My Father, a Seafarer

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The author’s father is a seafarer who chose this profession to provide a higher standard of living for his family. Although being away from home has its challenges, such as homesickness and difficulty dealing with different cultures, his father has provided for the family and helped them achieve a better life. Communication technology has helped bridge the gap between the family and their father, and they have learned to overcome problems together through honesty and openness. The author is proud of their father’s sacrifices and will work hard to make his sacrifices worthwhile.

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“My Father, A Seafarer” In working on board the vessel, he gave his family a living of higher level. Father as the male human parent has the responsibility to find Job to make his family live and a seafarer is the general term for men who work on ships at sea. Great fathers make great decisions. Giving his family a better living, achieving something in life and fulfilling his responsibilities as a father to his wife and four children are the reasons why my father chose this profession. My father being away from home has both pains and gains. He makes us live comfortably, provide all our needs and helps us aka a better tomorrow.

Despite of these gains, he also experienced the odds, felt homesick and difficulty in dealing with different raise on board the vessel. Working abroad is similar in waging your life struggling in order to reach dreams. He suffered being away from his family. He chose the best way to give better life they say. Losing him is a day without rain. It’s not easy for a pillar of the house to be away. We miss him every minute, every hour and every day. Studying hard and reaching our dreams are the best way. Making his ambitions fruitful, our way to pay.

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We have accepted the fact that our father will stay longer on board the vessel than his home. The relationship between him and the family is affected. It gave all our lives new chrome. In today’s era, everything now is connected. Technology made communication even better. Long distance relationships are made closer. Even my father’s age is more than the maximum number of days a month of a calendar could have, he is good in using Backbone. We used to communicate and share stories with each other by nears of it. A family was made to be strong by the problems that test them. My father being away from his family is also affected.

He could not perform his work properly for his mind is bothered by the problem his family is encountering. We, as his family do our best to find solutions to the problems that come. Giving our father on board a problem is not an ideal thing we should do. My father tries to focus for he believes that we can overcome problems. In order to solve our problems, we use to talk and share our problems with each other honestly. My mother was a good peace maker and my father is a good adviser. Their skills combined resulted to harmony of our family. In having a seafarer as a father makes a unique relationship.

Coerces and seas separated us but our love for each other was not. The thing that made our relationship different with others is the great trust we have with each other. Some that got away does not come back anymore and forgets the family he has because of being blinded by money. I am proud to have a father that is an Overseas Filipino Worker. He may be apart from us but his love was always felt wherever we go. He made a great sacrifice and in return we will make his sacrifices worthy for he has already provided a bright road and it is all up to us to walk in that road.

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