How To Get Better At Basketball

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Hey all you amateur basketball players out there. Read this to find out how to improve your game!Tip 1: To be a great basketball player, you first must know your strengths and weaknesses. Big tall people don”t need to shoot threes and short people shouldn”t be in the middle struggling to get rebounds.

Very physically able players should use that to there advantage to jump higher, run faster, and play better than their opponents. Not very strong or fast players should use fakes and their brains to score points.Tip 2: Team mates hate ball hogs, especially ball hogs who don”t have any skills. Team mates respect passers who can penetrate and pass.

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Tip 3: If you”re on a fast break and there aren”t any defenders, then you don”t need the whole team running down the floor, duh. Some people should stay back on defense.Move 1: The Drop Step This is a move to help you get to the basket. While your powering off the dribble and about to take a lay-up, instead of the two steps, you can land of your two feet at the same time, pump fake, and then get in the air again and shoot the ball.

This helps your self from tripping over legs because you can easily jump over them.Move 2: The Jumper While your putting the moves on the defender but you”re not getting anywhere, bounce the ball “behind” your back, not “around” your back there is a difference, then jump backwards, catch the ball in your hands and shoot it. This move shakes off your defender for enough time to give you space for a good shot.Move 3: The Spinning Crossover Start with dribbling the ball with either hand, then cross over to the other hand but while its still in the other hand, spin around that way to bring it back to your right.

For example, let”s say you start with your right hand, once you take the ball to your left hand the defender might move to the left thinking you will go that way. Instead the bring the ball back around to the right again giving you enough space to burn past your defender and “take him to school.”Work on these moves until your comfortable doing them during the game because playing during practice is very different from playing during the game. There is pressure during the game and you might stop doing good moves and revert back to the bad way you have played before.

Oh yeah, and the one most important thing for being a great player is the love of basketball. If you love basketball a lot then you will improve greatly at it.

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