Apple INC markets in North Korea Marketing Entry

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Apple Inc. is one of the biggest American transnational company covering in consumer electronic devices such as iphone and iPod, computing machine package every bit good as commercial computing machine servers the best known being Macintosh computing machines. The company has created a really exceeding repute about its consumer electronic market, more specifically in America. If the company wants to come in North Korea, it will hold to utilize one of the many entry methods available. The paper discuses three of these market entry schemes ( direct exportation, foreign fabrication and licensing ) are what this paper aims to discourse.

Country overview

North Korea as a state provides an attractive concern chances for companies covering in computing machine package, computing machine games, and digital electronic devices ( Numakura, 2010, par, 1 ) . The state is traveling through information engineering promotion, because of past isolation and political environment the state still lacks behind when it comes to information engineering. However, the state has been opening up its market easy and has choosing peculiar countries for private investors. Indeed, Apple Inc. will hold an advantage, since the competition, within the industry is non tough as in other markets like America.

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Direct exportation

Macro environment to see

Before come ining Korea Apple Inc must foremost analyze the macroeconomic forces of that state, and happen out how these forces affect the public presentation of organisations. The most critical macroeconomic facets include, the public presentation of economic system, exchange rates, involvement rate paid and more of import the rising prices rate. For case if the economic system is executing ill, so merchandises from the organisation may stop up non run intoing their gross revenues marks as consumers will non be in a place to pass ( Hill and Gareth, 2009, p.64 ) .

When Apple Inc decides to utilize direct export entry scheme, it has to straight take part in selling and merchandising of its merchandises in North Korea, this is because the company will be involved in the export work. This will therefore call for formation of an export section within the company that will hold to carryout responsibilities like: market contract, market research, export certifications, distribution and pricing of the merchandises.

To transport out a direct exportation attack, the company will every bit good be required to hold its representatives in North Korea. The company can accomplish this through several ways, as listed below:

International gross revenues representatives: Apple Inc can direct these representatives to North Korea so every bit create concern contacts every bit good as to straight negociate concern trades for the company.

Local representatives: The Company every bit good can choose local representatives besides known as agents. These representatives will advance the company ‘s merchandises every bit good as expression for possible clients and carry out dialogues on behalf of the company.

Independent local distributers: The Company can besides utilize these distributers when straight exporting its merchandises to North Korea market. In this instance, the independent distributers will buy merchandises from the company and resale them on their domestic market, this can be entirely or non-exclusively. Having making an confederation with a foreign spouse could be hindered by cultural differences among two companies ( Child, and Faulkner, 2001, p. 54 )

This method of market entry carries the undermentioned disadvantages to the company, it will hold to utilize more resources in footings of human resources and capital and at the same clip it has higher hazards. However, it has a figure of advantages, these are: Increased volume of gross revenues ; better selling information ; better control of its operations in the foreign market ; increased apprehension and expertness in international concern.

Foreign fabrication

The direct exportation scheme is merely used when the company is bring forthing its merchandises from its domestic location and exporting the merchandises to the foreign markets. However, under some state of affairss the company may recognize that it is hard or unprofitable to provide its merchandises to the foreign markets through domestic production ; this could originate for case when:

Transportation system disbursals involved are really dearly-won for bulky merchandises.

Governments of the foreign market prefer local merchandises and may curtail the entry of the company ‘s merchandises.

Custom levies or quotas on the merchandises are higher and makes the merchandises non to vie good with others ( peculiarly produced locally ) .

Any of the above factors could coerce Apple Inc to construct a fabrication works in North Korea so as to green goodss and sale its merchandises at that place. However, as noted by Michael Porter, the fight of a state to a great extent relies on advanced capablenesss of its industries. Industries get competitory advantage through force per unit area and competition they face from the taking companies in the universe. The cultural facet of a state its steering values and the economic systems besides offer competitory advantage, therefore Apple will merely derive competitory advantage in North Korea, if it can get the hang the above facets and work them for its fight ( Porter,1988, p. 155 ) .

The benefits that comes with foreign fabrication is that, it can be cheaper to bring forth merchandises from the local market, the company can bask authorities subsidies, the company can besides develop strong dealingss with local companies and distributers. However, the negative facets are: the company may utilize a batch of resources to settle, the cultural facet of the local people may impede the company ‘s operation, in instance the company wants to go out from the market, it is really dearly-won. As noted by Rugman ( 2005, p. 80 ) companies should hold a planetary presence alternatively of a planetary scheme. Global presence helps companies increase their gross revenues.


