Timeline of Events Showing Napoleon’s Rise

Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer elaborate Old Major’s ideas into a system of thought called Animalism. After the pigs manage to milk the cows of five buckets of “frothing creamy milk,” the animals go off to the hayfield to begin the harvest and the pigs, including Napoleon, stay behind and drink all of the milk. Napoleon says it is more important to educate the young than those who are already grown up, and he takes the nine puppies that are born right after the harvest away from their mothers for education, secluding them in a loft until the rest of the farm has pretty much forgotten that they exist. A rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon is evident.

Napoleon is very popular with the sheep, which start chanting “Four legs good, two legs bad” in the middle of all of Snowball’s important Speeches. While Snowball was working on the plans for the windmill, Napoleon arrived unexpectedly to examine the plans, “relived” himself on them, and walked out without saying a word.

At the next meeting, before the windmill idea was put to a vote, Snowball starts an eloquent speech for the windmill and knowing Snowballs’ idea for the windmill would probably win, Napoleon summoned the dogs he stole before and nine vicious dogs charged into the barn heading straight toward Snowball, eventually chasing him off the farm. Afterwards, Squealer was sent around the farm to explain that Napoleon taking leadership was for the good of the animals and not a pleasure to Napoleon himself. Squealer lied.

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