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McDonalds in Malaysia



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    Executive Summary

    The first subdivision of this instance survey will present the background of McDonalds in Malaysia, the mission and vision of McDonalds and besides the chance and menaces of McDonalds. After the brief debut is the external environmental analysis of McDonalds.

    The following subdivision analyses the fast nutrient industry through Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account every bit good as the rival analysis that consist of Burger King and KFC. Subsequently, market analysis is conducted to indentify the market tendency and besides the market size and growing.

    Following is the analysis of the purchaser analysis. The analysis is being analyzed base on the psychological factors, personal and societal factors. Then followed on are the internal analysis and nucleus competences. This analysis is to analyse McDonald ‘s strengths and besides its failings

    The following section will discourse the market cleavage, aiming and placement of McDonalds in Malaysia market. The marketing plan of McDonalds will so be evaluated every bit good as its fiscal public presentation.

    Last, the issues and jobs are brought up and recommendations are given to better the state of affairs.

    1.0 Company Overview

    McDonalds was founded by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1937 in California. This largest planetary fast nutrient chained arrived in Malaysia 43 old ages subsequently in December 1980. McDonald Corp. gave their licence to Golden Arches Sdn Bhd to open McDonald ‘s Restaurant in Malaysia. After 20 six old ages they now have 185 franchise mercantile establishments countrywide. McDonalds have created over 7000 occupation chance of all time since they arrive in Malaysia over the old ages. Their vision is “to be our clients ‘ favourite topographic point and manner to eat” .

    1.1 Opportunity

    The fast nutrient tendency in Malaysia has benefited McDonalds as they are able to capture more market portion and clients. Malayan would wish to eat outside with the increasing of figure of adult females workers. They would wish to look at convenience topographic point to eat as McDonalds provide it for them. The engineering progress has improved McDonald ‘s services efficiency as their client able to order through phone and online. The turning cyberspace users in Malaysia supported for this sort of service. 24 hours service will open a gross window for McDonalds as clients look for speedy repast at late dark.

    1.2 Menace

    The addition of competitions from KFC, Subway, Burger King, and others has made the competition for market portion in Malaysia tighter. Customers have more scope of fast nutrient being offered and they would hold no trade name trueness with one trade name. McDonalds need to contend back with their publicity and advertizement to derive the clients experiencing. They need to pass a big sum of money on it. The wellness concern has become a chief dainty for McDonalds as most clients concern on healthy nutrients. Fast nutrient is considered unhealthy because of excessively oily. This will cut down the figure of clients to buy McDonalds nutrients.

    1.3 Mission and Vision

    1.3.1 Mission Statement

    We aim to be the leader in the Quick Service Restaurant ( QSR ) industry by maximising Net incomes and through our Principles of QSC & A ; V ( Quality, Service, Cleanliness & A ; Value ) consistent with the demands of our Customer, Employees and Community.

    1.3.2 Vision

    To be out clients ‘ favorite topographic point and manner to eat.

    1.3.3 Valuess

    McDonald ‘s mission is to be our clients ‘ favorite topographic point and manner to eat – with divine people who delight each client with odd quality, service, cleanliness and value every clip.

    2.0 External Environmental Analysis.

    2.1 Economic Environment.

    The economic status in Malaysia presently decelerating as family incomes and concern activity decelerates due to the effects of current universe economic down-turn. However, Malaysia is still non in a recession period as compared to Singapore or United States. Even with the depreciation of Ringgit, existent GDP growing is forecast an addition from 5.0 % 2008 to 5.2 % 2009.

    Source- Euro-monitor International 2009 based on the World Bank.

    Even with current economic status, McDonalds remain optimistic. Harmonizing to Business Times ( 2009 ) “McDonalds Malaysia expects its bringing service concern to leap 40 per cent this twelvemonth as its new call Centre can manage more orders” . They invested over two million ringgit for puting up the new call centre. In add-on, the Managing Director Azmir Jafaar, said the company “plans to put 80 million ringgit this twelvemonth to open between 15 and 20 new restaurants” ( 2009 ) .

    2.2 Natural Environment.

    Malaysia natural environment is considered good. Based on the study by Department of National Environment Energy and Resources, the Air Pollution Index is in the position of good in many countries in the state.

