My First Snow Experience Essay

My first experience with snow that I remember was about eleven years ago when I was seven. I remember my grandmother telling me with an exciting tone in her voice, “Were getting some snow!” At the time I didn’t really understand why she was so excited; I mean I had seen it on TV and it didn’t look that exciting to me. Well I went to my room and looked out the window just about the whole day. I waited and waited but never seen one flake of snow.

I suppose you could say I was just a little disappointed.

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My First Snow Experience
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That night before I headed to bed my grandmother told me to make sure I do my “snow dance,” before I went to bed. I asked her what that was and she told me that it was a dance that you make up yourself if you wanted it to snow, so I went ahead and made me a snow dance.

I danced and danced for about 10 minutes until I got tired. Then I decided to pray on it before I finally went to bed. I remember waking up and hearing my grandmother talking to her sister on the phone about how beautiful the snow looked. I got so excited and jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see these beautiful white flakes falling from the sky and piling on the ground.

I ran in the kitchen and asked my grandmother if I could go outside and play in it and she shook her head yes but told me that I needed to put on a lot of layers, gloves, a coat, and a hat. I agreed and rushed to get dressed. It probably only took me about ten minutes to brush my teeth and get all of my clothes on, that’s how excited I was. I ran out the door and the first thing I did was dove right onto the ground and made a snow angel like I had seen on TV. The snow was so much more than what I had imagined. It was so white and shiny and it was as soft as cotton until you made a snow ball that felt like a tennis ball when you got hit with it.

That was by far one of my most favorite moments in my life. The excitement I had was indescribable and I think that’s one of the reasons why it will always have a piece of memory in my heart and mind. Now, every time it snows I love it because it brings back that memory and excitement I had when I was kid and that I will never forget.

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