Motivation in The Lives of Athletes In Search Of Inspiration

Sports play an integral part in our lives. Playing a sport not only helps us stay physically active, but also develops important qualities in individuals such as determination, teamwork, strategy forming, enhanced cognitive skills, ability to predict outcomes, and humility. Until recently, it had been extremely hard for people with physical disabilities to play sports. Although wheelchairs have been around since the 18th century, traditional wheelchairs only provide limited mobility to their users. But since the invention of the modern modified wheelchair, players have showcased more agility creating a level playing field among all athletes.

Over the years, it is evident that improved wheelchair technology has improved athletic performance greatly. According to Brendan Burkett, a professor of Sports Science at the University of Sunshine Coast, different sports allow different types of modifications to wheelchairs. The ones used in hand-cycling have bucket seats, angled wheels for improved stability, and a t-frame with a third wheel in front, allowing precision steering as well as adding extra stability and streamlined form. On the other hand, wheelchairs used in basketball or tennis are made using extremely light material for ease of movement and greater agility. Soccer wheelchairs have a protruding attachment to keep the soccer ball in control.

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Whereas the wheelchairs used in rugby have bumpers on the side to avoid metal-to-metal contact (Burkett, 2012). All these modifications are made as per sport for athletes to showcase their abilities to the maximum. The results of all these modifications over the years have been astounding. According to the British Paralympic Cycling Association, hand cycling records in the Paralympics have been broken consistently due to improved wheelchairs over the years. Records show riders have clocked less and less time each consecutive year, which shows that wheelchairs are the one’s usually limiting the athletes and improving wheelchair technology leads to increased athletic performance.

In addition to creating promoting equality in athletic ability, improvement in wheelchair technology indirectly creates respect and appreciation for physically disabled athletes and their corresponding sport. This motivates other people, who may or may not be disabled, to work hard in life and look at these athletes for inspiration. Hence, these athletes serve as role models for society which in turn promotes social equality. In conclusion, I agree that modified wheelchairs has created a level field for all athletes with a disability to compete. Also, this technology has proved to be really empowering and has helped us define heights of athleticism in the physically disabled community. Finally, it has created a level field between able-bodied athletes and physically disabled athletes as now they tend to get equal regard and admiration in society.

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