    In relation to this, McDonalds around the universe has ever been a company which pattern to protect the natural and community resources that support and are affected by their activities. McDonalds promotes recycling and energy preservation. “Since 1990, they had recycled 2 billion corrugated composition board, purchased more than $ 3 billion in merchandises made from recycled stuffs and eliminated several million lbs of packaging” ( McDonalds ) .

    2.3 Legal and Political Environment.

    Malaysia is officially an Islamic state which bulk of its population is Muslim. In order to capture the market, McDonalds believe that believes in working with local concerns, authorities, governments and providers throughout their world-wide operations.

    In Malaysia, they are bound with the Syariat jurisprudence which states all nutrient served must be Halal. McDonald ‘s is one of the many fast nutrient concatenation eating house in Malaysia gained Muslim consumers confident. “McDonald ‘s in Malaysia underwent strict reviews by Muslim churchmans to guarantee ritual cleanliness ; the concatenation was rewarded with a halal ( “clean and acceptable” ) certification, bespeaking the entire absence of porc products” ( Journal ) .

    2.4 Technological Environment

    McDonalds has been accommodating to the usage of engineering in presenting its fast nutrient to their consumers. The usage of telecommunication engineering is a good scheme to get down an on-line service diverse from its brick and howitzer construct. As explained above, McDonalds had expanded their call Centre capableness which “now can manage up to 70,000 calls compared to 20,000 previously” ( McDonalds ) . In add-on, McDonald ‘s Malaysia is besides “working on leting clients to order and pay online” . Based on the chart above, it shows that there is been a changeless growing in the use of nomadic users in Malaya from 2001 to 2006. Therefore, the investing made by McDonald ‘s Malaysia is justifiable and relevant in footings of current tendency.

    3.0 Industry Analysis

    To analyse the industry for McDonald ‘s, the Michael Porter ‘s five forces are used. The Porter 5 forces analysis is a model for industry analysis and concern scheme development developed by Michael E. Porter in 1979. It uses constructs developed in Industrial Organization ( IO ) economic sciences to deduce 5 forces that determine the competitory strength and hence attraction of a market. Porter referred to these forces as the microenvironment, to contrast it with the more general term macro environment. They consist of those forces near to a company that affect its ability to function its clients and do a net income. A alteration in any of the forces usually requires a company to re-assess the market topographic point.

    Porter 5 Forces High Moderate Low
    Menace of New Entrant u
    Dickering power of Suppliers u
    Dickering power of Buyers u
    Menace of Substitute merchandises u
    Rivalry among bing industry houses u

    3.1 Rivalry among bing industry houses

    The fast nutrient industry is confronting high intense of competition. Rivalry is strong because competition is concentrating on supplying the best service and merchandise assortment. Other rivals such as KFC and A & A ; W create an intense competition among the fast nutrient suppliers. Rivalry such as KFC is invariably supplying more picks runing from fried poulets to Burgers and to side bite such as murphy cuneuss and salad. Furthermore, rivals equal in size and power and growing in the industry.

    3.2 Menaces from replacement merchandises

    Factors that caused the house to lose its gross revenues net income is the limited pick of merchandise they offer. Therefore, many people will travel to replace merchandises. The replacement merchandises for McDonald ‘s will be the other fast nutrient concatenation, for illustration: Burger King and route side Burger stables. Although McDonald ‘s has applied 24 hours all about, nevertheless, route side Burger stall that operates until late at dark and other fast nutrient eating house is besides runing 24 hours service.

    3.3 The menace of new entrants

    New entrants pose menaces and increase competition in the industry. The lesser the menace of new entrants, the greater will be an industry ‘s attraction as it is in the retailing industries. Due to moo exchanging cost and deficiency of merchandise distinction, new rivals can easy come in the market. For illustration, McDonald ‘s face competition from Carl ‘s Junior and Wendy ‘s which are rather new in the Malayan market still.

    3.4 Bargaining power of providers

    The bargaining power of providers is viewed as a menace because the quality of the supplied merchandises is extremely dependent on them. They can either raise the monetary values or lowered the quality if the providers are powerful. In the fast nutrient industry instance, the power of providers is comparatively low because the inputs are standardized, low shift costs and there are a batch of permutations of provider.

