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My Brother’s Keeper is a story about two brothers, Toby and Jake, who love baseball. However, their father left them when they were young, so they had to sell their house and move to an apartment. When Jake gets stressed, he turns to drugs, and Toby has to cover up for him. Jake starts to skip school and steal money from his mother’s tip jar. Toby uses a baseball card to escape from reality, but when Jake gets caught driving under the influence, Toby feels relieved that he no longer has to lie. Overall, the book was good, but it took a long time for Jake to get caught. The author, Patricia McCormick, draws on her own experiences growing up in a bland suburban area and graduated from the University of Columbia in 1985 as a journalist.

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The story “My Brother’s Keeper” revolves around Toby and Jake, two brothers deeply passionate about baseball. Despite being the younger sibling, Toby must shoulder the responsibility of covering for Jake whenever he returns home under the influence of drugs. Their father’s abandonment in their childhood led to financial struggles, forcing them to sell their house and move into an apartment.

While Jake had previously achieved championship glory in baseball, his stress leads him down a destructive path of substance abuse. Toby seeks solace in a baseball card as a means to escape the harsh reality surrounding them. However, Jake’s behavior continues to deteriorate as he skips school and steals money from their mother’s tip jar.

The situation reaches its breaking point when Jake drives a friend’s car while intoxicated, resulting in his arrest and subsequent imprisonment. This turn of events brings relief to Toby because he no longer has to bear the burden of keeping Jake’s secret or lying to their mother.


Despite not loving this book, I enjoyed it. The reason for my lesser liking compared to other books is due to my curiosity about Jake’s time in jail. Moreover, I disliked the prolonged duration it took for him to be apprehended. Nonetheless, aside from these aspects, the book was satisfactory.

Authors Note

Patricia McCormick’s upbringing in a mundane suburban setting heavily influences her books, which often draw from her childhood. In 1985, she earned a journalism degree from the University of Columbia. Her notable literary works encompass “Cut,” “Sold,” and “My Brother’s Keeper”.

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