My Goals About Teaching English

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I would like to become an English teacher for several reasons: Transferring my knowledge about English literature and culture, to show English not only as a language but also as a guide in the 21st century, and to build a teaching career for my economic independence as a lady while helping others. I have to mention I am expecting to get my B. A. degree from English Language and Literature department of Hacettepe University soon. My major’s education language was 100% English, and our instructors helped us to enhance our reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. As literature students, we did not only examine literary texts but also different criticism perspectives and literary movements.

In that sense, I possess general information about English culture, history and literary canon (From Classical period to the 21st century). I think the teaching of English or any other language should not be based on just linguistic abilities. A language carries not only words or grammar; it brings a society’s cultural codes, motifs, perspectives too. While teaching or learning in English, a person should act and even experience the mentality of a native speaker while transmitting or getting information. For instance, the English language is not a communication tool for me. It is a lifestyle, part of my identity and most importantly a way of expressing and sharing my ideas and emotions with the world.

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Using English like that can improve people’s confidence because they can convey themselves to international arenas. They can meet with new people; announce their opinions to the world via an international language. In the digital age of the 21st century, this is a crucial thing because of social media and global interactions. Here, English teachers and teacher candidates play a key role by presenting these possibilities to others. As for myself, I both want to illuminate, touch the lives with my English skills but also become economically independent with something I genuinely passionate about.

Since my earlier years, my teachers and mother guided me to the way of English because I almost fell in love with it at first glance. For example, I entered to Cambridge University’s Young Learners’ Examinations (from Starters to PET). I was able to pass them and earned certificates thanks to my native-speaker teacher, Mrs Judith Aksu who is from Northern Ireland. She is one of the few individuals make me inspired about English by her sweet, supportive personality. In high school, English became more than an interest for me, however. I realised that it was the only clear path for me due to my inability to maths and other numeral subjects.

I adore art and Human Sciences just as much with English. I could have easily learnt about these fields in Turkish, but English opened new possibilities and views to explore. Due to this, while expressing my identity to someone, I was (and still am) emphasising English, Human Sciences and Art as my vital sources. It is hard for me to separate them from one another and by getting CELTA certificate I am aiming to show a language can be more than a tool for contact. Moreover, I would like to gain more career opportunities for myself both in domestic and foreign domains. I wish to add such a prestigious certificate to my CV and feature myself forward in the modern competition. Just I expressed above, I have been involved with Cambridge University, one of the best schools in the world, since my childhood. I would love to continue to improve both my English and teaching skills with a familiar, powerful institution.

Overall, I would be honoured to construct a teaching career with An international brand like Cambridge. I would share real English teaching experience with my intellectual background about the English language and culture. In my eyes, teaching a language does not only refer to showing its physical attributes but also guiding, bearing that particular language’s conventions and society to a certain extent. In other words, an English teacher does not only become a lecturer, but he or she turns into a cultural ambassador. Language and culture are inseparable entities because of these reasons. While teaching, someone should not ignore traditional values like Anglo-American authors like Austen, Dickens, E. A. Poe, and Hemingway. According to all these, I find myself quite adequate as a possible English teacher and will try to teach more than a language for my future students even a little.

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