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Essay about My Dream House

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I have a dream, you have a dream, she has a dream, he has a dream, they have a dream, and we have a dream because everyone on this planet has their own dreams. But we have one dream in common. We insist to achieve that one dream yet we know we cannot. It is because we know only the selected people can have or those who tries their best to achieve their dreams. We are a dreamer, we dream big.

We have been dreaming to be rich for years. Things that can symbolize someone is rich is when they have a lot of money in bank, credit cards, jewels, luxury cars and luxury house and many more. I was born in a moderate family, we afford thing that we need not what we want. So if you are asking me, to be rich is my ambition, to live in luxuries is all that I desire, to have all I want is all I wanted to have for years.

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Essay about My Dream House
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The first thing that I had been dreaming for years is to have a big, luxury house. I have many options in the list of my dream houses, and I had put a target to one house. Let me describe it to you and tell you why. I always wanted to have a villa and obviously I want it to be built on my own land. I want it to be placed at the city of richness. I want my outside walls to be made from a hard concrete and my inner walls is vice versa, a hard and thick glass so it will not break easily. I want to have CCTV in every corner of my house, security guards, security alarms, automatic and tall gate for my own safety.

If I do not think about my safety and do not use my money to buy things that can protect me , I am obviously need a personal assistant or an accountant to manage my money and gives some advices what am I going to do with my money, serious talk. But they must be someone that can be trusted, reliable and honest. When you have a big house, it is incomplete when you do not have a swimming pool. It really shows that you are not a good manager to your own assets. For me, I want to have two swimming pools, one is for children, another one is for adults. For children’s pool, I want it to have blue and pink couple-slide, rounded shape with a depth of 0.75 meters, and for the adults I want it to be S-shaped since my name is ‘Syafika’ and starts with S with a depth of 2 meters. The main reason of wanting a pool in my house is because swimming is one of my hobbies and I do not want to waste my money to go to public pool. Last time I was taking part in swimming but then I stopped because of some reasons and I missed the opportunity to be a professional swimmer. Besides that, I want to have a waterfall to flow through at adults’ pool. The sound of water flowing is very relaxing and can let me to swim calmly. The pools are located at the middle of my house with transparent rooftop.

I want to design that compound with garden theme, I want to put a greenish view with a bench and wooden-swings that had been decorated with flowers surrounded them. Other than swimming pool, I would like to have a gym since I want to maintain my slim body and stamina to keep me healthy and energetic. I just want a simple and comfort gym also everything that is needed in a gym such as treadmill, bike, sit-up mats, big and blue balls, a fridge that filled with isotonic drinks and many more. In addition, I want to paint my gym with red because red symbolize strength at the left, back and front corner because at the right corner of the gym, I want to put mirrors to cover up the wall. Furthermore, I am insist to have a mini cinema and a studio, I would like to place them underground so that others will not be interrupted of the loud sound, under the ground, I would like to have two floors , every floor has a secret chamber, the first floor is mini cinema and the second floor is the studio. I love to watch movie with a big screen with my family, so I want to put a really gigantic screen and 20 seats and divide it to 2 columns and 5 rows that is put not so far from the screen. I really love music so much that is why I am willing to buy most of musical instruments to be put in my studio. In that studio, I also want to have another room for karaoke since I love to karaoke, and the wall is sound proof.

If someday I can buy my dream house, I really want it to be painted in white because white seems expensive and luxury. I want to have a protected garage to park my cars. My house must be at least 2 floors and in my case I want to have 5 floors, 2 floors are underground and the rest is upper ground. The first floor is the living room, dining room, kitchen, a toilet and store. The second floor is for my dearest children’s room and also a wide room to perform prayers. The third floor is the master bedroom and a large space that is enough to make a mini living room by putting a set of couch and a coffee table nearby the balcony. To have a mini office room is a must when we are living in a big house, so I really want to have one. I want to have 5 comfortable bedrooms and bathroom in each room that is complete with bath tub, shower with glass sliding door, toilet bowl with pipe, white sink and a big mirror that is enough to show the whole bathroom.

Furthermore, having a balcony in every room would be my pleasure. I would like to make a concept of English style in my house, I want to use wooden furniture and let the floor made up from white glass tile, while the walls is decorated with vintage and floral style. Put a big and shining chandelier in the living room would make my home looks merrier with a big red curtain that is hang on every window. I want to use a swirl stairs which is the holder is made up from hard metal that painted with brown while the base is wood. The reason why I am using the swirl stairs is because from my view it looks stylish and attractive. To achieve my goal is my ambition, on the way to achieve my ambition I have to try hard and determine to get what I want. Be sure for what I want, be prepared and put in a ton of efforts to make my dream comes true. When the time has come for me to become a successful person and have my dream house, then I will know and realize that everything that I had done is worth it because they brighten my future and will never regret.

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