Licensing can be defined as a scheme of foreign selling whereby a company operating in a certain state agrees to let a company in a different state to use its fabrication methods, procedures, trade name name, transcript rights, engineering and any other know-how offered by the company ( licensor ) . This sort of agreement is progressively being used by many smaller companies ( Hitt, Ireland & A ; Hoskisson, 2009, p. 225 ) . Licensing involves minimum hazards since the parent company does non put a batch in the concern. It is difference with contract fabrication is that it ‘s usually lasts longer periods and gives the local spouse greater responsibilities. Licensing has great similarities with franchising ; merely that in franchising, the parent company seems to straight take part in the preparation and control of the concern.


As it has been discussed, there are assorted foreign market entry approaches that Apple Inc can utilize when come ining North Korea. Each attack carries a certain degree of hazards every bit good as duty from Apple Inc. Generally, come ining a foreign market is a procedure that can merely be achieved through assorted phases. Normally a company starts with indirect exporting to measure its merchandise ‘s public presentation on the foreign market, if the public presentation is good, the company so gets into more committedness which can be through foreign fabrication of its merchandises. Assembling and licensing are among other methods Apple Inc can use as ways of foreign fabrication. The best method will be based on the benefits the entry method offers, and the extent at which Apple Inc wants to hold its presence in North Korea.


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Human resource development as explained by Kotler ( 1996 ) entails a construction for helping workers develop their single accomplishments every bit good as organisational competences and cognition. Human resource development comprises such facets as preparation, keeping, calling development, coaching, planning, public presentation direction, among other facets. The chief focal point of these facets is making an first-class work force, which can drive the organisation to achieve its ends and aims. This short paper examines some facets of human resource development.

The function of human resource development

By and large, the aim of human resource direction ought to be maximising the organisation ‘s investing in footings of human capital, while cut downing the fiscal hazard. This can be achieved through alining human resource to the demands of the organisation. This alliance should besides see the current and future concern ends and demands of the organisation, so that the endurance every bit good as success of the organisation is assured. To guarantee that these aims are attained, the function of human resource development is implementing its human capital efficaciously and pragmatically, seting in head legal and ethical facets.

Different schemes and constabularies may be formulated by human resource directors, below are some of the facets that human resource trades with.

Recruitment and staffing

As explained by Kotler ( 1996 ) enlisting of employees is a really critical procedure in any organisation. This involves disposal, employee public presentation every bit good as staffing. Recruitment and staffing help the organisation in guaranting that it gets the right employees with coveted making. Recruitment every bit good ensures that the organisation has the right figure of workers, and at the right topographic points. The human resource directors in this respect are as good involved in doing certain that those recruited into their organisations are executing to the stipulated criterions. When enlisting is carried out right, it brings in best employees who can add more value to the organisation. However, the human resource directors, have to offer good employment footings so that they can retain these good employees and go on utilizing their accomplishments and cognition to derive competitory advantage.

Training and development

In malice of high making and experience of employees, they all require excess preparation to better their accomplishments. As observed by Nadler ( 1984 ) no employee can be 100 % competent. Therefore, there is demand for human resource directors to develop a preparation plan. The preparation should be seen as a systematic manner of bettering the cognition and attitude that are required by the employees in order to efficaciously execute their responsibilities.

On the other manus, development as pointed out by Nadler ( 1984 ) is the growing of employees in respect to their capablenesss, consciousness and apprehension. Training and development are used in an organisation to, make a work force that can set about extremely demanding undertakings, better effectivity of the employees, inform employees on new merchandises or information and as normal preparation to freshly recruited employees.

Compensation and motive

Employees should be compensated good for their work for them to be encouraged to better on their public presentation. After set uping the public presentation of an employee, it is of import the director reward the employee harmonizing to his/her public presentation. This consequences in high production and efficiency. The compensation system needs to include basic wage, fillips and equities.

Motivation is another of import facet ; each worker needs to be motivated in order to give his/her best. Those workers who are extremely motivated will be ready to remain and go on working for the organisation in a more productive manner. However as noted by Nadler ( 1984 ) , to accomplish this, the human resource director needs to fulfill the employees both financially and psychologically. Nadler ( 1984 ) further explains that while other employees are motivated by high wages, some are non and the director should equilibrate these facets. At the same clip, the organisation should hold good employment footings that are seen as just and merely by the employees so that they remain motivated.


