Organization Structure of the Pubudu Construction

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Organization Structure of the Pubudu Construction
Maga Engineering PVT Ltd is the 1 of the most valued and trusted big Construction Company in Srilanka. It has been ranked as a one of the C-1 class by the ICTAD ( Institution for Construction Training and Development ) inconstruction of Buildings, Bridges, Roads & A ; Water Supply & A ; Drainage. Building building, infrastructural and design and build solutions are delivered by Maga Engineering PVT Ltd with economic system, elegance and long-run sustainability in head by this company. It is besides recognized as one of the top 10 companies in the buildings industry in Sri Lanka.

  • Vision: To be the mostcompetitiveconstruction firmin Sri Lanka.
  • Mission: Magais excellence driven and committed to guarantee the satisfaction ofcustomer demands with uttermost attention, by invariably supplying quality merchandises and services at low-cost monetary values, therefore making a just and turning return to our organisation, an inspiring workplace and a continued sense of security to our employees, enabling us to lend to society in promoting thequality of life.” hypertext transfer protocol: // ? page_id=5

The caput office of the Maga Engineering PVT Ltd has been located on No.200, Nawala Road, Narahenpita, Colombo-05. Mr.M.G. Kularatne is the president of this company. Maga Engineering PVT Ltd was established in 1984. Within short period of 30 old ages in the buildings, this company had achieved broad assurance industry in Sri Lanka. During last 29 old ages Maga Engineering PVT Ltd had successfully undertaken and carried out authorities, semi authorities and private sector undertakings of a really high profile, In the field of edifice buildings, route and span buildings and H2O supply.

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There are more than 10,000 employees has been employed at the Maga Engineering PVT Ltd. The work force of this company is 10,350. There over more than 50 senior undertaking directors, 240 alumnus applied scientists including interior decorators, measure surveyors, contrivers, and technicians and more than 7000 craftsmen. And besides to develop the the company’s productiveness, theis company provide the best preparation to the employees. For a illustration, “Its developing academy trained more than 1200 craftsmen in 2012.” hypertext transfer protocol: // ? page_id=5

This company is in ownership of a big scope of modern vehicles, equipments, machinery and other accoutrements required to execute high degree of buildings. The processs of office, accounting and human resources direction are wholly computerized at this company. It is committed to upgrade the machineries like human resources in supports with the demand at planetary and local degree.

Sri Lanka’s first National Green Award had been archived by Maga Engineering PVT Ltd for the Private andPublic Sectorat theinauguralNational Green Awards. A record of 57 National Construction awards had been won by Maga Engineering PVT Ltd has within a span of 20 old ages.

Additional key informations of the company

  • Accreditations: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, Superbrands
  • Annual Coverage: Sustainability ReportingGuidelines, GRI G4
  • Hearers: HLB Edirisinghe & A ; Co

Organization Structure of the Maga Engineering PVT Ltd


Business control processs of the Maga Engineering PVT Ltd

Bamini Engineers and Contractors is a 1 of the medium sized company in Srilanka. And besides it is one of the taking edifice building companies in Jaffna. It is located in No. 22, Irupalai Road, Kondavil, Jaffna. It was established on 1975. The laminitis of the Bamini Engineers and Contractors is Mr. J. E. Balasundaram. And besides he is the Pull offing manager still now. He is the President of the Northern Province Building Contractors brotherhood. Bamini Engineers and Contractors has been rated by as C-4 grade company ICTAD in Building and route building.

“In these 39 old ages Bamini Engineers and Contractors has successfully engaged in building authorities edifices in the Jaffna peninsula.” hypertext transfer protocol: // This company’s stiff competition in the building industry had been stalled in the war period of the Srilanka. And besides this company was unable to make the building undertakings in Jaffna or other country. But after the 30 twelvemonth Srilankan war, this company got many building undertakings in rehabilitation procedure and dining touristry industry activities.

There are more than 115 authorities edifices has been built by Bamini Engineers and Contractors in Jaffna. For the illustration, presently the building of Jaffna Secretariat and the Labour Department of Jaffna has been undertaken by this company.

There are more than 75 people working at here as a lasting staffs such as Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Accountant, Architect and etc. The Bamini Engineers and Contractors has good resources, manpower and ability to build modern edifices in the state. But most of the building undertakings of this company are based on Jaffna country.

Recently the Bamini Engineers and Contractors has awarded the gold award in the Construction Industry at the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries ( CNCI ) Achiever Awards 2011.

Pubudu Construction is a 1 of the little sized company in Construction Industry of the Srilanka. It has presently located at No.52/596, Bandaranayakha Mawaththa, Anuradhapura. It was established on 1995. Mr. Mr. Pubudu Kamal Perera is the laminitis of this company. It is partnership type organisation. Pubudu Constructions is registered in ICTAD ( Institution of Construction Training and Development ) on 21st October 1998. This company’s ICTAD registered figure is 5741. It was rated under c-6 class which is maximal class of the little sized organisation by ICTAD.

“Mission of the Company: –

Pubudu Constructions strives to offer the finestquality design, site readying, cost estimations, building, fix, and change to clients necessitating big graduated table building services, whether it be office edifices, warehouses, big flat composites, public plants, etc. Pubudu building maintains the highest criterions of service in thecommercial constructionindustry in Sri Lanka.” hypertext transfer protocol: //

Pubudu Construction’s initial capital was around Rs. 500,000/= . There is about 10 employees are working here as a lasting staffs. The figure of the labors will be depends on the size of the undertaking. Pubudu Construction has provided the comprehensive services such as building work, allowing, cement foundations, reconstructing and changes, plumbing and repairing, picture, woodworking, and site readying. In add-on, accomplishments Pubudu Constructions deficiencies can be subcontracted to complete the undertaking.

The Pubudu Constructions had successfully completed the particular preparation at CHPB ( The cardinal for lodging planning and edifice ) in site readying, site measuring, Bill readying and tendering for the medium and little graduated table contractors.This company had achieved National buildings Association Merit Awards of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. A Excellency award besides achieved by this company in edifice and route Fieldss.

Business control processs of the Pubudu Construction

  • Pubudu construction’s monthly site meetings on all undertakings attended by Pull offing Director ( proprietor ) .

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