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Memories of My Prom

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I was talking to my best friend Gavin on the phone and he told me he was going to the homecoming dance with his girlfriend, Caty, at his High School in Lakewood. Gavin is tall with brown hair and glass. Caty is short and has light brown hair. I met Caty at my old job and I thought she was kind of cute so I decided to set them up. Talking to Gavin jogged my memory of a special time for me while I was a senior at Lakewood High School.

My senior prom was full of wonderful memories.

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Memories of My Prom
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Dancing with some of my best friends, dressing up in a black tuxedo, eating some of the most wonderful food I have ever tasted, and riding in a white stretch limousine. I didn’t go with my girlfriend, but I’m sure it would be memorable enough so that I can reflect on how important it was to me and my high school career.

I was going to the prom with one of my best friend’s from high school, Sara. I have known Sara since grade school so I asked her if she wanted to go with me as friends. Since she didn’t have a date yet, she gladly accepted the invitation.

I told her I would pick her up in a limo 2 hours before the prom started giving us enough time to get to the Marriott in Downtown Cleveland where it was held. After the prom was over, we made our way back to our high school to attend After Prom. After Prom is an alternate party to go to if you are just looking to have fun. It hosted several games you could play at no expense, because admission was included in the price of the prom tickets ($80). While I was in the locker room to change into something a little more comfortable, I put my clothes into an un-locked locker.

The games they had there included a wall climb, where people strap you into a harness and you try to scale a wall to ring a bell. The committee also had sumo wrestling. You get into a fat suit and try and knock over your opponent. They also had swimming but the pool was unused because the girls didn’t want to mess up their hair. When After Prom was over, Sara and I went back to my house to talk about the prom and our childhood we had together. It was three in the morning when we finally got to my house. Everyone was fast asleep, leaving us alone in the kitchen.

Over a cup of coffee, we talked about how we were going to miss the football games, summer vacation, and, most of all, our friends. I still couldn’t believe that this was the last night of our high school career. She ended up staying the night on my bed in my arms. Nothing happened and I’m glad because she was only a friend, nothing more. The ballroom had the smell of freshly prepared food for our enjoyment. Three main courses were laid out in an orderly fashion to accommodate our needs. Before we danced to the music, we sat down at a round table with a gold tablecloth to eat.

My mouth watered as I devoured the main course, a simple dish of grilled chicken with mixed vegetables. The most satisfying part of our meal was dessert. The prom committee had chosen cheesecake, apple pie, and brownies. As for Gavin, he is still with Caty, but they still all the time. During the times when we are all back home from college, we all hang out at my house and reminisce on old times. I’m not sure if I’m still going to talk to Sara on a regular basis once I get out of college, but I will remember her forever.

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