From the above treatment, we conclude that human resource development is a model for helping employees develop their single accomplishments as good organisational competences and cognition. Human resource development is vial in making human resource that is competent and with capablenesss to drive the organisation to required degree. There are a figure of facets involved in human resource development ; this includes enlisting, preparation and compensation. Issues that affect employees have a direct consequence on the public presentation of the organisation. Therefore as Kotler ( 1996 ) observes, effectual human resource development schemes are of import in guaranting the general success of the organisation.


Kotler, P ( 1996 ) : Human Resource schemes: 4th European Edition Prentice Hall ; Harlow ( UK )

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Change in a work topographic point is usually initiated by an organisation in order to better its service bringing. Change in direction requires a thorough planning and antiphonal execution. Most of all, as noted by Palmer and Akin ( 2006 ) audience needs to be done affecting the people who are traveling to be affected by the planned alterations. If alteration is forced to the people normally it brings jobs. Change has to be realistic, come-at-able and mensurable, these factors are of import particularly when sing personal alteration in direction. It has been observed that people change their ways because of being given facts that change their manner of believing instead than the truth in the content. This short paper hence examines how to pull off alteration in an organisation.

Human being are accustomed animals who will defy alter even if it is good, a individual do non like altering the manner he has been runing, this opposition is shown both in personal life and at topographic point of work. Therefore, a individual will necessitate to see and reexamine facts about an issue to do him alter ( Timothy, 1996 ) . For illustration if a company needs to switch to E-commerce from traditional ways of trading, a few inquiries will necessitate to be asked. The analysis will include, how successful is the alteration compared to the current ways of making the activity, and what are the tendency taking topographic point. Besides comparing has to be made in relation to other dramas. If the analysis shows that the undertaking if implemented will be successful so it is bound to acquire recognition from the workers than if when the analysis shows that it may neglect. Despite the fact that the, truth of the affair may be different.

For the work force to encompass alteration, they will be more comfy with figure demoing how work will be made easier and the decrease in attempts that will happen. The alteration that will hold to happen in bettering client service and quality has to be analyzed and compared. It is besides of import to demo, the impact it will hold on the work force refering their position, occupation description and employment responsibilities. The barriers of success besides have to be examined, even if the proposed alteration is good proficient and fiscal to the top direction, yet, it brings complication to the people at work it will be rejected.

Peoples need to experience that they are portion of a procedure, therefore past observations imply that, in conveying a alteration people involved must be consulted and their suggestions sought ( Palmer and Akin, 2006 ) . In originating the alteration guarantee that it agrees with them, and that they understand the demand of holding the alteration, the employees besides need to take how they will pull off the alteration and they should be involved in planning and besides implementing the alteration. It is besides of import to utilize face to confront manner of communicating in managing a sensitive issue.

However, it is non ever true that a individual demand to hold an analysis before switching their think, some alterations are really simple and a individual can merely encompass the alteration by seeing the truth ( Richard, 2000 ) . For case, a state of affairs whereby a individual has to alter from one package version to another upgraded version. In the same line some alterations occur because a merchandise as become absolute due to alter in engineering. These are obvious alterations that do non necessitate analysis but truth of the affair. Peoples besides like experimenting with new devices and thought. Through out history, human existences have made a batch of inventions because of experiments, it is against this background that the will be willing to seek new alterations even though they may be complicated and unpredictable.

Another weak point of this position is that it limits alteration to be quantitative in all facets some alterations requires attitudes and can non be measured but can merely be felt, for illustration attitude alteration will necessitate the will of a individual than the figure on the tabular array. If a worker is upset by the policies or ethical behavior of his company, and has a negative attitude towards the organisation, the alteration that will be required has to come from his scruples and entails beliefs and scruples than analyzing figures ( Timothy, 1996 ) .


For alteration to be effectual the parties concerned have to be consulted and experience as portion of the alteration instead than non being consulted as they will fell as being forced to the alteration. Resistance in alteration is usually caused by conditioning or historically feelings. Change should be bit by bit and should be supported by if possible facts figure and statistics to endorse the alteration. As Dyer ( 1984 ) notes, it is true that people are more willing to alter if they are fed with prove of figures and analysis as something new brings anxiousness and human existences fear alteration therefore they need to be convinced by the analysis. Though, this is non true to every state of affairs as some alterations require alteration of head which seeks strong belief in truth than figures on paper


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All organisations, whether large or little, private or public demand to run swimmingly and achieve their set aims and ends. To accomplish this, organisations formulate and implement their ain direction theoretical accounts. However, as Bateman and Snell ( 2007 ) notes, there are four basic maps each direction of an organisation must execute, this are ; planning, forming, directing and commanding. This short easy is traveling to analyze this four maps of direction in relation to Pfizer pharmaceutical company, the most successful in the pharmaceutical industry.


