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Winter and Another Effect of Snow



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    Snow causes many difficulties in people’s lives. The wet snow gets accumulated on the side paths and crossways. It doesn’t get drifted away. It only gets washed by the rain. So, this is a big issue that can’t be solved. The snow in a few days turns into black ice and people get slipped on the ice, which creates many problems such as can get them injured. Some people might get life-time injuries which creates a mess in their lives. Moreover, it creates infrastructure problems as well. Many roofs get collapsed due to snowstorms. Wet snow weighs more than the powder snow which makes the roof collapsed when it gets accumulated in greater quantities.

    It causes avalanches when snow falls down from the mountains. When it rains or snows on the mountains where snow is accumulated in large quantities. The snow gets collapsed and starts falling down the mountain which creates huge chaos on the roads. Roads and Railways get blocked and people have to wait for hours and hours. Some may even get hit by an avalanche. It can destroy people’s houses and many people get killed.

    Another effect of snow is on the economy. In winters, the cost of removing snow can be up to a million-dollar. Roads get damaged and power gets shut, this really costs a lot of money( According to table 1) to the government. Winters and snow also affect the local businesses as the work gets slow down because people avoid going out in such bad weather. Trade gets slower than usual.

    Because of snow, the roads are bad and the trucks and different other vehicles which are used for transporting goods to different towns sometimes get delayed. Transportation gets really slow. So people in small towns suffer because of a lack of basic needs and other commodities. It affects the supply and demand of goods. It affects the gross domestic product of the nation. Schools and colleges get shut down for days as the weather gets really bad. This affects the lives and studies of students.

    Another major cause is air transportation. They suffer a huge loss in winters because of snow and the weather. Planes get canceled or delayed, this affects the airline industry as well as the people (consumer) of the service. This is due to the warnings about snowstorms that are dangerous for flying planes. Snow accumulated on the runways or the other part of the airports is the other reason for flight delays. The visibility in the snow is very less which is really dangerous.

    There are amounts of salt in the sand that is used by the city of nelson. This has a harmful effect on the environment. They need more safe alternatives for the clearing of sidewalks and roads. Snow accumulated should be plowed within 24 hours however they take 48 hours for it.(According to table 2). Removing snow should not have wait. As more and more snow will be accumulated with more time.This will become more difficult to plow it.

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