A Motivation Essay Explaining the Things That Motivate Me in Life

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly being motivated by something, whatever it may be that we are doing. I am motivated by restorative practices I am always constantly worrying and stressing out about everything I do, whether that be homework, drawing, or even getting ready for school in the morning. Being constantly under stress is very tiring and leaves me in a bad mood for no reason, therefore, leniency makes me very happy resting and self-care help me destress and makes me very happy. Doing things for personal enjoyment also helps me to relieve stress and makes me very happy, I am motivated to do my best at my work so that I could enjoy leniency as soon as possible.

In order to enjoy my leniency sooner, I do my work faster, while also trying my best to perform well so that I do not have to go back and fix my mistakes or worry about making any mistakes at all. For example, even when I have a project due a month later, I will do my best to finish it sooner so that I do not have to rush in the last minute and so that I have more time to relax. This helps me to finish my work on time and do it well. It motivates me to always do my best so that I can be more lenient on myself and relax rest and self»care also helps to motivate me. When I get tired while doing homework, I motivate myself by reminding myself that once I finish an assignment, I can go to sleep or relax and lie down. Also, I sometimes rest before working so that I can start working again with a positive mind and motivate myself with positive thinking resting makes me feel more refreshed and energetic which motivates me to perform better and faster on my homework.

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As I get closer to finishing my homework or assignment, I get more motivated to hurry and finish my work. Thanks to this, whether my performance it good or not, I am able to finish my work by the due date. Also, if I finish my work on time and do a very goodjob on it, I will enjoy self-care. For example, if I took a test and received a good grade on the exam, or perhaps Ijust finished my project, I would enjoy a nice bath to relax. This helps me to motivate myself so that I have something to look up to doing after all the work. Similar to self care, hobbies, or doing things for personal enjoyment helps to motivate me to work harder. Some of my hobbies that I do for personal enjoyment are drawing, reading, baking, knitting, riding my bike, and watching YouTube videos or Japanese anime. Once I finish everything I need to do, I like to kick back, relax, and do something that is enjoyable for me. For example, when I finish homework late at night, I might knit while watching an episode of my current favorite anime.

If I finish my work in the day, I might bake cookies or go ride my bike in the park. Using these activities for motivation makes me think more positively while doing my work, and it is more stress relieving when I am finally able to do it. Also, working hard, and then doing something that I enjoy gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Restorative practices motivate me to work hard and perform well. I remember to work hard so that I could enjoy leniency without any negative consequences. I motivate myself when I am tired by reminding myself of the rest or self care that I can enjoy after I am done with all my work I also use the things that I do for personal enjoyment as motivation. Whatever work it is that I am doing, I am able to finish it and do it well because I know that in order to enjoy and be lenient on myself without negative consequences, I need to finish my work first whatever it may be that I am doing, restorative practices constantly motivate me to work hard and finish my things on time.

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