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Narration of my Career Path

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  • Pages 2
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    I thought life was a ladder to climb easily when growing up as a child with my successful parents. I wanted to be known as a professional athlete by everyone in and outside Nigeria because I was good at various types of physical sport. My passion changed from being an athlete to becoming an accountant as I got older. I graduated with a good grade and had a job with an insurance company before working in a banking sector. I did not spend a long time in any of two and I was forced to go in search of another job. I decided I served my country by being in the Armed Forces, but could not keep up as well. I ended up being an entrepreneur.

    I engaged myself in all forms of sport when I got admitted into a secondary school and I soon became popular. I decided to get enrolled into a football academy since I paid attention mostly to football. My dream of becoming a footballer was brought to an abrupt stop by my parents after they failed to lend me their support. I had no option than to pay full attention to my study. Upon graduating from secondary school, I made a choice to become to study accounting in the university. I realized I enjoyed taking accounts of items bought when at my mother’s place of work, I also liked the handling of money. I was naive, but those were my newly found passion after I dropped the dream of becoming a professional footballer. Although, I still play football in my free time.

    After four years of studying Accounting and spending a year in the National Youth Service Corps, I was employed in an insurance company.I thought it was a step towards the career I had chosen and showed enthusiasm on my newly acquired job. I worked for audit teams before moving to the tax side where I helped clients go through the difficulties of complex tax laws and also helped to reduce tax liability. I resigned from my place of work after not being paid my salary of three months. Few weeks after, I got another job in a banking sector as a financial accountant. I was made to work with the bank’s financial records for proper maintenance due to my work experience.I decided to becoming a Certified Public Accountant after two years of working in the bank. Unfortunately, I did not pass the required exam and as a result was not picked. I lost my job few weeks later as I happened to be part of the staffs that were downsized.

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