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Nursing Care Plan

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Asia Assam GU hubbub as eying laws”(She has many wounds and bruises on her body) as verbalized by the mother. ObJective:-Presence of lesions and abrasions on the patient’s body. -greenish violet discorporate patches-soaked dressiness’s Diagnosis:Risk for impaired skin integrity related to superficial factors. I At the end of 8 hours nursing interventions, the client will be able to: 1 . Display improvement in wound healing. 2.

Patient will verbalize the measures needed to promote good kin integrity by discharge. 3. Will not develop any further skin breakdown during her stay at the facility.

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Nursing Care Plan
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| 1. Assessed skin. Noted color, turbo, and sensation. Described and measured wounds and observed changes. 2. Demonstrated good skin hygiene, e. G. , wash thoroughly and pat dry carefully. 3. Educate the family on the importance of keeping the skin clean and dry. 4. Emphasized importance of adequate nutrition and fluid intake. 5. Reposition the patient at least once every two hours. 6.

Monitor skin condition at least once a day for color or suture changes, dermatological conditions, or lesions.

1. Establishes comparative baseline providing opportunity for timely intervention. 2. Maintaining clean, dry skin provides a barrier to infection. Patting skin dry instead of rubbing reduces risk of dermal trauma to fragile skin. 3. Moisture softens the skin and causes a break in the skin integrity. 4. Improved nutrition and hydration will improve skin condition. 5. Positioning interventions reduce pressure and shearing force to the skin. 6. Systematic inspection can identify impending problems early.

Generic Name:Tetanus Toxic I Brand Names: Decade, Boosters I INDICATION: Tetanus Toxic is indicated for booster injection only for persons 7 yr of age and older against tetanus. Primary immunization schedule for children under 7 yr of age should consist of five doses of vaccine containing tetanus toxic. Tetanus Toxic is not to be used for treatment of tetanus infection. As with any vaccine, vaccination with tetanus toxic may not protect 100% of susceptible individuals. I CLASSIFICATION: PEP vaccine, Ann-tetanus I Dosage: IM Right Deltoid I Nursing Care Plan By Forestalling

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