Narrative Report: Teacher

And touch a heart; they are teachers. They are like candles who consume itself to light the way of others. They are the patient ones, the motivators, and sometimes, the terrors. They can be your worst enemy at times but one thing Is for sure, they will always be our elder friends whose hearts are always open to help and educate us. In CACM, we have the full blast of teaching force, headed by Sister Christy as the high school principal for this school year. (NOTE: The names that I will further mention are not in a specific order.

We have here Ma’am Adapt, the very silent teacher, I guess. She’s cute but she smiles so seldom. Didn’t get the chance to talk to her even once Just like Ma’am Among. Ma’am Placenta is also one of the faculty. She’s really cute when she smiles. It’s Like she loses her eyes everyone she smiles. I do not know what subject she’s teaching though. We also have Ma’am Han, the singer. I know her tort a long time because she graduated at the same school but we aren’t close. She is a MAPLE teacher and I bet she’s good at the subject as well because I an see that she’s intelligent and talented.

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Another MAPLE teacher is Sir Dig. He is the moderator of the Dance Troupe. He dances well. I don’t talk to him often We have Ma’am Catherine too. I like her vibes when she gets into our room to substitute any of our subject teacher when absent. She smiles a lot too and wave been together in a fielder Just recently. The ever “cutlet potable” Ma’am Chining Change, an adviser of one of the seasons of the 8th grade. She’s beautiful and really talkative. She has been our English teacher for two school years now. Wave been through a lot of countersigning along with the class before.

We even made her cry and that’s regretful for our part. An adviser of the 8th grade’s first section, he is Sir Jeff. (We use to call him “Padre Jeep” because he wanted to become a priest, he said. ) He was our Math teacher during our first and second year in high school. Math is hard that’s why I salute him. He’s funny and very approachable. He Is one of my favorite teachers. We have here another Math teacher having the smile that I always envy, she is Ma’am Emmet, the engineer/math teacher with the contagious smile.

She’s very patient and never heard her shout or seen her angry. She has good vibes too and a well- encourager, Sir Verne is our Aurally Panamanian teacher, very soft-spoken man. Does he get mad too? He’s funny and cute when he tries to joke around and is very patient as well. The soon to be wife, our CLC teacher, Ma’am Rosa She was also our CLC teacher last year. We thought that she would always be a terror because it’s like she never smiles before. But as we went on the school year together, we became close to each other and we knew that she’s easy to approach too. Also have Trees Maria’s of the teaching force, Ma’am Mae, ma’am Glenn, and Ma’am Sorts. I will always remember Ma’am Mae as the Miss English and emcee. Ma’am Glenn will always be my “terse”. She acts as if a schoolmate and a teacher at the same time, She’s a K-pop fan. And of course, we have Ma’am Sort_ She is a definition of the statement, “Small but terrible. ” I can say that she’s terrible because she survived a course having Math major. I really ‘ Off normal again. We also have Sir Anton who always looks like a snob and “malaria” yet real Jam too when we get to know him and get along with him.

He is intelligent and really has a love for science and the passion to share it with his students. Another is Sir Jay. He will always be remembered as the terror teacher of the high school department but I will always remember him as one of my favorite and loved teachers in my high school years. He’s funny and humorous. He Jokes a lot in our class before. I can still picture out how fun our class during our first year in high school having him as our Railing Panamanian teacher, and how he chose to be on our am over our seniors for the folk dance competition before.

I’m going to miss him when he leaves but I do miss him now even though he’s still near. Lastly but would never be the least, our forever “Ma’am” that we’ll surely miss, “Ma’am Mildred. ” She is very funny, talkative, “malaria” as well when she gets mad but she has the softest heart and that genuine care and love for her students. She is very intelligent too. She teaches very well. She explains her discussion appropriately. It makes us understand so easy. I’m really going to miss this teacher so much!

And by the way, she is our adviser. *winks* Just like crayons, they come in different colors. All to which forms a beautiful picture. So, no matter what these teachers might be and what they are and are not capable of doing, they all are of great contribution to each and every student that they get to handle with. They will always be formats and the learning that they teach us will remain in us as we continue to grow and learn and even when we they leave or we leave the portals of our very own institution.

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