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The author was in 8th grade and returned to public school with the goal of making the basketball team. Their friends motivated them to try out, and they saw most of their friends at the tryouts. The coach had them do various basketball exercises, and the author struggled to keep up with the other girls. However, they went home and practiced, improving for the next day of tryouts. The author made the team, and their experience taught them that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. This experience changed the author and made them a stronger person. The author compares their experience to Melinda and Heather’s experience of trying to join a club.

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When I was in 8th grade, I made the decision to go back to public school. My basketball team friends encouraged me to try out, so I decided to join them. At the after-school tryouts, I was happy to see many of my friends there as well. Coach Huff gave us instructions on different skills like lay ups, free throws, running up the bleachers, shooting at the three-point line and two-point line, and participating in suicides drills. We also practiced a few plays which left me tired and trying hard to keep up with the other girls.

Coach Huff replaced me with another girl, causing my emotions to shift from joyous to devastated and bewildered. After tryouts concluded, I returned home and engaged in basketball practice outdoors. The outcome of my training brought me contentment that very night. The subsequent day at tryouts, my performance improved notably. I successfully made every shot and scored four points during our practice match. This marked the final day of tryouts where my performance escalated from average to exceptional. As we were departing, Coach Huff instructed us to visit the school website for further information.

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That evening, I anxiously sat down at the computer and to my surprise and delight, I saw that my name was listed next to the number six. I had successfully made it onto the team, becoming a part of my school’s first team! When I initially faced failure, my mother encouraged me not to give up but to continue practicing, assuring me that with time, I would improve. This encouragement fueled my desire to gain the necessary knowledge and gave me the determination to keep practicing. It was strange how, as I continued to invest effort into my game, I began to notice progress and started to believe in my abilities.

Using my failure as a catalyst, I encountered difficult challenges along my journey. First, I had to overcome apprehension and join tryouts. Then, I displayed my skills on the court for a week. Despite feeling exhausted, I kept checking the team list for my name. This experience showed me that with determination, I can achieve anything. It also encouraged me to inspire others to follow their passions and participate in enjoyable activities.

By displaying determination, faith, and effort, I have learned that dreams can become a reality. This experience has contributed to my personal growth along my life’s journey and has made me a stronger individual with improved skills. Similar to Melinda and Heather’s quest for joining a club, I also aspired to be chosen for a team. Both of us exerted the necessary efforts to become part of a specific group while fully acknowledging the potential for rejection. Unfortunately, Melinda did not meet Martha’s standards because of her depression; however, luckily for me, I was accepted just like Heather.

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