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The Over-soul by Ralph Waldo Emerson written in (1841).The essay highlights Over soul who is a” God” ,and every soul of the universe is connected by oversoul.In short, we are particle of over soul and every soul is revolving around over soul which is interconnected. It is the chain of binding the god with people.

“The highest Critic on the errors of the gone by and the at hand, and the only predictive of that which must be, is that wide creation in which we rest.. that oneness, that Over-soul, within which every man’s specifically being is hold and create one with all other; that ordinary heart. We survive in supervening, in separation , in parts, in Jot. Meantime within man is the spirit of the entire, the learned stillness; the universal loveliness , to which every portion and bit is equally akin, the infinite one.”

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So this is the clear statement of oneness of all creation.

Over -soul is the vital force which connects other souls with nature. Its unification of soul gives animate force to act well. Emerson points out the accessibility and availability of God. He focuses on human spirituality. God abide very specific place in our heart, only we need to awaken our spirituality to see the wonder of God. Emerson declare that there entity a ‘ soul of prophecy which is congenital in every man.The transcendental idea of human to soul and soul to God very well. As Emerson states:

“And this mysterious faculty in which we entity, and whose beatitude is all approachable to us, is not only self-sufficing and absolute in every gone by, but the performance of seeing and the thing visible, the seer and the sight, the matter and the end, are one. We perceive the world distributively , as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree, but the entirely, of which these are the brighten portion, is the soul.”

Emerson asserts that soul is immortal. He emphasizes on the idea of nature of soul. Meantime within a man is the soul of the whole because we all have a soul which is encircle with God and represents thousands of soul around a single entity. He later emphasis on our moral actions or duties. He says that morally we are weaker people. He feels that “my words are heaviest to proceed my feelings about god”. We can not elaborate the existence of god. We do not possess such language, ethics to elaborate. He admits that over soul can not be define by language.

Emerson further defines immortality and nature of soul which is transcendental force by saying that soul is not a fashionable device. For example, the soul is not a function, but it enliven all function, not a capability, it exercises all of them; it is not the conciousness or the will, but the teacher of them. It is a power that employ for acute work.

The transcendental force compel us to seek the beauty of truth. We gain deeper understanding of truth not by our physical strength but through inner faculties. The deep we go into the truth of world around us, more we will close to over soul. This unity with over soul is directly connected to our actions. The more we accept this transcendental force , more we will be moral and more moral functions would produce.

Emerson also defines his conflicting nature of what over soul is or is not but also defines the battling area of his physical senses and the over soul. This “duality” actually defines how the Over-Soul truly master upon its resistance ‘.the soul’s flake is individual, the layer of the perception and the discriminate is another. Precedently the descend of the soul, period, distance and Nature shrivel away.’

Transcendental ideas mainly focuses on individualism. Emerson rely upon self reliance. Transcendental force asserts that to act entirely. He entreats us to act complete entity, no matter what society thinks. This force teaches us to do what you think. It gives fresh air to explore yourself without consideration of societal laws and values. We should act upon our will before it filtered through society’s demand. Society corrupts our connection with God. It is a discord of all wrong deeds. Society’s pressure compels us to behave unnaturally and abnormally .This disparity creates a rift between our soul and over soul.

Emerson describes how Over soul unites all other soul in society and gives strength to act with unity. He asserts that God’s power is present in all conversation. As Emerson states:

‘In all converse amidst two Individual, silent reference is created as to a third member, to a ordinary essence. That third party is not collective or social, it is personal, is God.’

This nearness of God is normally present in all conversation between group of people. Those who can recognize his closeness, would act justly and nobly.

Revelation is also another transcendental force which helps us to know about God resides in all of us. Revelation is, ‘an accession of the Divine soul into our soul. He upholds his faith in divine communication by preparing sample of its influences in various creeds, including Moravianism, Calvinism, and Methodism. Opposing the variet between these unequal theologies, they all express the Over-Soul’s revelation, in which ‘the specific spirit always mix with the whole soul’ in a condition of bright knowledge.

Our size for divine communication also allows us to see and understand each other. For as we unite with the Over-Soul, we also link with one another. We can discern the essence of our companion. We assign our belief in some, yet not others, based on their kind, even if we have no expressive familiarity with them. “We are all recognize of spirits.”

The nature of these revelations is the same; they are perceptions of the absolute law. They are solutions of the soul’s own questions. They do not answer the questions which the understanding asks. The soul answers never by words, but by the thing itself that is inquired after. Revelation is the disclosure of the soul.

Further, the theme of act versus Diction is of elementary subject in Emerson’s essay. An individual can be curious about why the universe is like this? What will happen after once we die? But over soul never respond to such queries or inquiries using with ordinary language. Emerson recalls christ disciple and asserts that they support to act rather rely upon language. Although, it is probable to ask about our spiritual future, such queries are ineffective because any reply require speech which we can not perceive. Emerson’s respond to such questions are quite harsh and dogmatic. He states:

These doubts which we are vigorous to ask about the forthcoming , are a creed of crime. God has no respond to them. No reply in words can reply to a question of things.’

Emerson urges that we should not ask about our divine forthcoming, rather we should work and act, work and act and such actions will secure our immortality. As we should not tantalize about our future, we should not care about each and everyone’s action because everyone will cut those seeds which he bows. So action should be pure.

Emerson censures the Calvinism teaching that God has elected which soul has to be saved even before born. He convicts these Calvinist theologian who believe that we are born wicked and that the only possibility of retrieval lies with God, not in any of earthly act. He claims that no one has a right to judge anyone’s actions.

Emerson later, defines the heart who is nearer to Over soul. An individuals’ character who is spiritually united with Over soul has a excellence character and accomplishes grand deeds because Over soul effects these actions The statue of the Deity beaming like a light through individuals summon numerous biblical intimation to God as gleam. Emerson states that:

‘The Lord is my beam and my preservative . . .’

Emerson with an idealistic democrat states that every man and woman should be rewarded with good result for honest life. He is very well ideal for people’s right. The person who lives an uncluttered life will be rewarded with immortality. Those who are least trapped by societal materialistic objects, will get best reward of this notion. Emerson stats that:

But the soul that rise to revere the protracted God, is level and exact , has no red-color, no fine companions, no knight, no hazard, does not want approval, stay in the hour that now is, in the determined undergo of the familiar day.’

Emerson’s idea of this self reliant is for those if they shed all the temptation of materialistic life then it will be equally benefiting.

Conclusion About Conveying of Transcendental Ideas Of Emerson.

Transcendentalism is a spiritual movement which rises man from ordinary to excellency. It conveys to become a supreme creature being attach with over soul who resides in each of us. Transcendentalism asserts that to listen your inner most voice rather than intermediaries, such as church. Transcendentalist force teaches us to be loyal to yourself and to your relationships.

Transcendentalism teaches us do not live life according to societal values and understandings but to follow your own will instead of confirming others. It teaches us the message of idealism and inividualism.Transcendentalism teaches us that soul is immortal and its beauty is connected with vast universe. It gives slight message to suppress our ego and do not rise it to an extreme level in comparison to our soul and for self truth.

Transcendentalism asserts that each soul is the part of thousand other souls. These souls of people are connected, though the degree of this connection should not be spelled out. The God is very nearer to us, only we need to find out with clean heart. The relationship between man and the God should be like breath and soul then we will get what we want to get. Transcendentalism transcends our soul from barbarian way of life to natural way of life.

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