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My Sister’s Keeper

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Kate Fitzgerald was diagnosed suffering from leukemia when she was 2 years old. The doctors said to Sara and Brian, her parents, that there is maybe a solution to save Kate; have a genetic baby. Since Anna was born, she had a lot of operations to save her sister. Kate turns 15 and she has a renal failure and Anna knows that the only person who cans help Kate is she and she knows that their parents will force her to donate one of her kidneys.

She realizes that if she does the operation, she will not have the life that she wants to have, she will not be able to have kids or even to play some sports.

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My Sister’s Keeper
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With Kate’s illness, Sara forgets to care about Anna and Jesse, Anna and Kate’s big brother, because she is concerned to keep Kate alive. Sara and Brian are shocked when they find out that Anna took a lawyer to sue her parents for infringement of the rights of her own body.

Later during the film we learn that he agreed to take the case not for the notoriety, but because he is epileptic and he knows what is to not having his own body control. Sara gets furious, she can not understand Anna’s decision and why she does not want to save her sister.

During her treatment Kate meets Taylor, a boy who is also suffering from leukemia. He becomes her boyfriend. She has her first kiss with him, and they have their first sexual relation. Kate is sad because for several days, Taylor does not call Kate, does not text her or anything, and talk to her mum about what they did. Sara gets angry because she thinks that Taylor dated Kate only to sleep with her, but when she asks a nurse she says that Taylor is died.

The film has been doing with a lot of flashbacks and during one of them with learns that Kate and her little sister are very close, they spend a lot of time together, Kate talks to Anna about Taylor. The end is close if she doesn’t do the operation and Kate’s last wish is to go to the beach. Brian decides to take his kids and his wife to the beach with the doctor’s permission. When Sara finds out that Kate is not at the hospital she gets furious because she is overprotective, and Brian says to his wife that she is not coming with them to the beach he is going to divorce.

Later Sara joins them to the beach and the family enjoys one of the last moment spend together. The judge decides to put the case in a hearing. During Anna’s speech, Jesse reveals that Anna’s decision is Kate’s idea. Kate does not want to live longer, so she persuades Anna to refuse to donate her kidney. Sara refuses to accept Kate’s decision but Brian and Jesse force Sara to realize that Kate had been trying to tell her for few times. Kate dies during her sleep. After Kate’s death, Campbell Alexander, Anna’s lawyer, brings the Court decision, Anna won the case.

The family becomes very close after Kate’s death. Belonging in the movie: Anna thinks that she was born only to keep Kate alive. She feels like she does not belong to the family as a member but as a body without life where the doctors can take organs and every other thing to keep Kate alive whenever Kate needs them. Anna is also at an age where she is trying to find her own identity and personality. For Kate, does not matter if the leukemia is killing her, but she realizes that her illness is killing her family as well.

She does not want to belong to the world anymore, especially since Taylor’s death. Kate feels belonging to the family because her family looks a lot after her because of her illness. Brian and Sara try to make the children feeling a part of the family but when Jesse was young he suffered from dyslexia and Brian and Sara realized that late because they were worried about Kate’s illness. They try with Anna as well, but they can not with her because she feels like a tool.

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