Memories of My Prom

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While speaking on the phone with my best friend Gavin, he informed me that he and his girlfriend, Caty, were planning to attend our High School’s homecoming dance in Lakewood. Gavin is known for being tall and having brown hair and glasses, whereas Caty is shorter with light brown hair. It was at my previous job where I first met Caty and found her very appealing. As a result, I made the decision to introduce them to each other. This conversation with Gavin brought back fond memories of my own senior year at Lakewood High School when I had an unforgettable prom night.

Despite not going with my girlfriend, my prom night was still a meaningful experience for me in terms of my high school journey and personal development. I had the pleasure of taking Sara, one of my closest friends since grade school, to the prom. We enjoyed dancing, wearing stylish black tuxedos, indulging in delicious cuisine, and being chauffeured around in a luxurious white stretch limousine. Even though we went as friends because she didn’t have a date at that time, it was an enjoyable evening.

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I promised to collect her in a limousine two hours prior to the prom, ensuring we had sufficient time to reach the Marriott in Downtown Cleveland, where the event was taking place. Following the conclusion of the prom, we returned to our high school to attend After Prom, an alternative party aimed at providing entertainment and enjoyment. After Prom featured a variety of games that could be played without any additional cost, as the admission fee was already included in the price of the prom tickets ($80). While changing into more casual attire in the locker room, I placed my clothes in an unlocked locker.

The event featured various activities, including a wall climb where participants tried to ring a bell by scaling a wall while harnessed. Sumo wrestling was also organized, with participants wearing fat suits and trying to knock down their opponents. Swimming was available as well, but the girls chose not to use the pool due to concerns about their hairstyle. After the After Prom event ended, Sara and I went back to my house at three in the morning. We found everyone else asleep, which left just the two of us alone in the kitchen reminiscing about the prom and our shared childhood.

During our coffee break, we talked about football games, summer vacation, and our friends, reflecting on the fact that this night signaled the conclusion of high school for all of us. As a gesture of friendship, she stayed over and shared my bed while I held her affectionately. I was grateful that our relationship remained platonic. The ballroom was permeated with the enticing scent of mouthwatering food being prepared to fulfill our desires. The three primary dishes were meticulously arranged to cater to everyone’s preferences. Prior to hitting the dance floor, we gathered around a circular table adorned with a gold tablecloth to savor our meal.

As I savored the delicious grilled chicken with mixed vegetables, my mouth began to water. The dessert that came next was truly satisfying, featuring cheesecake, apple pie, and brownies. Gavin and Caty are currently in a relationship and spend ample time together. Whenever we all return home from college, we gather at my house to reminisce about our shared memories. While uncertain about maintaining regular communication with Sara after graduation, she will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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