, place and enter the most figure of bird species within a set clip frame and location in this cool Highlandss.

Accomplishable – As Fraser ‘s Hill presently loss it popularity and attractive force, therefore it would necessitate some run to convey the consciousness of this hill resort to local and foreign tourer. It could be accomplishable to advance it attractive force in Tourism Malaysia Board and besides during the MATA carnival.

Time – Fraser ‘s Hill has lost it popularity for sometime, there for it would necessitate some clip to retrieve and accepted as one of the attractive force by the local and foreign tourer. It would take one to two old ages for it to develop.

Strategy Development

Choice of growing scheme to analyze Fraser ‘s Hill are utilizing Ansoff Matrix.

Beginning: Ansoff Matrix ( )

Below are scheme development suggestions to accomplish Fraser ‘s Hill mission.

Market Penetration

By using market incursion, modifying the image of Fraser ‘s Hill could convey some fresh alterations and attractive force to the tourer. This would non deviate to different way or market but do it more interesting and keep its mark beauty.

Market Development

Market development are usage to come in into new market. Fraser ‘s Hill has its market ; they are aiming to company weekend interruption, household assemblage, seasonality touristry vacations, school and industrial vacations. It could besides pull those younger coevals who like athleticss, like hill mounting, stone mounting, jungle trekking, and bird observation and acquire to cognize types of vegetations and zoologies.

Based of these two schemes, Fraser ‘s Hill non merely keep and maintaining the bing clients but besides able to pull younger coevals to come over to see, who are now willing to pass clip with the households for relax and diversion. The besides create consciousness of the younger coevals to acquire closer to nature.

Marketing Mix

Now, we would utilize tactic to do them work. We can hold a short term program to inform or make consciousness to new market particularly about the alteration we are now. We can make consciousness by making advertizement or advertorial in most popular local newspapers, travel magazines to inform alterations we had made or what are our attractive forces once more. Meanwhile we can hold some publicity like free breakfast for 2 darks stay etc.

The tactical applications are:


Fraser ‘s Hill is a merchandise that is profitable. It is a tourer attractive force topographic point for aliens every bit good as local people and weekday long-stay invitee. This could be the proposed program for Malaysia Second Home Programme.

Monetary value

The monetary value is varies harmonizing to adjustment provided by different renters. Having a treatment meeting with those renters non to charger higher monetary value as comparison to Genting Highland or particularly to Cameron Highland who is our rival.

Topographic point

Fraser ‘s Hill is located at a really suited topographic point with cool conditions throughout the twelvemonth. It is between 1,220 and 1,525 metres above sea degree and twelvemonth unit of ammunition temperatures are between 17°C – 25°C. As Malaysia is a hot twelvemonth unit of ammunition state, therefore is a benefit for tourer to chill at the hill resort.


Make some publicity activities such bundle with adjustment and jungle activities administration in for a group and jungle trekking for single. Such as adjustment bundle stay of 3 yearss inclusive free breakfast or adjustment bundle stay inclusive of activities and repasts.

Fraser ‘s Hill could implement strategic confederation with coach company to hold a direct conveyance from large metropolis such as Kuala Lumpur to go to Fraser ‘s Hill, this could salvage tonss of problem for people who would to travel to Fraser ‘s Hill without any conveyance. It could besides work good to aliens who come to see Fraser ‘s Hill. This could salvage the tourer fuss to look for transit agreement


Peoples play a important function in the touristry sector exceptional Fraser ‘s Hill. Expertness with cognition of Fraser ‘s Hill is important as it would be the chief beginning of information delivered to the tourer.

Local people populating in the environment country are of import as good. They would supply the history and development of Fraser ‘s Hill as they see it develop from the early age.

As people who work in the resort or diversion park will necessitate to derive merchandise and service cognition of Fraser ‘s Hill environing country as they would necessitate to urge to the tourers the attractive force, activities and place of each attractive force.


In order to supply a good client service, the people of the administration should be trained but besides it is of import to hold an efficient and effectual order procedure and process. An intranet should be installed so that all the relevant sections are able to entree to it and response to whatever enquiry or job that may meet.

Service characteristic are of import to better Fraser ‘s Hill as a touristry attractive force. Investing to better the substructures, internet connexion, telecommunication and synergistic information on Fraser ‘s Hill necessitate to be accurate and enlightening.

Accessibility of information and location of Fraser ‘s Hill necessitate to be easy accessible. Map and going would be a really great aid to help the tourer to make their finish without any problem.

Physical grounds

Physical grounds is of import as Fraser ‘s Hill is a sort of service to our client. Hence website design, the atmosphere has to transport its tagline, aims and vision i.e. to be a small Britain. The entire atmosphere has to transport English image, design and motto. The web site should ever transport it tagline like ”McDonald I ‘m lovin it ” . This will project a full image of what Fraser ‘s hill is to all clients.

Fraser ‘s Hill environing countries should be clearly noticeable and attractive to the tourer as this would be a first feeling to the tourer. Tree and grass demand to be spare if it has become obstruction to the beauty of Fraser ‘s Hill.

