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Opinion Why Art Is Important in Education?

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Have you ever imagined if your children are not allowed to play any longer? It would be an unthinkable situation for many of us, as playing is one of the truly most authentic ways for a child to express him/herself. The same happens with arts at school, this subject implies creating, a process which is inevitably necessary throughout every child emotional development. It’s scientifically proven that children have the need to put into their own words or even express through their paintings or music compositions, not only how do they feel, but also how do they conceive the world that surrounds them.

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Opinion Why Art Is Important in Education?
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Bearing this mind, could we really promote the removal of arts from children’s curricula? On the one hand, in today’s world most employers demand cooperative skills over and above all else. That’s why, Arts education should be included in our schools’ curricula, as they help children learn vital skills like being able to collaborate, cooperate and always keep a perseverant attitude towards life obstacles.

As a result, this priceless mindset will definitely help our children to fit in nowadays competitive working market.Difficult as it may be to accept, the creativity and innovation used in the artistic process are highly valued by employers all around the world, as they enable employees to successfully overcome either challenging or difficult situations which usually arise at work.

For instance, creating a new product, coming up with new sales strategies such as cutting-edge advertising campaigns or even find the way to avoid that their company goes bankruptcy. Therefore I feel that, the stimulation of the art experience, plays a key role when it comes to effectively training tomorrow’s world adults for a working world which changes at an exponential rate.Most importantly, arts education provides the opportunity to children to discover their inner selves, internalize as well as put across a personalized perspective of the world. Thanks to arts education, children emotions, reflections and deep perceptions of reality are conveyed in a variety of ways.

Hence, exposure to arts such as drama and music during their early stages, certainly promote the acquisition of critical and abstract skills in order to understand and explore their social and natural environments.Consequently, children will master skills such as understanding human experience, adapting to and respecting others’ ways of working and thinking, developing creative problem-solving skills and communicating thoughts and ideas in a unique variety of ways. All in all, although it seems rather difficult to convince our governors that the inclusion or the arts in our schools curricula would dramatically change our children’s future in a highly positive way, the answer lies right on our own shoulders.We as committed citizens to our children and society’s well-being, have to become aware of the significant implications the arts have on our children emotional and academic development.

Due to this reason, we should embrace the chance of making our children super human-beings: goal-directed, creative, high self-esteem, fearless people. Needless to say, arts education will always remain as the answer to our ultimate goals as committed citizens to our children’s future: first prepare them for their future jobs,second to become better citizens and last but not least to be human beings who can enjoy deeper forms of beauty.

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Opinion Why Art Is Important in Education?. (2017, May 21). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/opinion-essay-why-art-is-important-in-education/

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