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Nurse Practice Act

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Introduction There are 2 important purposes for the nurse practice act. The first practice is to protect the Health and safety of the citizens in the jurisdiction, and the second purpose is to protect the title of the RN (Cherry & Jacob 2011). The Florida Nurse Practice Act was implemented to ensure that every nurse practicing in Florida meets the minimum competency. Definition of Nursing Practice and Scope of Practice There are many reasons why we should know the definition of nursing practice.

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Nurse Practice Act
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The most important reason is that we as nurses are asked to perform duties that are beyond our legal definition of nursing, which is illegal. The scope of practice for a registered nurse is defined in Section 464. 003(3) (a), Florida Statutes states “Practice of professional nursing” means the performance of those acts requiring substantial specialized knowledge, judgment, and nursing Skill based on applied psychological, biological, physical, and social sciences which include assessments, nursing diagnosis, observation, administration of medications as prescribed by a licensed practitioner.

Nurses are accountable for knowing the definition and scope of practice within their jurisdiction and practicing accordingly (Nursing Law Manual, 2008). The definition of advanced practice would be the legal title for nurses who are licensed to practice professional nursing as has also obtained post basic specialized education, training and experience and is certified by the Board of Nursing to perform advanced-level nursing acts. Prescriptive privileges There are many requirements to obtain an RN license. The most important requirement would be to graduate by a program that is accredited by the Florida Board of Nursing.

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