    3.5 Bargaining power of purchasers

    As the competition among rival become intense in pulling possible client and keeping loyal client. Harmonizing to Viljoen & A ; Dann ( 2000 ) , purchasers play an of import function in make up one’s minding the form of the market as they can drive monetary values down and do unreasonable demands sing quality, bringing and footings of payment. In McDonald ‘s instance, purchasers assert higher bargaining power because of low exchanging cost to other trade name ( Burger King ) . For cases, McDonald ‘s can non put high monetary values on their merchandises as consumer can easy choose for other Burger.

    4.0 Competitor Analysis

    This portion evaluates about the scheme that McDonald used compared with its chief rival of the similar merchandise. It identifies whether McDonald is a market leaders, followings, nichers market rivals in its ain type of merchandises and the whole market ‘s place.


    McDonald ‘s

    Burger King


    Main Merchandises Burger Burger Fried Chicken, Burger
    Extra Merchandises Fried Chicken, Porridge Curly French friess Wedges, Mash Potato
    Market Shares

    ( Among all fast nutrient trade names )

    19.6 % 2.1 % 52.7 %
    Beginning United States United States United States
    Mercantile establishments in the market
    ( End of twelvemonth 2007 )
    176 20 402
    Rank in Malaysia 2 3 1
    Rank in World 1 3 2

    5.0 Market Analysis

    5.1 Market Tendencies

    Fast nutrient civilization has become a manner of life or tendency in the universe. Malayan grownups eat at takeout eating houses around 98 per centum. Philippine, Taiwan and Malaysia have the highest per centum of fast nutrient eating house consumers in the universe comparison to America which count 97 per centum ( ACNielsen, 2005 ) . This is due to the busy life manners and easiness of entree of assortment of fast nutrient eating house.

    Consumers have been passing less of their budgets on the food market shop while more and more of their nutrient money is stoping up in hard currency registries at the eating houses and fast nutrient mercantile establishments ( Kara, et. Al. , 1999 ) . Around 59 % of Malayan eating takes off every hebdomad. Even the province of one ‘s wellness has become primary concerns for consumers, but it does non impact the manner consumers choose to eat. It has become a portion of their life to eat fast nutrient, peculiarly in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and United State.

    McDonalds will be able to increase their mark markets in Malaysia as this tendency has become portion of their consumers ‘ life. This is besides bring oning the competition of fast nutrient industry as Malaysia is a prospect market for fast nutrient industry. McDonalds can execute better than its rivals if they can carry through Malayan clients who prefer convenience location as it account for 54 per centum of Malayan prefer convenience location to eat ( ACNielsen, 2005 ) .

    5.2 Market Size and Growth

    As fast nutrient becomes a tendency in Malaysia, the figure of outgo used by the consumers has increased by nine per centum and graded 3rd in footings of outgo. The fast nutrient market size is increasing from twelvemonth to twelvemonth and it reaches 2,058.8 in 2007. McDonalds Malaysia company portion besides addition in the twelvemonth 2007 by 400 plus. The figure of families purchase on fast nutrient range 356,482,100 by twelvemonth 2007.

    The fast nutrient sector is expected to see the fastest growing between 20 to 30 per centum per annum ( Malaysia Market Opportunities Report, 2000 ) . McDonalds already has 184 shops in Malaysia, and McDonalds program to open 10s to fifteen new mercantile establishments each twelvemonth ( Business Times, 2009 ) . Even though it is still far off compare to KFC mercantile establishments in Malaysia which count for more than 390 mercantile establishments, this tendencies and growing is good indexs for McDonalds to increase their market portion in Malaysia.

    As fast nutrient becomes a tendency in Malaysia, the figure of outgo used by the consumers has increased by nine per centum and graded 3rd in footings of outgo. The fast nutrient market size is increasing from twelvemonth to twelvemonth and it reaches 2,058.8 in 2007. McDonalds Malaysia company portion besides addition in the twelvemonth 2007 by 400 plus. The figure of families purchase on fast nutrient range 356,482,100 by twelvemonth 2007. The fast nutrient sector is expected to see the fastest growing between 20 to 30 per centum per annum ( Malaysia Market Opportunities Report, 2000 ) .