Appearance of staff working in Fraser ‘s Hill necessitate to be as helpful, friendly, easy traveling, clean and fresh facial visual aspect, first-class client service and first-class communicating accomplishments. It will convey an first-class image of Fraser ‘s Hill to the tourer.

Leaflet and booklet information of Fraser ‘s Hill are accurately printed at existent clip ( latest information ) and existent map with clear direction or information so tourer could mention to it easy.

Fraser ‘s Hill would necessitate to put to make a good web site to present it topographic point where tourer can easy acquire information without any fuss. Information are maintain up to day of the month with it current weather status and temperature can be easy found.

Action and execution


The above selling scheme and tactics need to turn into action programs. No affair how good is the scheme or tactics been set, it would non be in topographic point if we do non hold to allow people to do it go on. It will non assist at all. Hence research on information about Fraser ‘s Hill necessitate to be updated. Latest exposure of Fraser ‘s Hill should be update so it looks attractive and experience good when the tourer expression at it.

For employees who work in the resort or hotel, preparation is require, a clear vision and nonsubjective demand to inform all employees in order for them to carryout their occupation good and convey first-class service to tourers.

Some plan need to be outsourced because Fraser ‘s Hill may miss of expertness on it field such are marketing, advertizement, and preparation. By outsourcing, it would proof the efficiency and effectivity of advancing Fraser ‘s Hill to recover it glorification and good cognize to local and foreign tourer.

Advertisement need to be after in progress harmonizing to it budget. As Fraser ‘s Hill are non making so good now it would necessitate to publicize it within it budget. Fraser ‘s Hill will non take to publicize on the media as it is a really expensive cost to publicize. There are other options for it to publicize. It could publicize with local travel agents, cusp, web site, and cordial reception, Tourism Board Malaysia, MAS Airlines, Air Asia, and sponsoring of golf tourney.

By this mean of advertisement, it will assist Fraser ‘s Hill to advance and make out to people about it location and attractive force.


Execution of selling program includes three activities:

Allocating undertakings and duty

Once a particular program has in topographic point, so the following stairss is to apportion the undertakings and duty. As for Fraser ‘s Hill ;

Advertisement – is the duty of it marketing people to pull up an appropriate construct to convey the message to the tourer.

Training – is the duty of it human resources people to develop the employees with the latest information about the environing country and attractive force topographic point.

Operationss – Day to twenty-four hours occupation to keep Fraser ‘s Hill operations would be taken attention by it Operations Manager to do certain that every country are screen and run expeditiously.

Communication – Public dealingss are really of import. Therefore, communicating with the populace, media and journalist is really of import as it will convey a great impact on Fraser ‘s Hill re-launch it present as an attractive force to the people.

Scheduling of selling activities

Below is the Gantt chart for Fraser ‘s Hill undertaking agenda 2010/11.

This undertaking will take 7 months for it initial be aftering. Research for betterment will take topographic point for one and half month from September to mid-October 2010. Then follow by the scheme planning which will take topographic point for one and half month from October to mid-November 2010. The selling will get down at the terminal of October to stop of November 2010. Then the advertisement will be running for longer period from December 2010 until February 2011. This will takes three months to publicize Fraser ‘s Hill. Then developing will be held for two months from February 2011 till March 2011.

This would give a proper position and clip direction on how the undertaking will be able to put to death successfully and this prevent any wastage cost.

Gantt chart – Fraser ‘s Hill Project Schedule 2010/11

Puting the selling budget

As Fraser ‘s Hills have non been making good, there the hard currency flow will be really thing. The method of budget will be per centum of it gross revenues ( as the gross revenues figure are unavailable ) , the other options will be based on historical budgetary records. It would be gauge the budget for this advertizement would about ?15,000.

Monitoring and Control

Once the selling program starts to be implemented, the following undertaking of direction is to supervise and command what goes on.


This is to look into that everything is traveling harmonizing to program and harmonizing to clip set as in the Gantt chart. As this is an on-going undertaking, the cardinal public presentation index will be measuring to look into how far the advancement of the program is.


Control means taking disciplinary actions every bit early as possible if things are non traveling harmonizing to program.

After all these advertizement planning, execution and preparation, we need to supervise the advancement, and control from clip to clip. So that, the initial phase of the program would non travel far off from the aims.

There are few option of control can be down such as benchmarking, balanced-scorecard, the selling audit, profitableness control and gross revenues control. The best method of control is the benchmarking method.


This is the procedure of comparing the Fraser ‘s Hill merchandises and services and procedures to those of rivals such as Cameron Highlands to happen ways to better quality and public presentation.



SOSTAC is sum uping the chief stairss of scheme selling by Paul R.Smith ( 1990 ) .

Situation Analysis is looking at analyzing where we are now utilizing SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Marketing Mix or Competitive Position.

Aim is looking at where we want to travel utilizing Ashridge Mission theoretical account, 5P ‘s theoretical account or SMART.

Scheme is looking at how we traveling to acquire at that place utilizing market cleavage or placement.

Tacticss is looking at some inside informations of the scheme utilizing Tools communicating.

Actions are looking at execution seting the program to work utilizing Action program, RACI theoretical account, CSF or KPIs.

Control is track advancement through measurement, monitoring, reexamining, updating and modifying utilizing compare public presentation direction or balance scorecard.

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