Planning is the really first map of any organisation ‘s direction. Planing entails sound believing through organisation ends and make up one’s minding as to what is required to be achieved in order to achieve the aims of the organisation. Directors have to use this procedure in be aftering for the hereafter of the organisation, merely like a design to foretell possible jobs and on possible solutions to avoid these jobs and make a competitory border.

Pfizer has got a planetary vision to supply better wellness and remain planetary leader. All employees at Pfizer are dedicated to excellence. The changeless usage planning is critical as Pfizer has branches around the universe. Therefore effectual planning has allowed Pfizer to stay as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.


To accomplish the aims set in the planning phase, the organisation needs to construction its work. Organization entails naming specific people for peculiar responsibilities or assignments that they can execute best. As Bateman and Snell ( 2007 ) provinces, a director should cognize his/her subsidiaries and their abilities so as to form them good. This is accomplished through staffing, preparation of workers, enrolling and organizing effectual work squads ( Allen, 1998 ) .

Pfizer has a strong organisation system that it is besides flexible ; it is ready for alteration and inventions in hunt for advanced and better merchandises. The direction at Pfizer offers the needed leading for employees to achieve single success that consequences in organisational success. Directors at Pfizer maintain effectual and efficient communicating between the assorted sections to avoid making any dissension, Pfizer is a planetary pharmaceutical taking company because of its strong and effectual organisation ( Pfizer, 2010 ) .


The success of an organisation is determined chiefly by the sort of leading displayed. Consequently, leading involves the power of an single to carry and animate others towards achieving the aims and ends of the organisation ( Bateman and Snell, 2004 ) . Therefore, directors have to posses powers to act upon or actuate their workers and take them in the executing the responsibilities assigned to them in the planning procedure.

Directors at Pfizer motivates workers to accomplish the aims and ends of the organisation and out-do their challengers. As leaders, they daily interact with workers freely and offer waies personally and within squads, assorted sections every bit good as divisions. Empowering employees to hold the powers to cover with issues is practiced by Pfizer direction as they realize it is a critical facet of taking ( Pfizer, 2010 ) .


Controling procedure is the procedure that ensures that organisation ‘s programs are implemented in a right mode. Allen ( 1998 ) explains that, commanding is the concluding connexion in the functional sequence of direction procedure and it completes the direction circle. Controling licenses for relaxation of delegating responsibilities to work squads, and since directors might be held responsible for the public presentation of their subsidiaries, it would be reasonable of them to supply speedy feedback of employees ‘ accomplishments and public presentation.

At Pfizer, the company keep departmental meeting on day-to-day footing. These meetings are so used to measure the day-to-day plan, set up any possible jobs and to happen out how to work out the jobs instantly and efficaciously. The company besides uses control procedure to put public presentation criterions of employees, pass on these criterions, use them and measure how they are carried out. Directors at Pfizer carry out uninterrupted appraisal and assessments on employees ‘ public presentation in order to honor or take disciplinary steps. Pfizer has been able to keep high criterions of its merchandises range because of effectual control steps in the organisation ( Pfizer, 2010 ) .


In the words of Bateman and Snell ( 2004 ) the four maps of direction, viz. , planning, forming directing and commanding are critical for any organisation that needs to win it its concern activities. However, in any organisation, the single part from each employee plays an of import function in accomplishing the aims and ends of the organisation. Even though there is ever room for farther betterments, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Company is a universe leader in the industry because of right direction maps it has put in topographic point for go oning success.


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“ To prohibit or even earnestly curtail the usage of so holy and gracious a herb would do widespread agony and irritation ” ( Campell, 1894 ) . What Campell spoke many old ages ago against prohibition of marihuanas still holds until now, he feared that this limitation will non impede those who genuinely want to utilize marihuana from utilizing it. Indeed, outlawing marihuana has merely increased offense rate and resulted in 1000s stoping up in prison for simply possessing marihuana or smoke it. As noted by Gettman ( 2006, p,3 ) in malice of conjunct attempts to acquire rid of domestic marihuana, “ it ‘s production has increased ten fold over the last 25 old ages from 1,000 metric dozenss in 1981 to 10,000 metric dozenss in 2006. ” Since, outlawing marihuana has non worked and will likely ne’er work ; it is clip to re-think this jurisprudence. The argument of whether to legalise marihuanas or non has been traveling on for old ages, and no side seems to be wining.

