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Mcdonalds Corporate Identity

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Corporate identity is the most significant element to create and strengthen a company’s industrial presence among the competitors. Corporate identity helps a company to establish a name in the consumer’s mind and communicate its image to the target group from the shortest way. While exposing the positive sides among the competitors, it presents the first sights about the qualifications like quality, trust and stability. If an organization is ruled by the principles rather than the managers or in other words if the principles remain unchanged although the managers are replaced and if that particular organization has qualifications and standards which separates it from the others than we can conclude that organization is a corporation.

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Mcdonalds Corporate Identity
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Since then all the moves to improve McDonald’s system is done according to the standards. That’s how McDonald’s is separated from the other restaurants. With the help of this standards McDonald’s create a corporate identity formed by products&service, environment, information and behavior and thus ensures customer loyalty.

The feeling styled by a powerful corporate identity creates a perception of belonging within the employees and flowing out to the customers it can increase customer loyalty. It also helps the company to deal with vendors and suppliers as well as employees since it explicitly communicates the values and purpose of the organization. Corporate identity is managed well by McDonald’s through its history. For instance, since the consumer group is changing McDonald’s changed its brand image targeting from children into adults to save the customer loyalty. Two years ago McDonald’s was at the top of “Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index Rankings” in the fast food category. Although the company was not doing well in the rankings lately due to the rumors about the fast food, they have shown a great progress and ranked first in the list.[3] People all around the world prefer McDonald’s because of the standards put by the managers. McDonald’s standards was formed by Ray Kroc when he explored the way to create customer loyalty is by .

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