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Music is my passion



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    If I have to choose one thing that I’m passionate about, then I would have to choose music. Ever since I bought my first CD 10 years ago, it has permeated me in every way I can possibly think.

    After that first experience, I quickly dived into my own sister’s extensive music collection to catch up on all I’ve been missing out on. Everything about it just appealed to me in ways I never thought possible.My passion for music comes in two forms. The first form is listening to it.

    Listening affects me in so many ways. In some ways, it will energize me, especially after concerts. After the last show I went to, Darkest Hour, I found myself yelling in excitement every so often in my car on the way home. I just felt like I could take on the world and go running for ten miles.

    It’s such an amazing rush. This I usually get from my more hardcore taste in metal and rock. It’s like pure adrenalin.Another way music is so passionate to me is in it’s ability to let me escape from myself for an average of six minutes of a time.

    For example, there is this song by the band Tool, called Third Eye. The emotion I feel in this song is so astronomical to me. The intricacies of the guitar with the rhythmic drums, in addition to the lyrics and the voice of the singer, just whisks me away every time to another place that lays inside the music. I can just shut my eyes and see myself somewhere else in a complete nirvana.

    Besides just listening to music, I am very passionate about making it as well. Music lets me express myself when I can’t find words to do it. I feel it translate my thoughts and emotions through a language all its own. It’s quite something else to me.

    I used to draw, and paint to express myself, but music just took the cake for me on that. This is how in invades me in every way possible. I let it even affect my relationships and my friends. If you tally up my friends, about ninety five percent of them are very compatible with me in my music.

    Or mostly compatible at least. There are always disagreements in certain artists. I always find it weird, that I would reject a girl just because she didn’t like my favorite band. If they don’t like them, it feels like they don’t like me.

    I just have a hard time rationalizing it because I’m so passionate about it.So overall, what makes me passionate about music is the emotion that goes into it. Music can tell a lot about people sometimes. It’s like my own mirror expressing my feelings, thoughts and fears, but devoid of visual representation.

    That’s also why music is always changing. It continues to evolve and become more complex as the world becomes more complex. This power is so attractive to become a part of, and participate in it as well.What can I say, I’m a musician.

    You become your passions, like lawyers, doctors, and actors. So that’s what I’ve become. I’ve fallen into music so much, that its who and what I am. That, is what I call passion.

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