Population on our Planet

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The population of our planet will quickly reach a point where there will not be adequate amount of resources to support life on Earth. Population control must be enforced to avoid such a catastrophic occurrence. Many economic, social and environmental problems are either affiliated with or are increased due to overpopulation. With an exponentially increasing world population, the problems created by overpopulation grow correspondingly. In order to stabilize the massive population, the world must work together to maintain population stability.

One of the main reasons is due to the fact that Man treats his surroundings, for example like his land, his environment, his atmosphere, his waters and other life forms as merely objects. Man utilizes, destroys and discards them when he’s finish. If Man does not respect his planet, there will be nothing left except for a dead, barren wasteland. We must act soon or better yet, now. The earth does not have enough resources to supply the current enormous population growth. In many areas, there is simply not enough food to feed the growing populations. 150 million children in the world suffer from poor health due to food shortages.

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Alongside with food, there is another resource that cannot keep up with the increasing population, that is water. Our supply of fresh water is very essential to life and limited. Eventhough, our earth is covered with 2/3 of water and 1/3 land, converting salt water to fresh water can be expensive.

In addition to depleting resources, overpopulation increases environmental problems. Polltion is an environmental problem whose magnitude is increased by overpopulation. With more drivers on the road, more electricity consumed, more trash, and depleting trees, the environment problems that exist will exponentially increase. But as more people such as ourselves pollute, massive problems occurs. Pollution is magnified in developing nations. Unfortunately, as nations with larger growing populations become richer, their pollution increases with their wealth.

Not only does overpopulation causes resource and environmental hazards, overpopulation causes a large number of the social problems in today’s society. There is much more crime and violence due to the great increase of population.

Also, with the overpopulation dilema diseases are likely to spread and develop much faster. There are more diseases and effected people than ever before. AIDS, for example, spread due to careless and uneducated individuals. And with so many careless and uneducated people all over the world, diseases will always be a surreal issue.

With an impending crisis looming over the horizon, therefore outlined steps must be followed to ease the population and the many other problems that are directly related to it. When people are educated to the benefits of limiting family size, they respond with lower birth rates. Education, coupled with economics pressure, will end the overpopulatio problem and ease many of the other problems faced by today’s society.


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