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The Dos Equis ad campaign featuring the most interesting man in the world has been a huge success for the company. The commercials feature a charming and sophisticated older man, portrayed by actor Jonathan Goldsmith, who prefers Dos Equis beer. The campaign has helped to establish Dos Equis as a gentlemen’s beer and has appealed to both wealthy and common consumers. The ads have been running for almost five years and have helped to increase sales for the company. The interesting and mysterious character of the most interesting man in the world has helped to draw in consumers and create a memorable marketing campaign.

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“His charm is so contagious vaccines have been created for it. He is the only man to ever ace the Rorschach Test. Sharks have a week dedicated to him”. He is the most interesting man in the world. He doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does he prefers Dos Equis. With his stunning charm and great style, the most interesting man in the world is someone to admire. Commercials demonstrating near death experiences with beautiful women and rich accessories indicate a very interesting lifestyle. This lifestyle would leave anyone curious. The Dos Equis campaign with the most interesting man in the world ad was started in 2006.

Prior to this Dos Equis was not much of anything. Since this campaign, sales have shot up every year. Showing much growth and notoriety it is easy to see how this as has help propel the company. Watching the commercial for the first time you are immediately drawn in. Not knowing what they are selling you at first, the consumer starts to imagine a identical experience. Wrapping up the commercial with a well groomed handsome older man in a lounge with beautiful women surrounding him, you are introduced to the spokesman. The most interesting man in the world.

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His slogan is simple “I don’t always drink beer but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis”. With beer not having a well known reputation as a gentlemen’s drink, Dos Equis begs to differ. Real life actor Jonathan Goldsmith portrays what seem might render as the perfect gentlemen. Giving beer the look that wealthy sophisticated men do still have a knack for it, Dos Equis stands alone. Making its name as the gentlemen’s beer has put Dos Equis in a category all by itself. Hiring a not so known famous person like Jonathan, allows the man they call the most interesting man in the world to remain a mystery.

It also has you imagine if this could be somewhat accurate. Can someone really be that interesting? Keeping the same pitch for almost five years now shows people also agree. Being shown in men’s sport and leisure magazines show you the cliental they are trying to attract. This campaign targets not only the rich and successful, but also that of the common man. With the image of savvy or intelligent it markets itself as something someone with taste would drink. Having this product not cost a fortune like most gentleman alcohols, appeals more so to the common man.

Comparing commercials you can see just how Max is quite the ladies man as well as a man’s man. With a simple pitch like drinking shouldn’t be done all the time , but on occasion it’s better to have a Dos Equis. This gives the company a nice image not promoting drinking daily. Consumers can easily see how having such an interesting man leading your ad can help its campaign. If you feel compelled to know if Max is a lover or a fighter, they put this question to rest. “He is a lover not a fighter, but also knows how to fight so don’t get any ideas. ”

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