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Origin of Pinky Promise

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Once upon a time, there was huge kingdom in the place of Argentina. There live a king and a queen who where blessed by a fairy with a very beautiful daughter, who was named Rhianna. She was very known for her stunning beauty and great intelligence. Because of these characteristics of her, princes from different kingdoms would come to visit their palace to propose to her. Rhianna had a hard time to choose among the princes, but then five handsome princes came to the final pick.

To see who would be the best match for her, she gave them a test.

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Origin of Pinky Promise
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She hid her right hand behind her back , closed his fist and unfolded only one finger and the five princes had to guess which it was. The first prince from Persia’s guess was the thumb. Unfortunately, he was wrong. The next prince who was from Babylonia’s guess was the index finger. Again, it did not match. The beautiful princess moved to the next prince who came from London to see if he’s the one she was looking for.

The third one’s guess was the middle finger. The princess got angry and slapped him at his face. “You bastard! How there you pointed me with your dirty finger?

Do it again and I will break your neck! ” Then, Princess Rhianna proceeded to the fourth prince who was from Lebanon. Because of too much nervousness, the prince collapsed. The princess’ face looked very disappointed but still, tried to test the last prince. His turn made everyone in the palace very nervous and excited knowing that he’s the last prince to be tested. “Hmm let’s see if you will pass my test. ” said the Princess. The fifth prince who traveled from Pakistan’s guess was the pinky finger. Finally, it matched with the unfolded finger of the princess.

It was the sign that she would marry him. Soon, they got married and couldn’t be any happier. Time came when the prince had to leave her wife to fight for a war. He promised her that he’d come alive, crossing his pinky with hers. Ten years had passed, but he did not come back. She did not even know if he was dead or alive. And because, she was still very beautiful after all those years, different men still came to her palace. Although she was asked by those men to remarry them, she refused because she believed that her husband would come back and turn them down.

But it came to a point that she could not turn them down any longer. So, she decided to remarry a suitor who would cross his pinky with hers. Then one day, a beggar showed up in the palace. The ministers tried to throw him out, but Princess Rhianna called him in telling everybody should be given an opportunity to take her test. That beggar was the prince. The princess was very happy to see his husband. One night, while they were sleeping, the princess suddenly woke up and found no one beside her. The truth is, the prince got killed on his way back from the battlefield.

But he had to come back, even as a ghost to keep his promise he made to his wife. Finally, the princess found his husband’s body. As she reminisced the times they were together, tears flowed from her eyes. Her only happiness was gone so she decided to committed suicide. Princess Rhianna died beside his husband crossing her pinky finger with him. From that time on, crossing pinkies as a sign of promise became very popular in the kingdom of Argentina and was practiced by the all people in the palace.

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