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For me, my choice of business would have to be in the oil industry. I would go to a country like Saudi Arabia and tap into their abundant supply of oil and make a huge living. Those who are interested in pursuing an oil career will find there are many advantages of working in this field. Such advantages include compensation, the nature and scope of the work and the travel opportunities. Workers involved in drilling for exploration and production must often travel from one project location to the next.

Some drilling projects are onshore and others are offshore. Some active drilling areas in the United States include Western Wyoming, East Texas, Alabama, Colorado, and the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, Western Canada, North Africa, South America, Russia, Europe, and the North Sea are just a few of the active regions worldwide.
Earning a high salary is another advantage to working in the oil and gas industry. Salaries are even higher for technical positions that are in demand, such as petroleum engineer, seismic expert, pipeline operator, and other highly trained professionals.

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My choice of business
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When oil and gas prices rise, many oil and gas company employees also see a rise in their salary and thus earn more than counterparts in other industries. Most oil and gas companies provide benefits like health insurance and 401(k) plans, and some also provide education assistance, dental insurance, pension plans, and/or extra compensation for overseas employees.
Last, the work is varied and every day on the job is different, just as each drilling project is different with unique challenges. For example, pipelines must be constantly monitored to adjust for changes in the moisture content of natural gas, temperature, or pressure. Other workers are monitoring supply and demand as well as fluctuating economic markets.

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