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Novel “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”

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  • Pages 4
  • Words 983
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    Love it, love it, love it! The fictional tale called A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is an interesting play which is communicated exceptionally well in the title. The story is about simply that, an elderly person with wings. I adored the closeness of the stage and the closeness between the play and myself. Before the play started, I realized it would have been an incredible production since I could tell how much hard work was placed in to ensure the play was marvelous. The main viewpoint that the title neglects to call attention to is that he is an Angel.

    The one thing about the play that stands out the most, is the characters utilization of tone. This is the main part of the story that bounces out at me. The utilization of detail and tone truly attempts to the play’s leeway. The initial segment of the play alone is loaded up with depictions that extremely made me feel that I was there and set the tone. At the point when Pelayo was returning back to his house after tossing out the crabs, it was hard for him to see the shadow that was moving and groaning in the back of his yard. He needed to go near to observe what it was and it was an elderly person, an exceptionally elderly person, lying down in the mud. Despite his gigantic endeavors, couldn’t get up, blocked by his huge wings.’ This piece of the play works to perfection of setting the tone. It gives you the inclination that you are in an old, small villages. One of those little towns where everybody knows one another and the gossiping that children do in school travel town wide. As the play goes on, the characters start asking why the blessed Angel is in there Village. Is it true that he was in a middle of a flight and was compelled to arrive due to the storm? Or on the other hand would he say he was at their home coming to help there family? Eslinda basically assumed that the Angel more likely than not been wanting to help the sick child, however poor Angel is old to the point that the rain thumped him down.

    Additionally, there was a lot of symbolism shown in this play. The wing is one of the symbolisms which speaks power, speed, and the unfathomable chance of development. In the Christian tradition, sacred errand people are consistently addressed as lovely figures and the wings of the ‘Holy messenger’ aka the Angel in the play exhibit only a sentiment of age and sickness. Even though the elderly individual’s wings may be tarnished, rumpled, and uncovered, they are so far adequately mysterious to attract hordes of villagers. Right when the towns town specialist assesses the elderly individual, he perceives how ordinarily the wings fit in with the straggling leftovers of his body. Honestly, the master even inquires as to why each other individual doesn’t have wings moreover. An authoritative effect is to suggest that the elderly individual is both ordinary and powerful at the same time, having the wings of an Angel, in any case, all of the frailties of a human.

    Another Symbolism was the insect woman played by Anthonysha Warfield. The creepy crawly woman addresses the unusualness with which various self-interested people approach their certainty. In the wake of thinking about the ‘favored errand person,’ a few villagers go to Pelayo’s home, enlivened not entirely by certainty yet, additionally, to see him perform extraordinary events. They required physical verification with the objective that their certainty is upheld. The elderly individual’s reputation vanishes when he indicates prepared for performing simply minor ‘help ponders.’ Instead, the spectators go to the creepy crawly woman, who describes a terrible story with a sensible, easy-to-process practice in significant quality that emerges mightily from the inconclusive nature of the elderly individual’s essence and reason. Though no less strange than the winged elderly individual, the Spider-woman is less demanding to get it. The elderly individual, barely alive in his grimy chicken coop, can’t coordinate her charm, even though some surmise that he originated from paradise.

    Throughout the play, the set and prop construction crew were amazing because of the prop they created. They put the prop in the middle of the stage facing the audience in a certain way so that we can get a good look at what’s going to happen. During the play it was unnoticeable that they were changing certain areas. They used the bottom part of there prop to hide the Angel and to do all there business there. It was very creative on how they incorporated that into the play. They also used that same prop for the spider woman to sing and act. This grabbed my attention because they didn’t need a million props to do this play and they had a lot of stage space to play their roles perfectly. They had one big main prop for every character to act there part. I loved how Athena Watkins, sound board operator didn’t mess up during the play. She was on a role with the sound effects. Even before the play even started she already had the sound match one of the actors dancing. For the lighting, it was great but it could of been better in some areas. For instance, they should of put the spotlight on the spider woman to show that she’s going to be the center of attention at that given moment.

    Overall, this play is pertinent to todays society because it reminds us of the importance of respect in treating those who are different, disabled, or strange because their value to the world may be unknown. They may be angels among us. Never judge a book by its cover because you never known what blessings it may come with.

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