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Online Site about Cat Care

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    Many things should go into making a website that will educate people about cat care. It is important that the site is very easy to use and the information is easy to follow so that new cat owners can easily discover what they need to do to properly care for their cat. The first thing I would put on the website would be cat basic needs because even if the new cat owner only reads the first section of the website, the cat will get the things it needs. This section would include food, water, cat litter, and cat box. When looking for cat food, you should look for products that have natural preservatives and human grade ingredients because it is going to be the healthiest food for your cat (Mahaney).

    As for water your cat should have, clean fresh water at all times of the day, if you are going to be gone during the day it’s a good idea to have a water bowl that refills itself but make sure you clean it often. Cat boxes and cat litter are important and if they are not used correctly it can lead to your cat going in other places which you obviously do not want. Cat boxes with a cover are the best option especially for male cats so that everything stays contained within the box, but the most important thing is that the box is easy for your cat to access so they actually use it (Allen). For cat litter, you should use a litter that is low in dust to avoid respiratory problems and something that is not scented because some scented litter is too strong, and the cats do not want to go there (Allen).

    After I explained the basics on my website, I would go more in depth about what cats need, things like vaccinations, space, and attention. Whether your cat is living indoors or outdoors, they should always be vaccinated just to ensure that your cat is happy and healthy. The most important vaccination to get your cat is the rabies vaccination because it is required by law and if your cat lacks it, your cat cannot go anywhere ( There are many other vaccines available, and you should talk to your vet about what your cat needs, it depends on if they are an indoor or outdoor living cat (

    Space is very important when it comes to cats because they are often independent, and the more space they have to play and explore the happier they are. Cats need calm places to sleep but also places to wander around and have fun. Along with space, your cat needs the right amount of attention. Cats are great because they are not as dependent on you as dogs, but they also like your attention. You should make sure to spend time playing with, brushing, or petting your cat daily so that you grow a bond with your cat and they will like to spend more time with you. All of these things would be on my website because each and everything has its importance to ensure that your cat is the happiest and healthiest it could possibly be.


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