    McDonalds already has 184 shops in Malaysia, and McDonalds program to open 10s to fifteen new mercantile establishments each twelvemonth ( Business Times, 2009 ) . Even though it is still far off compare to KFC mercantile establishments in Malaysia which count for more than 390 mercantile establishments, this tendencies and growing is good indexs for McDonalds to increase their market portion in Malaysia. ( refer to appendix 2 )

    6.0 Buyer analysis

    6.1 Psychological factors

    The demand for fast nutrient industry has increased over the past 20 old ages. Consumers try to buy goods or services to carry through their ain demands and wants. This is the same in the fast nutrient industry. Family with double income household are the societal norm in Malaysia. McDonalds provide fast nutrient to be served for the household whether they are double income or other types of household. McDonalds provide nutrients that are fast and easy obtain by the consumers who are unable to cook for themselves. This is more comfy and easier since they do non blow their clip and can concentrate on their occupations.

    Attitudes besides can drive the consumer ingestion of fast nutrient as attitudes are a erudite sensitivity and occur within a state of affairs ( Schiffman et. al. , 2008 ) . McDonalds offer 24 hours service where some consumers will experience hungry during midnight after making plants or survey. This will bring on the clients to dial McDonald ‘s call centre and order nutrients. The word of oral cavity will distribute when the clients feel satisfied with McDonalds ‘s fast nutrients. they will distribute the word of oral cavity to their comparative and friends.

    6.2 Personal factors

    6.2.1 Age

    McDonalds mark market is the double income households who have no clip to fix for their nutrients for their kids, the workers who are holding their tiffin, and adolescents. The planetary mark market fast-food industry history for 79 per centum is at age 17-25 ( Schroder & A ; McEachern, 2005 ) .

    6.2.2 Income, Education and Occupation

    These standards used by sellers to mensurate ability of consumers ‘ disbursement. The salary earning, is related to what occupation the consumer holds, which is in bend rated by the degree and quality of his or her standard instruction. McDonald mark consumers are upper-middle and lower income consumers. The Mac value offered by McDonalds will pull lower category consumer every bit long as upper-middle category consumers. McDonald RM5.95 tiffin repast has boosted the merchandises as it is attractive to upper-middle and even lower category clients ( Business Times, 2009 ) .

    6.3 Social Factors

    6.3.1 Family Life Cycle

    Most households pass through the patterned advance of household life rhythm which is by and large start from immature singles, immature married, parentage, post-parenthood, and disintegration ( Schiffman et. al. , 2008 ) . Different household unit seek different types of nutrient. McDonald offer different set of nutrients where each household unit can take harmonizing to their demands. The value repasts are offered in different part of nutrients. For the double income households who do non hold adequate clip to fix breakfast for their household members, they can order breakfast repast in McDonald ‘s bill of fare.

    6.3.2 Social Class

    McDonalds targeted to assorted societal category which are lower-middle and upper-middle. The bill of fare of Mac value gives more convenience for the lower in-between category to bask McDonald ‘s fast nutrient. The Big Value repast which is rather expensive can be purchased by upper-middle category household.

    6.3.3 Lifestyle

    Malaysia fast nutrient market is turning which is attributed with the changing in life manner such as leisure, eating out and convenience. Around 98 per centum Malaysian are fast nutrient frequenter ( Euro Monitor, 2009 ) . The altering function and independency of adult females as more of them enter the labour market and urbanisation, as urban households can afford and more willing to incur higher outgos on nutrient such as fast nutrient. McDonalds try to supply publicity for the value repast to personalise to their life style.

    7.0 Internal analysis and nucleus competences

    7.1 Strength

    The strong planetary nowadays becomes one of the biggest strength McDonald ‘s has. It makes McDonald ‘s able to capture big market in other states such as Malaysia. McDonald ‘s expand their market has proven successful which is supported by the trade name acknowledgment. It generated more gross revenues and addition market portion. McDonald ‘s merchandise invention is the other strength it has. The invention of fast nutrient which is different in every state it enters is a good scheme for placing the gustatory sensation and penchant of clients. McDonald ‘s offers Ayam Goreng which is merely available in Malaysia and McCurry Pan in India. McDonalds besides offered 24 hours bringing services which enable consumers to bask nutrients during midnight if they feel hungry. This is the nucleus competences for McDonalds over its rivals where KFC, Subway, Burger King and others do non hold 24 hours bringing service.

