My Parents – The People I Admire The Most

My parents have been married for 25 years and have grown together and individually to strengthen their relationship to eventually set up a religion based home and to raise their three children with strong and good morals. Before all of that they have to know every aspect of each other so they can be a strong pair and can be there for each other in hard and happy times.

I have never been in a relationship let alone a serious one. I have picked my parents as an example to help me right this paper. I have picked these three principles to describe my parents relationship and to write this paper, enhancing love maps, let your partner influence you, create shared meaning.

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Enhancing love maps this is very much in my parent’s relationship due to the fact that especially my dad can tell and knows everything that my mom is thinking and feeling. My mom on the other hand can read my dad well when it comes to certain things like when something happened at work and he comes home not in the best of moods but on the other hand it’s hard for her to read him when it comes to him being irritable.

On a more lighter note my parents always know when something exciting happens at work or just when they are genuinely happy. That is such a perk in a happy and healthy relationship so when one of the partners is so genuinely happy the other partner can feed off of that happiness and energy to support their loved one. On the other hand, when one of the partners or my parents are seriously upset or hurt by something the other partner or my other parent can be there to be someone to confide it and comfort the hurting the partner. They can rejoice and be happy together or they can confide and comfort each other when needed.

Let your partner influence you this is more defiantly part of my parents relationship because when one of their three children would ask one parent something like to go out with friends or ask to buy something that was the answer, no going to one parent and not getting the answer you want and then going to the other parent to see if they will give you the answer that you want.

Going along with that my parents have to really know each other and their thoughts and morals on different situations that might come up in their parenting years. If one parent decides that they don’t want lots of extra spending going on that is not needed because maybe they would like to put that money towards something more important such as, getting a new car, paying off bills, putting that money towards paying off debt or credit cards or simply they may just not want money spent on little things. There fore, the partners and or parents need to know all different aspects of what they believe in and their thoughts on certain things. With this principle active and present in a relationship that would always be a perk and good aspect in that healthy relationship.

Create shared meaning my families house is a religion based home so, God is put first in everything we do and we take into consideration what he would think about the decisions we are making or about to make. My parents had a good base of religious views coming into their marriage which helped build my sisters and I’s religious views and standards.

With this religious base and standards it has helped myself especially build character and make wise decisions throughout my very short and few years of my decision making life. My mom was raised in a religion based home and my dad was too but it was a more relaxed religious home. My mother most definitely helped build my dad’s religious beliefs which in return built her’s as well which led to them becoming one in marriage.

In conclusion, my parent marriage and relationship includes these three principles, Enhancing love maps, Let your partner influence you, and Create shared meaning. With these three principles and standards it helped build their relationship and for them to become one but then lead to a strong home for their children. My parents most defiantly helped each other grow in to each other and grow by themselves and make themselves better.

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