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Newspaper Article Assignment Julius Caesar Sample

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Gaius Julius Caesar was killed from 20 stab lesions during a Senate meeting in Pompey’s Theater yesterday forenoon. He was stabbed largely on the dorsum and on his thorax. One of the most fatal lesions was one stopping point to his bosom. which contributed to his immediate decease. He fell down and breathed his last under the statue of his once enemy. Pompey. A one time immoveable Northern star whose stable stable and stationary quality has no equal in the sky.

visible radiation has grown dim as he is viciously murdered on the Ides of March. The functionaries who stabbed Julius Caesar were some of his closest friends. They were Casca. Decius. Cinna. and the most surprisingly of all. Brutus Marcus. No uncertainty they had planned carefully in front. The stabbing was carried out so rapidly that it took every one by surprised. Some senators present were stricken by fright and instantly fled from the meeting.

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Newspaper Article Assignment Julius Caesar Sample
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“I thought I was in my slumber and all this was but a dream.

” said Senator Cicero. “Those plotters. they gave no indicant what so of all time to the calamity that was about to blossom right under my really nose. ” We besides found Publius flying from the scene he had this to state on the affair. ”I was frozen with fright as the plotters walked past me as I stood anchored to my topographic point on the land the told me I had nil to fear. That merely Caesar had to pay for his aspiration. with this alleviation I was uprooted from the marble floor and raced from the scene. ” This is all we have for you on this narrative as of right now but we will hold a follow up narrative tomorrow on the funeral of Cesar.

There will be a funeral held today at 12:00pm in memory of Cesar in the market topographic point on 12th and chief street. This is unfastened to the populace and will be led by Caesars nephew and good friend Mark Antony. Along with the assistance of Caesars former good friend Brutus.

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