    7.2 Failing

    McDonald ‘s has low breadth of merchandise caused by the concentrated market in nutrient industry has make McDonald ‘s hard to add new mercantile establishments in their bill of fare lists. The last discovery for McDonald ‘s is their lily-livered nugget in 1983. the addition of competition such as KFC, A & A ; W, Burger King, and Subway, has created a tight monetary value competition. McDonald ‘s unable to gain much gross from this monetary value competition. Health concern becomes one of the major failings of McDonalds where many people complaint with the greasy nutrients that are offered.

    8.0 Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

    8.1 Market Segmentation

    Segment base Childs Young person Working Adults

    * Age

    * Income

    * Occupation

    Below 13

    Parent ‘s allowance



    Below 2000

    Students, Part-timers

    Above 24

    Above 2000

    Freelance, Full-timers, Professional


    * Region

    * Location

    Capital and Regional Cities

    Inner City

    Social Cultural

    * Social category

    * Family life rhythm

    Middle, High


    Middle, High

    Singless, Couples

    Middle, High

    Single, Couples, Married


    * Lifestyle

    Leisure Leisure, Fast-moving Fast-moving, convenient

    McDonald uses intercrossed cleavage attack to section its market and the geodemographic is used. Few cleavage bases are used to split the market sections. From the tabular array, few sections are discovered to be McDonald ‘s chief sections. They are kids, young person and working grownups.

    8.2 Targeting

    From the market sections discovered, the most profitable mark market section seems to be the working grownups market. The working community section is considered the largest group of consumer of McDonald compared to kids and young person. There are more sensitive to tendencies and life styles in today ‘s civilization and in about everyplace. In add-on, working grownups has their ain income therefore able to do their ain pick without excessively much constrain.

    Hence they have the inclination to find their eating wonts. Besides, the McDonald provides fast services therefore suit those working grownups who are besides ever on a spell and fast traveling particularly those in the capital metropoliss. Besides, those who consume McDonald are usually from the center or higher category scope. Furthermore, McDonald ‘s 24 hr operation is besides aiming on working grownups who work till tardily at dark or those who are ever required to be early puting off to their work topographic point.

    8.3 Positioning

    It is indispensable for McDonalds to do perceptual map to assist place the implicit in dimensions that differentiate consumers ‘ perceptual experiences of merchandise and the place merchandise on the dimensions ( Pangupta, 2005).

    In order to place itself successfully, McDonalds need to set up standards that may let it to distinguish itself from other rivals ( Schiffman,, 2008 ) . In the fast nutrient industry, McDonalds has positioned itself as the market leader in the sense of pricing and services. Its 24 hr services in about all of the mercantile establishment countrywide makes them a topographic point to look for nutrient even it is in the center of a dark. However, it is difficult for McDonalds to place itself far off from the rivals as others are besides following the tendency. However, it ‘s non up to many rivals ‘ mercantile establishment to be running on 24 hours to be viing with McDonald.

    Positioning Perception Map

    9.0 Marketing plan of McDonald ‘s

    9.1 Merchandise

    McDonald ‘s takes into account cultural factors in functioning the Malayan consumers. The nutrient service is halal and waiters local gustatory sensation every bit good. They have broad scope pick of bill of fare similar with Burger king. Seasonally they serve the ‘prosperity Burger ‘ for Chinese New Year. McDonald ‘s besides serves healthy nutrient but this will consequence on the gustatory sensation and consumers eating experience. For case, saturated oil that now is replaces with Trans fat oils have change the gustatory sensation of the McDonald ‘s celebrated french friess.


    McDonald ‘s have more monetary value decrease compared to KFC and Burger King. They offer a really competitory nutrient monetary values. They have the “Value Mc Savers” and the “Mc Value Meal” . KFC do hold their value repast called “Jom Jimat Everyday” and Burger King but in term of their monetary value, McDonald offers the best monetary value for fast Food. However, McDonalds, they offered merely during certain period of clip there-for rise the inquiry of its handiness.

