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The story is set in the UK and follows the life of a Muslim boy named Ali. His father, Parvaz, has worked as a taxi driver for many years to provide for his family and ensure Ali’s education. However, Ali’s behavior changes drastically as he throws out his computer games, videos, and expensive clothes. Parvaz becomes worried and suspects that Ali has become a drug addict, but the truth is that Ali has become a devoted Muslim. Ali chooses religion over his family, and this leads to conflict between him and his father. The relationship between them continues to deteriorate as the conflicts escalate. Parvaz cares deeply about Ali and has already seen the possible scenario before it even starts. Ali’s decision to become a deeply involved Muslim could be a way of gaining control over his life.

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The story takes place in the United Kingdom and here we meet the young Ali. Ali is a Muslim and therefor he is faced with many religious problems. His father, Parvaz has worked in Britain for years as a taxi driver. The pay is not good, but even though he has spent a lot of money on his son’s education witch includes books and a computer. Parvaz is very proud of his son and his expectations for his son’s future. However Ali turns radically from this clever and dedicated student. Mainly because of the fact that Ali throws out all of his computer games, videos and even his expensive clothes too. Parvaz worries about his son, mostly because he has taught him so much about life through Ali’s childhood and teenage years. Another thing that worries Parvaz is the fact that Ali’s girlfriend never visits him anymore. Parvaz has the feeling that something is completely wrong. It is clear that Ali has changed. Parvaz fear that Ali has become a drug addict. Parvaz bring up a discussion about Ali’s new lifestyle and their relationship to each other becomes even worse. The reason why Ali has been acting weird is that he has become a devoted Muslim and not because of drugs. Ali chooses religion over his family.

Through the story the relationship between father and son develops in the wrong direction seen from Parvaz’ point of view. When he suspected Ali of being off the track he was afraid, but the way he’s afraid in the beginning is nothing compared to the conflict that ends the story and the conflict at the restaurant. There is clearly an escalation of the conflicts. Parvaz has already seen the escalation before it has even started. As written here: “Parvaz couldn’t sleep; he went more to the whisky bottle even when he was on word.” This statement shows that Parvaz has a clue of what beginning of the upcoming problems and discussions might lead to. Parvaz care too much about Ali and he has already seen the possible scenario before it has even started. Parvaz didn’t have many possibilities himself so he has been giving Ali everything he could afford. Ali’s decision about becoming a deeply involved Muslim could be a way of showing that he wants to control his own life – like a sort of revenge.

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