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Napoleon’s rise in Animal Farm

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Napoleon’s rise in Animal Farm happens so abruptly that it is questionable how he gained power over night. He begins as the underdog pig, while Snowball is taking the lead. He barely participated in the creating ideas to make a better society in the Animal Farm, yet had so much respect from the animals around him. It could have been because he was one of the largest pigs, or because his attitude was rather frightening, but really it goes without saying in the book of how he came upon his rule so quickly.

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Napoleon’s rise in Animal Farm
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He was said to be one of the more intelligent pigs along side of Snowball, and as a team they could create great things if only they got along. Like Stalin in the Russian Revolution, his rise to power would consist of him breaking down every wall and barrier in his way. At the end of Stalin’s rule he was killing those who had even been with him the whole way, and was basically going insane.

Napoleon in the story did not commit as crazy things that Stalin had done, but is ready to do whatever it would take for him to be above everyone else on the farm.

The expulsion of Snowball from the farm started Napoleon off on his reign of mad power. Snowball was finally driven to explosive anger when the farm animals really began to no longer listen to him, and only listen to Snowball. His opinion merely became something along the sidelines of all of the brilliant ideas that are given out by Snowball. When the windmill idea was being given out by Snowball, you could feel the tension and frustration building up inside of Napoleon.

As stated in the book “He walked heavily round the shed, looked closely at every detail of the plans and snuffed at them once or twice, then stood for a little while contemplating them out of the corner of his eye; then suddenly he lifted his leg, urinated over the plans, and walked out without uttering a word. ”(pg. 45) One can feel it in the words that Napoleon is aware the windmill is a brilliant idea and would make the farm even better for the animals, but being a stubborn pig and hating the idea that Snowball thought of anything better than what he had to offer, pushed him over the edge.

As mentioned earlier in the story, Napoleon was training some dogs so that if it was ever needed, he would have them at his side. When Napoleon let out a squeal, the dogs attacked Snowball and ran him off the farm. The animals were astonished. Out of fear, there was nothing left to be said, the meeting was over, and Snowball was gone. The next morning Napoleon was right where he wanted to be. The animals were confused, but began to brush it off their shoulders. This stupidity of them to leave what was done untouched made Napoleon feed off that power even more.

Excuses began to roll off Napoleons tongue, putting him in an untouchable place against the others. Napoleon was in fact not the one who had delivered his news of what had gone on, and what was to come, but sent his trusty comrade Squealer, who was willing to do whatever was needed by Napoleon. In Squealers explanation he had said, “Comrades, I trust that every animal appreciates the sacrifice that Comrade Napoleon has made in taking this extra labour upon himself. Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure!

On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal, he would be only too happy to let you make your own decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where would we be? ” It was like a two faced compliment to those on the farm. Behind the words that were being said, were words even more evil and controlling than those that would have ever been said by Snowball.

With the animals knowing that Napoleon was a strong leader and one of the smarter animals on the farm, or so it was said, they took Squealers words and were now at Napoleons finger tips. He rose up like none other with the knowledge of knowing no one would have the wits to stop him. Snowball was gone, and there was nothing in his way. He quickly adopted the idea of the windmill. The other animals questioned why he wanted to use Snowballs idea, seeing as he had recently told them Snowball was some sort of criminal.

Of course as more questioned were thrown around, more answers needed to be made. It was explained that Napoleon merely opposed this idea because it was his all along and he did not like the fact that Snowball was using it for himself. The trickery continued on and on without stop. When boxer had finally gone Napoleon got rid of all his worries of being over powered. Seeing as Boxer is the strongest animal on the farm, and was there when the rebellion was occurring, there was always a small chance he would remember the times before Napoleons rule.

At the point where Boxer began to become sick, it was so long ago that the animals could barely remember what it was like when Mr. Jones was running the farm. As a reader, one can clearly see that life was equal now, if not worse, then the times of Mr. Jones. Boxer was loved and admired by all animals, most likely more then Napoleon ever was. It could have been threatening to Napoleon, but was not particularly mentioned in this way. If someone was stronger, and loved more then anyone else on the farm, it would be threatening even if they were on your side.

Boxer was a symbol of the working class in Russia. He made up a large portion of the farm with what he did. Every society needs a foundation to build upon, exactly like those who work to make what everyone else needs. He always worked harder everyday, until he could work no longer. The affection given to Boxer was worrying for Napoleon, but this could easily be fixed. Just like Stalin, he began to get rid of those who were there from the start in support of him all along. After Napoleon had sent Boxer off to be killed, he really had no worries.

There was no way a successful rebellion could occur against Napoleon and his dogs, because there is no one powerful enough now to override them. He had reached the top, and there was not a chance he could be pulled down. Napoleon not only stole the power that was not rightfully his, but he lies his way to the top. He took down all those who stood in front of him, even when they were on his side. He developed into a dictator without even knowing it, only in an attempt to be the better pig. He had once desired what was best for the farm, but this feeling was long gone.

After he rose to his full potential, there was not much he could do other then want more. Napoleon went on, on an endless campaign for himself. The truth of how he really got his power was through the greed he possessed all along. In a thorough search throughout the book, it is now clear he was driven purely by the “must have more” impulse within him. He rose for a purpose which was soon abolished, so really he rose for no purpose at all and left his people with nothing but lies, hunger, and shattered dreams of being the farm they had once set out to be.

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