    9.3Topographic point

    In footings of distribution, McDonalds have 185 eating houses countrywide. They are built or unfastened in retail country ‘s like shopping promenades due to a tendency of all Malaysian who loves to shop in promenades. They besides open in some rural country ‘s nevertheless KFC has more eating houses in the rural country. In some strategic topographic points, McDonalds besides opens in several local gas station such as PETRONAS Mesra. They open an express cafe that serve some popular merchandises. This can fulfill the hungriness of consumers such as, working executives on-the-go and automobilist.

    9.4 Promotion

    In order to accomplish good net income and high client satisfaction, publicity is one of the chief factors. Harmonizing to Kara, Kaynak and Kucukemiroglu ( 1997 ) fast nutrient purchasers are seeking monetary value trade and publicities before sing a fast nutrient eating house.

    Promotion Methods

    McDonald ‘s


    Burger King

    Television Ad

    Media Text- Newspaper and Magazine

    Events & A ; Sponsorships


    Games and Contest

    Price Decrease


    Loyalty Card


    McDonald ‘s telecasting advertizement is place on a seasonal footing which they merely advertise during gay seasons and film. Normally, their ads pull kids instead than grownup consumers. KFC besides does Television ads similar construct to McDonalds. However, KFC have their ain Television Program called the “Chicky Hour” that is on air every Saturday.

    Events and sponsorship by McDonalds is chiefly to organize with their societal duty. They normally organize events for their Ronald McDonald Charity House. However, KFC does n’t concentrate on charity nevertheless more related to increase their place in the market. Recently, “they organize run, entitled ‘Good things come together with KFC ‘ , purposes to distinguish KFC from its challengers and high spots the fast nutrient concatenation ‘s presence and function in mundane Malayan life” ( Brand Republica,2009 ) . Burger King has no known event in Malaysia.

    McDonald ‘s in Malaysia chiefly focal point of it marketing run by directing circulars to houses and attach voucher in newspapers. KFC besides gives price reduction vouchers every bit good as Burger King. However Burger King vouchers are purchased from the shop non given for free like KFC and McDonald ‘s.

    McDonald ‘s besides advertise their merchandise utilizing hoarding. They place their latest advertizement on “McDonald ‘s Mc Value Meal” at major roads that so attract attending. KFC and Burger King do non utilize this advertizement tool to advance their trade name.

    McDonald ‘s have more monetary value decrease compared to KFC and Burger King. They have the “Value Mc Savers” and the “Mc Value Meal” . KFC do hold their value repast called “Jom Jimat Everyday” and Burger King but in term of their monetary value, McDonald offers the best monetary value for fast Food.

    Therefore we can reason that McDonalds spends to a great extent in publicity particularly their advertizement to derive their market place. This is alining with the planetary McDonald advertisement scheme of retaining clients.

    10.0 Fiscal Performance Evaluation

    This instance survey will measure about the fiscal public presentation of McDonald ‘s. McDonalds is non the lone fast nutrient concatenation eating house in Malaysia nevertheless they are viing with many other rivals such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and others. Therefore the fiscal ratios will bespeak whether McDonald ‘s is a market leader or a follower in Malaysia by comparing with KFC. The fiscal statements are merely available for the twelvemonth ended 2007.

    Ratio McDonalds KFC
    1 ) Current Ratio

    Current Asset

    Current Liability

    2006 2007

    0.26:1 0.28:1



    2 ) Cash Flow Ratio

    Cash Flow from Ops

    Average Current Liability

    0.445 1.331
    3 ) Average Inventory

    Employee turnover

    Average Inventoryx360

    Cost of Goods Sold

    12.5 yearss
    4 ) Debt Ratio

    Entire Liabilitiess

    Entire Equity

    28.9 % 31.8 % 2007


    5 ) Tax return on Gross saless

    Net income after Tax

    Entire Gross

    0.0098 0.0197 0.42
    6 ) Gross Profit Margin

    Gross net income

    Net gross revenues

    26.7 % 27.8 % 100 %

    The current ratio of McDonald for 2006 and 2007 is 0.26:1 and 0.28:1 severally. It is assumed that the higher the current ratio, the stronger the concern can cover its short-run liability. It is a basic index of short-run debt service and/or hard currency flow capacity. The low current ratio of McDonald ‘s may besides enforce other jobs. It may propose that McDonalds is non to the full using the available liquidness assets particularly hard currency and non available to pay theirs liabilities. Compare to KFC in 2007, its ratio is 28:1. This means KFC has a stronger short term to cover its liability.