This paper supports the present argument by reasoning that marihuana should be legalized because it has medicative usage, economic benefits and reduces criminalism. The paper concludes that, benefits of legalising marihuanas are much more than illegalizing and therefore marihuanas should be legalized.

Medicinal usage

Marijuana is known to hold some sort of medicative benefits for some diseases like malignant neoplastic disease, purging, sickness and relaxation of musculuss. In deed some people have been known to smoke marihuana to do experience relaxed merely like a depressant will make. Thus it can help in intervention of such diseases.

The medicative usage of marihuana is derived from assorted chemicals it has in its buds, foliages and rosins. As earlier 2000 BC, marihuana is though to hold been used for its medicative utilizations in China ( Mikuriya, 1973 ) . Indeed, grounds of its medicative usage can be established in many other civilizations allover the universe. As Mikuriya, ( 1973 ) further explains, surveies carried out by William Shaughnessy in 19th century established that marihuana could efficaciously handle a figure of maladies. This was inline with the really first through survey on marijuana medicative belongingss did in 1860 by Ohio State Medical Society ( Mikuriya, 1973 ) .

Surveies besides indicate that those patients traveling through chemotherapy will greatly be assisted if they use marihuanas during the class of their intervention Marijuana Legalization Organization ( 2002 ) . Indeed some provinces including California have formulated enterprise to seek and legalise marihuanas specifically for medicative usage. Harmonizing to Marijuana Legalization Organization ( 2002 ) .Marijuana is besides said to increase appetency and cut down sickness among those enduring from AIDS.

In add-on, legalising marihuana will take the confusion that surrounds the hemp works and license people to utilize hemp for medicative intents.

Economic benefits

Legalizing marihuana is a clear manner of increasing the grosss collected and hiking the economic system. In the yearss when intoxicant was banned, people still ended up acquiring intoxicant and purchasing it though illicitly. However, the authorities repealed the jurisprudence and legalized intoxicant but increasing revenue enhancements on it. The gross that the authorities collects on intoxicant today is in one million millions, the same can be on marihuana.

In a survey carried out by Stephen Easton for Fraser Institute, and reported by Nadelmann ( 2004 ) that tried to cipher the sum of revenue enhancement gross that American authorities could acquire through legalising marihuana. Nadelmann ( 2004 ) tells us that, the survey established that, averagely the cost of 0.5 gms of marihuana was being sold at $ 8.60 on the black market, whereas its cost of production was simply $ 1.70, in a legal market such high net income of $ 6.80 can non be sustained for long. Consequently Nadelmann ( 2004 ) notes that, concern people recognizing the immense net incomes that are in the marihuana market would likely get down turning their ain marihuana, which will increase the supply of marihuana allover, street monetary values will fall to much lower monetary values. However, this does non go on because marihuana is illegal and the fright of stoping up in prison deters a batch of concern minded people. This has ensued that the supply remains really low. Therefore, the high net income of $ 6.80 per gm entices the resistance operators, unhappily, this high net income has created many criminal a batch of who belong to organized offense group, and are really affluent and bloody unsafe.

Consequently Stephen Easton and others asserts that saying marihuana was made legal, these high net incomes created by high hazards involved could be transferred from these belowground felon to the authorities. Supposing the authorities substitutes the high net incomes with a revenue enhancement enforced on marihuana cigars, this means that the authorities is the 1 that will profit from the revenue enhancement aggregation and non the felons. Nadelmann ( 2004 ) explains that, if for case, the authorities taxed $ 6 per each 0.5 gm of marijuana cigars ; it could stop up roll uping over 3 billion on American gross revenues and a batch more on exports made to other states. The authorities in bend volitions besides on one million millions that it uses on jurisprudence enforcement of marihuana. These immense sums can be used elsewhere like in health care where a batch of money is required.

Reduces criminalism

Marijuana does non look worse than intoxicant or coffin nails, of which are all legalized. Then, there is no ground to go on forbiding marihuana. Making it illicit merely increases condemnable activities associated with it. Huge Numberss arrested of simply smoking marihuana will be spared.

