Reunification of North and South Korea

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Do you know that Korea is the only divided country in the world? Today, Korea has been divided in North Korea and South Korea. The official name of South Korea is ‘Republic of Korea.’ And the official name of North Korea is ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.’ Thus, North and South Korea is a completely different country. These made a truce in the Korean War 60 years ago, and divided into two countries. After establishing a truce, the exchanges between North and South Korea cut off, the culture was also completely different. Looking back into the history of 5000 years, North and South Korea was one nation until the Joseon Dynasty. Korea received the Japanese colonial rule from 1910 to 1945. And Korea was liberated from the Japanese in August 15, 1945. South Korea has accepted the democratic ideals, North Korea has accepted the communist ideology since the liberation. It was the conflict between North and South Korea by embracing a different ideology, the war was the end of ideological confrontation. The Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950.

After 3 years of war, North and South Korea signed a cease-fire on July 27, 1953. The result of the truce, Korea has divided to the North and the South based on the 38th parallel. Let’s look at the features of the North and South Korea. First, South Korea is higher the income of the entire population than North Korea. But North Korea’s people can’t have a private property because of the communist system. Second, South Korea is superior in terms of capital and technology. But South Korea lacks natural resources, whereas North Korea is rich in natural resources. And North Korea’s labor costs are cheaper. Third, North Korea has a strong national defense. But North Korea lacks of public facilities, and has a low level of national welfare. Finally, South Korea has the high level of education, whereas North Korea has the low level of education. In this wise, there are many differences between the two countries because the division of North and South Korea has passed for 60 years. Then, think about what will happen when the unification of North and South Korea. What are the advantages in reunification of Korea? First, If Korea reunified, the risk of war has lost. The Korean War ended in a truce, not a peace treaty, leaving the peninsula technically still at war. So, we always receive to the threat of war from North Korea. For this reason, two countries are spending too much on national defense expenditure for the safety of the nation. When Korea reunified, however, war was over and there will come peace on the Korean peninsula. Second, If Korea reunified, economy has developed. If it combined North Korea’s resources and labor with South Korea’s capital and technology, we can achieve economic development. And the domestic market will expand. Third, The territory will expand by becoming one of divided nation. When combined North Korea’s abundant mineral resources and South Korea’s fertile plains, we will create a synergy effect. Finally, separated families can meet freely cross the ceasefire line. What are the disadvantages in reunification of Korea? First, there are the opposition of four powerful nation, China, Japan, The United States, Russia.

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If Korea reunified, Korea will become stronger from all sides than now. Korea’s neighbor nations don’t want Korea grow stronger. Therefore, they will vigorously oppose reunification of North and South Korea. Second, If we spent excessively cost of reunification, economic recovery will be difficult. In addition, population may be concentrated to the South Korea for a good infrastructure because the North Korea is lacked the public facilities. Third, we have the problem how to solve ideological differences. Communism and democracy can not co-exist together. Therefore, reunification is possible only if either should be give up own ideology. Finally, There is a big cultural difference between North and South Korea because two countries Already been divided for 60 years. Language difference is quite large, the level of education is also different.

Therefore, it is difficult to recover the cultural homogeneity after reunification. Despite these high risk, we have to strive for reunification of North and South Korea. If Korea reunified, It could upgrade the prestige and brand power of the unified Korea across the world. Also Korea corporation credit rating will rise. Reunification is necessary to ensure a happy life, freedom and human rights for all members of the unified Korea. I think we have a continuous interest in reunification as a pre-teacher and should be educated the leading role in the future.

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