    The hard currency flow ratio of McDonald and KFC for 2007 is 0.445 and 1.331 severally. This shows the ability of KFC to work out their short term solvency which indicates that they have a stronger and more positive hard currency flow comparison to McDonald ‘s.

    The mean stock list turnover period for McDonald ‘s as indicated is 12.5 yearss. This is a good index for a fast nutrient eating house. It shows that McDonald merely take on mean 12.5 yearss for their stock list to be sold. However due to some unavailable informations, the KFC stock list turnover period ca n’t be calculated.

    Debt ratio measures proportion of entire assets financed by debts. The debt ratio for McDonald ‘s for 2006 and 2007 is 28.9 % and 31.8 % severally. This is an addition of debts from old twelvemonth that has a well lower debt ratio. As compared with KFC, 12 % they have a lower debt ratio, about to half than McDonalds. This indicates that McDonald ‘s has financed 28.9 % of its assets with debt. The higher this ratio, the more fiscal purchase McDonald has.

    The return on gross revenues measures the net income generated from each dollar of gross revenues. Higher return on gross revenues ratio indicates higher net income border and the disbursals are managed good. McDonald ‘s on 2006 was 0.0098 and increase in 2007 to 0.197. However, if compared to KFC with a ratio of 0.42 about twice the net income generated from each dollar of gross revenues.

    Gross net income border is a 1 of the best index to mensurate the public presentation of McDonald operations. In 2007 McDonald has 27.8 % gross net income border compared to 2006 with 26.7 % a little addition. The proportion of grosss that is runing net income and therefore McDonald ‘s is available to counterbalance debt, equity capital. It besides reflects McDonald ‘s ability to bring forth grosss and control costs in such a manner as to bring forth a net income. KFC nevertheless have a 100 % gross net income border. In the statement they have no cost of goods sold.

    Based on the ratios selected it shows that KFC is executing better than McDonalds. However if compared their net net income for 2007 McDonalds earn RM12, 524000 and KFC earns RM 36,770,000 three times more than McDonalds

    Therefore in Malaysia, KFC is the market leader in the fast nutrient concatenation based on the fiscal statements.

    * ( computation in appendix 1 )

    11.0 Articulation of options jobs and issues

    11.1 Need of Family Value Meal

    McDonald ‘s must non lose sight of its core consumer group or heavy fast nutrient users. Even though the mark market is immature grownup, working executives and kids the menu/ merchandise is non for whole household. McDonald emphasize on single bill of fare non household bill of fare. For case, KFC has the ‘variety pail jazz band ‘ & amp ; ‘mini pail jazz band ‘ . McDonald should come out bill of fare with household repast or bundle for household repasts. For case, ‘McFamily Value Meal ‘ that comes with four medium drinks, two big french friess, garden salads and four Burgers which suits for a household of four. In this current economic downswing, McFamily Value Meal will promote households to eat out in McDonald ‘s instead than eating at place.

    11.2 Limited Reach

    The allotment of McDonald ‘s mercantile establishments is ever in the urban country such as metropoliss and towns. Rural countries in the state are being left out by McDonalds to research more. As a consequence of that McDonalds has a lower market portion. Hence, embarking into rural countries might jus tout up the market portion and making out to new marks in the rural country can increase the consciousness and gross revenues in the rural countries. However they plan to better more in edifice and opening new eating houses this twelvemonth.

    11.3 Unhealthy Percept

    Fast nutrient has ever been perceived as an unhealthy nutrient no affair what the company has done to better on the wellness issue. Even though McDonalds has ever coming out with healthy bill of fare for clients, the fast nutrient provided is still considered non healthy. This issue can really be handled by presenting existent healthy nutrient such as salads or possibly even vegetarian Burgers. This can finally set a mentality of healthy nutrient being provided by McDonalds and that McDonalds is truly taking wellness issue earnestly.


    McDonalds in Malaysia. (2016, Nov 26). Retrieved from

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