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My Grandfather Was a Great Man

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He was six foot tall, average build yet slender. His eyes were as blue as the sky, hair as black as the night, a tan that looked as though it had been kissed by the sun. He had the heart of an angel enough love that would last an eternity. I didn’t call him grandfather, grandpa, but papa is what I called him; he was the most remarkable person in which I have ever had the honor of knowing, and his name was Clarence Eugene Carter.

My story starts around the late 1940’s when my grandfather was a late teen.

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My Grandfather Was a Great Man
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Wanting to serve his country he joined The United States Army and was shipped to fight in the Korean War. Many days, nights, and months went by with him fighting in the jungles when he was shot in the leg. After fighting much infection and many surgeries he ended up having his leg removed half way between the knee and the hip.

He was, finally, sent back home where he had to try to regain as much of his life as he could. Going through much rehabilitation he had to learn how to walk all over again with the use of crutches.

While in rehabilitation he was given the news that his brother was killed in the line of battle. With the promise to take care of his brother’s fiancee, he married her. Every weekend I would stay with my grandparents and my grandfather would take me fishing. I watched everything he did, because even as a child he fascinated me. He could do whatever everyone else could. Then came the day he took me hunting, he just dropped me off in the woods at first I was scared, but then I thought about what he does and he doesn’t have two legs.

Then he built a house by ours and I had him every day. I spent most of my childhood fishing, hunting and helping my grandfather in the garden. He never let anything slow him down. He could do everything, he was amazing! Throughout my life my memories are built around the love that I have for him and was glad that my children were able to know and love him. To me my grandfather stood for love, hope, and family. On May 15, 2005 my grandfather passed away, I was devastated.

I wanted him back and knew it wasn’t possible. The only thing that got me through this time was my family, memories, and god. Conclusion I have found that in his strengths and courage was his ability to beat being disabled. Family was important to him and without family you have nothing. Now that he is gone it seems as though my family is just fading. The power and effect that one person can have on many people is astonishing, but without that one person how so much can be changed.

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