The American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ) is one organisation that has officially advocated for legalisation of marihuana from 1969 ( Glasser, 1998 ) . Over the last 10 old ages, records indicate that more than 10 million people got arrested in America over marijuana related discourtesies, a immense figure of them for merely being found in ownership of marihuana and utilizing it. 1n 1996, 641,600 apprehensions of marihuana discourtesies were made in America, 85 % of those arrested were in ownership ( Glasser, 1998 ) , this was the highest figure of apprehensions made in many old ages. Today, it seems that Americans are of all time willing for a jurisprudence that legalizes marijuana than they were earlier. Indeed, a immense bulk has been back uping the usage of marihuana for medicative intents since 1995 ( Glasser, 1998 ) . The ground Americans are back uping the legalisation of marihuana is doing those utilizing it happy, and to cut down the emphasis that comes with illegality of marihuana. More so, this is meant to cut down the rate of pack force. It is deserving observing that approximately 87 % of money that packs use to by arms, vehicles and difficult drugs is thought to come from marijuana gross revenues. Legalizing it would greatly cut down the money packs get and therefore cut down their activities ( Glasser, 1998 ) .

At the same clip they would be a decrease in self-destruction instances, decrease in emphasis and depression, and decreased force per unit area for those utilizing marihuana. There is clear success in those citations that have legalized marihuana. For case in Amsterdam where marihuana is legalized, the rate of offense in that metropolis is among the lowest in the universe, this goes to certify that you can legalise marihuanas and have an orderly and safe environment. It besides proves that people are the one who control drugs but, non drugs commanding people.

Opposing position: marihuana leads to other difficult drugs

Despite the fact that so many people want the American authorities to legalise marihuanas because of its good factors, like they have been discussed above, they are those who feel that this is incorrect. Harmonizing to them the authorities should non legalise marihuana because it brings about so many negative consequences to the society.

There is a batch of dependable grounds to associate regular marihuana usage and violent condemnable activities in one survey carried in New South Wales affecting 10,411 secondary pupils, it was found out that those pupils who on a regular basis used marihuanas were twice likely to take portion in assault every bit good as malicious belongings harm as opposed to those who did non utilize marihuana ( Pacula, and Kilmer, 2004 ) . In another survey done ( by, Dembo et all 1991 ) on juvenile wrongdoers in America every bit good as Australia, and reported by Pacula, and Kilmer ( 2004 ) points out that, adolescents who used marihuana got involved much more in larceny instances than those who did non utilize it.

Marijuana is non merely a menace to the immature people but as observed by Messerli ( 2010 ) marihuana may take to mistreat of harder drugs After some clip people utilizing marijuana get used to the feeling brought by marihuana, and they seek for higher feelings which forces them to utilize harder drugs like cocaine, heroine and others.

There is a general position that, marijuana is related with condemnable behaviour, this is because the two facets have a similar cause, both consequence from single behaviours that drive them to acquire involved in these two Acts of the Apostless, offense and marihuana ( Pacula and Kilmer, 2004 ) . More so, there is a position that marihuana can ensue in pack activities, In position of these points and others non mentioned, those opposing legalisation of marihuana province that it should stay that manner since one time legalized it will be harder to command its usage and intended benefits may ne’er be realized.


The issue of whether to legalise or non legalise marihuana raises considerable contention among American populace. However, from the treatment, it is clear that there is no clear grounds instead than political and some people who do non like to turn to the issue as a societal issue is as why marihuana is illegal. As it has been seen, doing marijuana illegal has non solved any job ; more people continue to be arrested in ownership of it and this will non stop, therefore marijuana out to be legalized. As stated before, it will ensue to immense grosss to authorities which will hike the economic system ; marijuana can be used as medicative drug and aid in intervention of those under chemotherapy, as noted by Mikuriya ( 1973 ) . It will cut down the offense rate, and halt unneeded apprehensions like in 1998 when over, 641,600 apprehensions of marihuana discourtesies were made ( Glasser, 1998 ) .Though, some people like Pacula and Kilmer ( 2004 ) oppose marijuana legalisation that it could ensue to increase condemnable activities and more instances of difficult drug maltreatment, surveies back uping these observations merely sample a few persons and informations collected is non ever correct. The truth is more people want marijuana legalized. As Wisotsky ( 2000 ) concludes, difficult tribunal sentences on marihuana victims have non reduced the figure of people traveling to gaols due to acquiring involved in marihuana, and this will non alter now or in future, therefore its clip to rethink the policy being used and legalize marihuana. In the words of Campell ( 1839-1894 ) “ Someday apprehension will come approximately, Torahs will alter and Mother Nature ‘s most cherished gift and its users will be released from dictatorship.

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